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There's a new version of Gmail making the rounds at Google, if a couple of leaked screenshots from Geek.com can be believed. Those shots describe a radical user interface change and a handful of new features. Whether they're real and/or final or not is up for debate - even the report notes that the organizational features are mostly experimental at this point.

Screenshot____ 2014-03-26-1

Aside from the new flat look to the user interface and Google+-style rounded profile pics, the biggest change comes in the form of a new inbox view, with a focus on organizing messages by content. Social, Finance, and Forum meta-tags seem to be automatically applied in this view, superseding standard messages and coming with their own unread counts. They also give a brief overview of new email recipients - check out the bolded "Twitter" text in the screenshot above. The standard "star" system for highlighting messages has been replaced with a pin, and it looks like pinned messages will automatically be placed above others in your inbox when the view is applied. (Note the pin slider next to the search button.) Pinned messages revert to a timeline view when un-pinned.

The action bar is gone, and now there's a floating "+" button at the bottom of the screen for new compositions. According to the report, the new app allows users to "snooze" messages for a variable period of time, from a few hours to several weeks. At least one message shows an alarm clock icon, which seems to suggest an automatic timer or deadline detection function.

Assuming that the screenshots are legitimate, the UI and organization are so different from Gmail's tried and tested system that the build is probably either entirely experimental or a long, long way away from release. We might see some of these features begin to trickle into the Gmail app (or the web version) over the coming weeks and months.

Source: Geek.com

Michael Crider
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  • Mkvarner

    I like it.

  • Gsizzle

    That's sexy.

  • BarKa

    awesome. before they release, I know AP will unofficially launch it

  • Leonard Wong

    It look nice but it totally don't look nice Gmail

  • remister

    We are getting a complexity of colors now. It doesn't look half bad.

  • Jooyoung Hong

    I don't know how I feel about that bright blue..but everything else seems nice and clean!

  • http://tech.gtaero.net/ Navarr Barnier

    I absolutely refuse to believe this is a thing. It throws a massive amount of android UI guidelines out the window and is worse off for it.

    • Anon

      Android UI gidelines could very well change with 4.5/5.0 - you never know!

      • Taco Monster

        That would be the most lame ass move Google ever pulled. They are *just now* managing to get most developers on board with *some semblance* of UI guidelines. They're all of a sudden going to throw all that away and move to this iOS-y crap?

        • hoosiercub88

          I don't see many changes to be honest, there's still a slideout menu, there is still a minimalist flat design. It isn't radically that different. The only thing they've really done is move the color palette away from the 4 colors that were previously allowed. Also... I WISH the Android Gmail app was more "iOS-y"because the Gmail app for iPhone is great to use, it's just a shame it is on iPhone.

          I don't think this is real though, it just looks like a mock-up someone put together. I've done it myself before to demonstrate a point.

          • Taco Monster

            No action bar. Weird hamburger menu icon. What looks in the background like options on swiping left on an email.

            Also, as pointed out on Holly's Google+ post, this lacks > >> indicators for level of personalness.

            Holly claims he actually used the app. My guess is that this is some kind of prototype the Sparrow team put together.

        • cooldude5500

          Lol, seeing this comment 9 months later is weird.

    • hoosiercub88

      Is Google not allowed to change their guidelines?

      • http://tech.gtaero.net/ Navarr Barnier

        Don't get me wrong, they certainly are - and have done so many times. But this looks a LOT like an iOS app. It removes a lot of the app branding in it's changes to the action bar and a full hamburger menu icon is definitely overkill considering Android has been standardizing their much nicer slide in-out version behind application icons.

        • hoosiercub88

          My $.02 is this is just a photoshop job done by some guy/gal that thought it'd be funny to troll people the day after April 1st.

          It actually has some elements I like, the iOS gmail application is a nicer looking application than this or the Android version. It's just sad we haven't seen an application move more toward that direction for our handsets/tablets.

          • http://tech.gtaero.net/ Navarr Barnier

            Another commentor noted that it looks just like HTC's Sense; so it could be a sense-specific application.

            Which would make so much more sense than a massive UI overhaul.

          • hoosiercub88

            It doesn't look very Sense-like. Unless HTC is planning on a massive overhaul as well ;)

          • KingofPing

            The images look a bit like HTC Sense 6.0's settings app/blinkfeed config, etc...

            ...a bit.

            That said, this really looks like a horrible mock-up I don't even believe HTC would like to see themselves guilty of making.

          • ddpacino

            The Font. Roboto Condensed.

        • DannyDPX

          Everbody knows you never go full hamburger...

          • morteum

            I hate this joke but I agree too much to not upvote it.

          • DannyDPX

            It had to be done :)

        • ddpacino

          Forget the UI. I hope that "Finance", "Done", "Upcoming", etc. folders really become a "thing". Gmail could use a few more power features and more categories.

      • mesmorino

        They're allowed to change their guidelines, not ignore them completely.

        • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

          If they've substantially changed their guidelines doesn't it logically follow that they can ignore the old ones?

          • mesmorino

            Well sure it does- if they've changed their guidelines then the old ones don't apply, in which case they don't have to be complied with. If they've changed their guidelines.

            Have they changed their guidelines?

          • numpty

            it's rare that any OS vendor would make so many fundamental changes to guidelines in one go, as they know it'll take app developers a long time to catch up. Until they do, you end up with a mess of different behaviours on newer devices. And when they do, you end up with a mess of different behaviours on older devices that the new look and feel was never really intended for.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Which is exactly what Google's done before. How long did we go between a mix of Gingerbread and Holo-style interfaces on our devices before they finally all went Holo? Oh, that's right... we still have both, despite the fact that Google's move on, once again, to Hamburger.

            It's just the nature of the issue. When you move on, and can't enforce all apps move with you, stuff like that happens.

      • Moosa Mahsoom

        Don't get me wrong. But, Google might be prepping new Guidelines for 4.5. This

      • Moosa Mahsoom

        This even looks a lot like the new Google Keep app but, with blue instead of Yellow. My guess is that Google is prepping up for another makeover of their own apps.

    • Mado

      Then you'll be glad to know that it isn't a "thing" yet.

    • usaff22

      Maybe it's the unreleased Mailbox app

    • Mr. Mark

      please go on about the "massive amount" of android UI guidelines that are thrown out the window. specifically, how many guidelines and which guidelines exactly are being thrown out the window?

    • KingofPing

      it's fugly. That's what it is.

      Nothing else matters. Google would never do this.

      • black

        It's not fugly at all! What the hell is wrong with you?

        • KingofPing

          "What the hell is wrong with you?"

          Well, that depends entirely on how much time you've got...

          • black

            I lost all my time with the bitcoin crash, sorry.

          • It’s not me.

            That's mighty unlucky. I thought all you could lose was bitcoins...

          • black

            My time's money.

    • morteum

      I don't mind the blue, I don't hate the floating red 'new mail' button (although blue and red generally look awful together imo), nor do I mind the fonts and unread highlights, but the toggle button? Bad. Full hamburger icon? Bad. General iOS feel? Terrible. Seriously, Google, this better not be a thing.

    • morteum

      I don't mind the blue, I don't hate the floating red 'new mail' button (although blue and red generally look awful together imo), nor do I mind the fonts and unread highlights, but the toggle button? Bad. Full hamburger icon? Bad. General iOS feel? Terrible. Seriously, Google, this better not be a thing.

    • someone755

      Looks like some shitty HTC Email app tbh.
      Google would never attempt this. Though after the past years ... who knows?

    • Eduardo

      Judging by today's update of Keep, Movies and Newsstand, it seems like you might be wrong

      • http://tech.gtaero.net/ Navarr Barnier

        You scared me there. I just loaded them up to check it out and it looks like they continue to abide by the appropriate guidelines. No full hamburger menu icon, for example.

        Though definitely more colourful. But not in the playful way that I mentioned previously.

        • Eduardo

          Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about the new colours. And those images definitely seem more like something HTC might come up with than an official release.

        • Eduardo

          Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about the new colours. And those images definitely seem more like something HTC might come up with than an official release.

        • Eduardo

          Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about the new colours. And those images definitely seem more like something HTC might come up with than an official release.

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      I don't think it violates many. Google might be getting ready to tweak their guidelines.

  • Kree Terry

    eh, its ok. i think id have to use it to say for sure.

  • http://johanbrainz.com/ Johan Hussin

    makes me wonder if next android will have this kind of ui...

  • Hsanchez957

    I think the web version is dying for an overhaul. It's so plain in my opinion.

    • http://www.jimmyday.com/ Jimmy

      As someone who's been known to get distracted easily, I actually prefer it that way.

      • Hsanchez957

        When my work Outlook has a more pleasing/functional UI, you know you're due for an overhaul.

  • Saraladevi S

    looks cool! interestingly it looks like screenshot came out of HTC One M8 ?

  • Sean Thomas

    I'm willing to bet this is purely an HTC email app. have you guys seen sense? It looks *exactly* like this. The screenshots are even from a One.

    • KingofPing

      If it was the sense mail client from 6 - the statusbar color would match the app color (blue, in this case). The Sense email app actually looks hella better than the shots above. If this was tapa, I'd attach a thumbnail, but I am sure you can find some on google or whatever.

      The interface in the images above are fugly. Not even HTC would want to be seen with those.

  • usaff22

    Personally the iOS Gmail app is better than both this and the Android version. It's simple (doesn't feel cluttered like this one) and looks better than the Android version.

  • philknall

    Oh god please no... Android just got rid of all the blue, don't bring it back already..

  • Jonathan Andersson

    The "full hamburger" makes me think that this might be mobile version of the gmail web site?

  • Carlos


  • vyktorsouza


  • br_hermon

    I suppose they could develop this on other devices (HTC, Sense) but... why wouldn't these leaks show being developed on a Nexus device?

    • Matthew Fry

      It's got the M8 navigation buttons. El Goog employees have been known to use non-Nexus Play Editions.

      • br_hermon

        Perhaps, I honestly don't know. But this isn't a Play edition One. The status and navigation bars are still Sense. GPE's have stock Android.

        • Matthew Fry

          Ah. I just assumed they still had the same navigation bar since they at least have to change things for physical buttons.

  • Tomáš Petrík

    Looks photoshopped - notice how the "Inbox" text placement moves a few pixels when switching between the two images.
    Also, no card-UI, looks nothing like an app following the Android UI guidelines.
    I am refusing to believe this is Gmail. Maybe a third-party email app.
    Anyway, I don't like it.

    • http://tommydaniel.com Tommy Thompson

      The current Gmail app doesn't have a card-UI either..

      • Tomáš Petrík

        But the overall look (shading, spacing...) resembles it, together with the top navigation bar.

        • http://tommydaniel.com Tommy Thompson

          The spacing is exactly the same in that inbox screenshot from above, just a line between messages.

      • Taco Monster

        It does in conversation view.

        • http://tommydaniel.com Tommy Thompson

          And do you have a Conversation view screenshot of the New UI above? No? Oh, okay..

  • dan

    Now that developers are starting to follow Android guidelines especially the big and popular ones, Google changes everything completely to follow this Apple-iOS UI

    I can't believe this is legit

  • https://www.vizify.com/longbrook/ longbrook

    While it seems nice and clean, I'm not buying that this is a Gmail app. Maybe an HTC app for mail that will inspire some new features, but to throw the UI guidelines out the window with this design seems a bit unlike Google. They've been working diligently to get all the Google Apps into the same UI, that to depart so drastically already is bit far-fetched.

  • http://tommydaniel.com Tommy Thompson

    I think it looks great. The current Gmail app does have a rather stale look to it. This version definitely livens things up.

  • Simon Belmont

    Future design language of Android here, probably. Android 4.5 (5.0) perhaps.

    It's definitely clean looking. I like it.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

    Damn that looks good. I'm okay with this.

  • TC

    But will it finally have a unified inbox?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft
  • Martin

    Love it! Apps are getting better and better look! All I was missing from iPhone... Good job! :-)

  • PhantomPtI

    Yea don't think this is it.

  • dontsh00tmesanta


  • PhantomPtI

    Is this on a Sony device? Seeing the status bar and bottom bar icons.

    • Ambroos

      Those aren't Sony icons at all, they never had any like these.

    • KingofPing

      They look like they're from an HTC One (m7/m8)...but it does not look like an HTC app.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Seems unnecessary

  • tokuiten

    So obviously fake.

  • http://towo.eu towo

    Calling bullshit on this. This looks like an iOS guy designed it - the sliding menu icon alone is a big hint.

  • walmyrcarvalho

    It's incredible how people think that Android guidelines needs to be some kind of "Holo Grail" to be right or better. Things change, FAST, and we have the same Android design guidelines and principles since Ice Cream Sandwich, sometimes a change is good, it shows that they care about it and are trying something new (even if it isn't better on the first attempt).

  • Daniel Gimpelman

    It seems like realy nice ui unlike any ui they introduced until now for the app.

  • pfmiller

    The pin stuff sucks. Don't mess with my stars, it's worked fine for 10 years.

  • Syahmi Syahiran

    It seems like new HTC app...the status bar and the navigation is from Sense 6 and it's obvious that the design is Sense-ish for HTC M7 users

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Ewww, absolutely hideous. I sense a lot of iOS7 and WP here.

    Hope this is not the real deal and it is not the design aesthetic of next major Android version (5.0)

  • Pascal

    It looks like iOS version.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    Don't mind a bit of color to the apps, but this just looks bad. It probably would look much better if the statusbar would color with the title bar, but that is not the case.

    The large plus sign is in a better position for usage, but it is in the middle of the content which is imo just bad. Why can't they use the navigation bar to be variable per app?

  • Simon Belmont

    On another email related note, I'm really hoping to see the stock email client get put into the Google Play Store. It's something that REALLY needs to be able to be updated at any time, and not just with full OS updates.

    I love the design direction they're headed with the stock email client (swipe to delete emails, the actionable notifications), but there's plenty more it could do and it has bugs (can't download my attachments). Please, Google, add it to the Google Play Store and keep updating it.

  • Ryan

    it looks like the new microsoft/hotmail interface. yuck

  • Tyler Shaw

    I totally agree that these throw Android guidelines out the window. I don't understand why Google would do this and for those reasons I really doubt these are real. But then again, there is a lot of thought put into these screenshots with all of the features. I think it's hard to say if these are real or fake.

  • Marcell Lévai

    I like it. The fact that it differs so much from the current guidelines *might hint what design to expect from the next big android version.

  • syxbit

    There's no evidence that this is even the Gmail app. It could be some random email app and the user is using Gmail over imap

  • DoubleP90

    This is obviously a late April Fools joke.

    Here are the reasons why this is fake:
    1. this is a nice UI but it's a UI that some people will like and some won't, while the current UI is fairly neutral.
    They must make an UI that will be liked by everyone

    2.That's a very iOS look, they don't want people confuse the 2 platforms

    3.That's a very drastic change, they'd have to update every app to make it look similar, also all the apps currently in the play store would be "obsolete" and devs would have to spend time and money to redesign their apps (this is the assumption that they'd go from holo to this eye candy)

    • cooldude5500

      Well what do you think of it now?

  • Badouken

    What if this was a sneak peak at what Android 5.0 would look like? Man there would be so much rage from people... The color scheme looks like something Google would do but the design seems like its something catered to iOS...

  • Taylor00

    Fuck no, this looks hella ugly!

  • cryosx

    Much nicer on the eyes compared to the current one.

  • Joseph Donofry

    It seems like Google is slowly moving away from the ActionBar. Not entirely, of course, as the bar is still quite useful, but it's not as prominent now that the Navigation Drawer is a thing. Maybe this new UI falls in line with some new release of Android that has a refreshed UI overall?

  • Artur Łukasz

    Like a WP

  • Matthew Fry

    I definitely agree with everyone here that Google has never gone "full hamburger." The only app I know of that's "full hamburger" is Facebook. As a design element it doesn't make a lot of sense to take up so much space with the "full hamburger."

    On the other hand, I really like the idea of pinned emails. The star system is old and useless, imo. The stars are subtle and can easily go unnoticed with no prioritization.

  • cy_n_ic

    Looks like poop. Will be better once its blacked out though. Ugly ass blue bar.

  • Jarrod Mochnick

    no way this is legit

  • hp420

    Oh good, a new UI....THANK GOD!!!! Those terrible tiles are the worst thing that's ever happened to Gmail. It looks like a 2yr old's block set.

  • sup

    I think it's pretty nice, actually; it's futuristically clean and slick. It looks like they're trying to combine Android, Chrome OS and Kennedy design language together to make that one beautiful and consistent look for all devices and platforms. Reminds me of this :


    I think we will see the seeds of this bloom in Android 5.0.

  • WestIndiesKING

    I just really really really want the snooze and pin functions. Please Google give that too me.

  • Toss3

    Looks like iOS and Android are about to merge visually.

  • harrold

    pretty sure this is sense's email app overhaul

  • TheLastAngel

    I want to create/manage filters! I have written to Google several times but there is always some useless feature that is more important.

    Edit: Looks like information density is getting EVEN LOWER with this update.

  • Manudel96

    Wow... Now it's reality. Inbox, never thought this would be true