Sony's typically quick about releasing the open source underpinnings of its devices. After having announced the Xperia T2 Ultra earlier this year, the company has now made the kernel files for the device available for download. The company's offering these files up for three variants of the device, the D5303, D5322, and XM50h. The software version for the first model is 19.0.1.A.0.207, while the latter two fall under 19.0.D.0.253.



The file size for both versions is 157MB total. These bits aren't of much use to the average consumer, but they're valued assets for developers looking to bring their custom ROMs to Sony's phones. Once they tinker with things for a while, Xperia T2 Ultra owners looking to get rid of the handset's pre-installed software can expect to reap the benefits of their efforts soon enough.

Source: Sony [1],[2]

Bertel King, Jr.
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