Sprint started rolling out Wi-Fi calling earlier this year, but so far the carrier has only introduced the feature to a couple of eclectic devices. Now another device is making the list. Starting today, Sprint Galaxy Note 3 owners should receive an update enabling the feature. According to the change log, it doesn't look like this OTA will bring about anything else. The version number is N900PVPUCNC5.


Once the update lands, users will be able to make voice calls and send SMS messages over Wi-Fi without using up their plan (for those who don't have unlimited minutes/text). The setup process will require visiting Sprint account settings and registering your Wi-Fi networks. The device won't handover calls from Wi-Fi to cellular networks a la Republic Wireless, but it's a potential way to compensate for wonky reception at home.

Sprint says the update is rolling out in stages, so stay patient if it has yet to arrive.

Source: Sprint

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • frafri

    When is it due for galaxy s4 ?sprint :P

  • ProductFRED

    Sucks for Sprint users that you have to actually register the Wifi networks you intend to use. T-Mobile's works anywhere in the world as long as the network is secure (password-protected).

  • Somedude

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