With the introduction of the Galaxy TabPRO series earlier this year, you might expect the older Galaxy Tab line to continue to occupy the lower end of the market. And you'd be right: the Galaxy Tab 4 (or, stylized, Tab4) devices roughly follow in the footsteps of the Tab 3 hardware with 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inch varieties. And yes, they still have physical navigation buttons.

Galaxy Tab4 10.1 (SM-T530) White_1 Galaxy Tab4 8.0 (SM-T330) White_1 Galaxy Tab4 7.0 (SM-T230) White_1

All three Tab4 models will be offered in WiFi, 3G, and LTE flavors, though the mobile versions probably won't make it to America any time soon. They also share a few common specs, including an identical 1.2Ghz quad-core processor, a 1280x800 screen for all three models (an improvement over the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0's 1024x600 screen), 1.5GB of RAM, 3MP rear cameras, MicroSD card slots, and Samsung's TouchWiz-touched version of Android 4.4. That's actually pretty good, considering that these are down-market tablets and a new version of Android isn't expected for a few months at least. According to the specification sheets, Samsung has dropped the infrared remote feature. 

Galaxy Tab4 10.1 (SM-T530) Black_1 Galaxy Tab4 10.1 (SM-T530) Black_2 Galaxy Tab4 10.1 (SM-T530) White_2

Styling follows the company line established with the Galaxy Note 3, with a faux leather grain (oddly missing the fake stitches) and a squared-off camera on the back of the devices. There's a more pronounced bezel than there was before, with the back casing taking up more space and eliminating the plastic "ring" around the edge from earlier Samsung designs. Note the placement of the Recents and Back buttons and the user interface elements, which borrow from the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy Tab4 8.0 (SM-T330) Black_1 Galaxy Tab4 8.0 (SM-T330) Black_2 Galaxy Tab4 8.0 (SM-T330) White_2

The Galaxy Tab4 10.1's processor is presumably the same model as the one found in the 8.0 and 7.0, which probably means that Samsung has moved away from Intel for the latest generation. Storage is 16GB, and you can expand it up to 64GB with a MicroSD card. Its battery is 6,800mAh, the same as last year's model. Ditto for the Tab4 8.0: its 16GB storage and 4,450mAh battery are unchanged. The bottom barrel 7-inch tablet gets 8 or 16GB of storage, but strangely only the LTE model's MicroSD card slot is expandable up to 64GB. WiFi and 3G users have to make do with 32GB. Samsung isn't interested in telling us the battery capacity of the Tab4 7.0.

Galaxy Tab4 7.0 (SM-T230) Black_1 Galaxy Tab4 7.0 (SM-T230) Black_2 Galaxy Tab4 7.0 (SM-T230) White_2

Considering the company's marketing muscle and retail presence, these will be some of the best-selling Android tablets this year, for better or worse. Of the three, the Galaxy Tab4 7.0 probably earns the "most improved" award thanks to the higher-res screen (with the 10.1 getting a mark of shame for having the same screen four generations in a row), and it's nice to see Samsung finally releasing current software even on budget hardware. The new Galaxy Tabs will go on sale sometime in the second quarter for undisclosed prices.

Source: Samsung

April  1, 2014

Next-generation Galaxy tablet series delivers exceptional multimedia experience for the whole family in a sleek, lightweight desig
Inspiring Mobile Freedom in Your Life

  • Perfect for all ages, Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Tab4 line offers an exceptional multimedia experience in
    a more premium and portable design, making it ideal for viewing or sharing content with friends and family.

Rich Multimedia Experience

  • Available in 10.1-inch, 8.0-inch and 7.0-inch screen sizes, the Galaxy Tab4’s vivid WXGA display with a 16:10 screen
ratio provides users with a brilliant viewing experience while watching videos, playing games, or reading digital contents.

  • With Multi Window functionality, users are able to seamlessly switch between apps and windows, as well as drag and
    drop contents with ease.
Fun & Shareable Services*

  • The new Galaxy Tab4 line is perfect for the whole family as it comes equipped with a number of fun and shareable
    services allowing users to access content and stay connected with friends wherever they are, including:
        o Group Play: Share and play music, documents and games with friends in realtime
        o Samsung Link: Share and play content across smart devices anytime, anywhere
        o WatchON: Watch TV shows and movies on any device, anywhere in your home or on the go. 

* Availability of features and functions listed above may be differed by device type or regions.
  Not all services will be provided. Please check product specification sheet for each product for details.

Sleek & Portable Designs

  • The Galaxy Tab4 line all feature a textured, premium look and feel back cover.
  • With a slim design and weights, the Galaxy Tab4 10.1-inch, 8-inch and 7-inch models provide maximum portability
    while still allowing users to enjoy beautiful screens.

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  • BozzyB

    99$, 119$ and 139$ ???

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Hah, talk about wishful thinking. No, Samsung will continue to price these stratospherically, just low enough that they're substantially cheaper than the iPads. The Galaxy Tab is basically just a phone accessory at this point - people buy them because they have a Galaxy phone, and Samsung's nonstop marketing of the phones gives plenty of brand goodwill-spillover to the tablets. People paid $400 for the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 for the same reason they paid $50 for those godawful S View covers - they don't know any better.

      • Matthew Fry

        I'm one of the chumps who bought an S-View cover (for my Note 3). I'm actually thinking of learning how to make an xposed module just to decrappify it.

      • Freak4Dell

        Probably wishful thinking on my part, but AP should stop doing part of the advertising for them. Stop covering Samsung products.

    • Severo Rivera

      If Those were the prices then I'd grab and 8 inch tab just for the heck of it.

    • unsivilaudio

      More like $249, $299, & $349. FTL

  • Eduardo Mateos

    Samsung getting closer to chinese crap

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      *Chinese devices getting better than Samsung's


  • solbin

    I stopped reading at 1280x800 resolution.

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      You still read up to THAT far? :O

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      I stopped reading at "Samsung".

  • jpelgrom

    *This* should be an April Fool's joke.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      But, you know, it's Samsung..

      • sssgadget

        I don't even ...what's with these confusing numbers and rapid releases!

        • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

          It looks like Samsung is still following their "fill every gap and price point with a hundred devices" p, and they don't seem to know when to stop with that strategy... Which should have happened a long time ago now. I mean it's not like they have a little market share

    • Somedude

      Shamesung aka samesong sucks don't buy their products. They are the mafia in Korea. They even work with weapons. Don't buy shamesung aka samesong products. They sucks!

  • MirandaU

    Great, they put out another generation of shitty low-spec tablets that basically is no different from the last one. Now, can the Tab3 devices please receive their updates? Being stuck on 4.1.2 on a device that came out when others already had 4.3 and never receiving a major update in its first year is pretty pathetic.

    • jon

      Quad-core tablet with 1.5 GB of RAM is shitty low-spec? How do you define a midrange-spec then?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    HD for 7"? Okay, great
    HD for 8"? Still great, no problems
    HD for 10"? Get the fuck outta here, Samsung

    • Matthew Fry

      I remember the last time I had a 1280px wide screen. It was on my 4" phone. 3 phones ago. I could fit 4 of the 10.1 screens on my Nexus 10.

      On the plus side, I bet the 10.1 has ridiculously awesome battery life.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Considering it probably follows Tab Pro 10.1 in a lot of ways, I suppose it does.
        TP10.1 has ~8200mAh battery, I guess Tab4 isn't too far behind in that regard

  • Andy Stetson

    I'm not going to believe any PR that gets released today.

  • saleem

    I can't believe these devices are released with KitKat yet the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition is yet to receive the update!

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      You mean to say that GNote is still on 4.3? Lolwtf

      • saleen

        Yup, no sign of it coming anytime soon. So annoying! All other top 2013 devices have: s4 and note 3 but no Note 2014 :(

  • CharlieSheenSucks

    Hardware Spam

  • Stocklone

    You think it's bad now? Wait to until you see the 8th generation of the Tab series still stuck at 800p.

  • Milton

    Same lag, bigger screens... Typical android

    • teolinux

      Typical Shamesung TouchWiz

  • Milton

    Same lag, bigger screens... Typical android

  • Mystery Man

    How many more generations to 1080p?

  • Matthew Fry

    LOL "Samsung isn't interested in telling us the battery capacity of the Tab4 7.0."

  • Roh_Mish

    The Note 10.1 14edition and TabPRO 10.1 is not different. This and tab3 series I'd barely different.
    Why same hardware with different names?

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      $$$$ - this is why

    • 2Easty easty

      Not true at all note 2014 has quadcore tab pro has Octocore processor. Note 2014 has 4.3 tab pro has 4.4. Tab Pro has NO S Pen note 2014 has an S Pen. Come on, u need to do your due diligence

  • Roh_Mish

    Tab line stopped making sense after tab2 series.

  • usamaisawake

    This is a mess.

  • Arthur Dent

    What a load of crap.

  • jon

    Why hate on this family of devices when the price hasn't been announced yet. And these tablets will likely sell in areas where the Nexus 7 isn't available or quite pricey. Quad-core KitKat on a low-res display should at least translate to a decent performing device that folks living in developing countries on a budget may actually pick over the awful chinese knockoffs and archos junk.

  • Renu Bisht

    Now Samsung is releasing every device in many sizes and i don't know what Samsung is trying to do?

  • Diego Siqueira

    I have a Tab3, i must say im not disappointed. Why? Cause it will be exactly same as "next generation" xD

    But seriously, wtf is wrong with them?! Tab3 is a mid-range tablet, and Tab4 will be 95% same hardware? No improvement?

    Get real Samsung!

  • KenanSadhu

    I don't think they will price this accordingly. How I hate samsung for this. Shouldn't hate any manufacturer, I know, BUT I hate seeing ignorant people buying into this scam.

  • CeluGeek

    Considering I'm using a 64 GB memory card on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, I don't expect Tab4 7.0 owners to have major problems going over 32 GB. Worst thing that could happen is that you have to format the card somewhere else before you can use it on the Tab4.

  • BT1

    Tab 4 = Tab 3 with updated Android OS and some of the latest bloatware from Samsung

  • A_Noid

    I'll keep my LG G Pad 8.3 w/1920x1200, and Snapdragon 600. With CM11, its pretty snappy.

  • obiwan

    Hi..i just bought this tab 4 7.0...awesome display but it got lags problem..they need to fix it ASAP.

  • Hubert Cumberdale

    WTF? Doesn't anyone sell a damn case for this thing? I hate this!
    And what's with all these stores selling stuff for the S and the Pro and what's next anyways? And it's sad that I can't leave a review on Samsung's site... They'd hear about it >:(