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Are you a Republic Wireless subscriber? No? Me neither! But the carrier of the people is getting access to MotoMaker starting tomorrow, April 1st, and if you're one of the first 2000 to buy, you'll get a free upgrade to a real-wood-with-fake-finish back. Exciting stuff! In order to qualify for the free upgrade, you'll need to register at this URL tomorrow beginning at 11AM EST. The first 2000 to register will receive the free upgrade through a promo code that will be sent to you by Motorola. Given Republic Wireless' popularity, if you really want that free upgrade, I'm pretty sure you won't have much of a problem getting it.

Blog Moto Maker

The one downside, perhaps, is that MotoMaker Moto X's on Republic will actually cost more than the carrier's standard black / white X's should you choose to buy off contract. The 16GB customized model will start at $349.99, rather than the $299 Republic sells the standard version for. Granted, this is till $50 less than what you'd pay for the standard unlocked Moto X, but unless you really want that wood back / a customized color scheme, the standard edition is clearly the better deal. The 32GB version will be available for order as well, presumably for $399, though Republic didn't specify in its blog post.

Republic also is sure to mention that since you'll be buying the device direct from Motorola, you will have to go through Moto for any support, warranty claims, or returns.

Once again, the Republic Moto X with MotoMaker will go live tomorrow at 11AM EST.

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    • Brendan Dillon


      • Craig Foster

        Well played

        • Brendan Dillon

          Couldn't have done it without the setup.

  • AbbyZFresh

    You be in the first 2000 because the phone simply sucks.

    500k in the first quarter? What a joke.

    • Brendan Dillon

      Sales numbers have nothing to do with quality. The GS4 launched with terrible lag on launch day. Sales are about marketing and brand recognition. The X is arguably the best phone in the marketplace right now.

    • Peter Kuko

      I have the phone and its absolutely fantastic. I find it ridiculous that people generalize their extreme expectations to everyone. This phone will satisfy the needs of 99% of the population. For those that it doesn't, consider accepting something that isn't up to your grand standards but still costs 'an arm and a leg' cheaper than anything comparable out there. This is the greatness of Republic!!

      This is the link that I used to get my credit. It will show up in the cart summary after you add your phone and plan. Type in http://rwshar.es/PqE- in your browser and it should apply. After chatting with Republic I can confirm that the invoice for the phone purchase will show that the discount was applied. The credit that we receive applies to the monthly phone service plan and can offer you 2 months of free service on the $10 plan. Hope this information helps some of you begin their journey with Republic and savings :-) Viva Republic Wireless!

  • Michael

    April Fools!

  • Henry Pierce

    can I hook up a Motorola Defy to Republic if I bought it from a third party and it is Republic ready?

  • Steve

    Here is a discount coupon link for Republic Wireless (Sprint) that will give you a $20 referral credit at checkout: http://rwshar.es/OFc8 You need to go to Republic Wireless using this link in order to get the $20 credit. If you are buying multiple phones and want the credit for each, you need to create a new account for each using unique email addresses.