Chromecast apps are popping up almost faster than we can install them, but let's not forget one of the first apps to show us what the Chromecast was capable of doing. Of course, I'm talking about AllCast. Koush's streaming app has been updated with a few goodies, some of which are still listed as 'beta.'

Screenshot_2014-03-31-09-48-11-3 Screenshot_2014-03-31-09-48-00 Screenshot_2014-03-31-09-49-13

Here's the full changelog from the new build.

  • BETA: Subtitle support for Chromecast when streaming from a media server (ie, Serviio with srt files)
  • BETA: Stream from Dropbox (requires Dropbox app to be installed)
  • Chromecast letterbox is now black instead of grey
  • Roku playback fixes: now supports fast forward and rewind. Seek bar is hidden
  • While seeking, the new seek position time will be displayed
  • Fixes: jumpy lists, share-to crashing, album art crash, better file type detection

The subtitles are for Chromecast only because Google's streaming stick provides a solid computing platform to process those subtitle files. Other devices would currently need the text integrated with the video, meaning an additional round of transcoding on the device. If you have the Dropbox app installed, AllCast can now stream files directly from that.

Roku playback is a little more consistent now – this box doesn't support seeking, so it just gets fast-forward and rewind buttons. As usual, the new version also comes with various tweaks and bug fixes. It should be live in the Play Store for everyone.

[+Koushik Dutta]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Arnold

    You forgot to mention that all of these features, including the existing ones, are half baked and only work part of the time.


      That's why it's called beta ya fucking idiot

      • Arnold

        READ: "...including the existing ones..."


  • Jephri

    Excitement abounds.

  • mustbepbs

    I can't wait for support for this to be inevitably dropped after I paid one day in the near future, half baked with tons of bugs!

    • Arnold

      That's the Koush way, my friend.

  • Gregor Smith

    Expect 20 updates to this app in the next 24 hours, not to fix bugs either...

  • Guest

    How sad is it that most people who comment on these articles all say the same thing. "Hey, new features! Too bad they're buggy and none of the previous included features are fully working."

    Says way more about the app and the dev than any updates ever could.

    • Arnold

      HAHA. Koush has that reputation now.

  • Taylor

    Lol I am so loving the comments in this article. Gotta love AP.

  • Benjamin Addo

    How is this different from localcast? I hear allot about Allcast but not that much about localcast..

    • Henrique Persechini

      Main difference as far as I can tell is that allcast streams from many types of sources to many types of receivers (chromecast, smart tvs, apple tv, etc) while localcast streams also from a lot of sources, but only to chromecast

  • Hugefly

    I had high hopes for AllCast, but the app does not live up to the hype at all. Buggy, crashy, and half-donkeyed.

  • Rovindra Singh

    Does anyone else have issues with the subtitles when casting movies using Google Play Movies? The subtitles lag painfully behind when I use Chromecast, or could it be my internet connection is too slow?

    • MelissaL33

      It's not just you. When I watch Google Play on my phone/computer the subtitles are perfectly timed. But when I use the Chromecast it does lag about 3-4 seconds behind. Destroys the movie-watching experience for me and I hope they realize it's a problem and fix it soon.

  • Rolf Brandser

    Localcast has subtitles, no need for media server. Oh, and it's free.

    • Android Developer

      Does it show Hebrew subtitles too (and correctly) ?
      I'm thinking of buying Chromecast, but if no app can stream subtitles well, it would be a waste of money.

  • SuperMarkert

    That is all.

  • mike kistler

    Still waiting for streaming from Google drive.

  • Questor

    Still doesn't follow basic guidelines for chromecast. Need's Actionbar button to enable chromecasting like every other app.

  • Majed Karim

    How can I get allcast beta?

  • Majed Karim

    I want to use allcast on Apple tv and have subtitle. How to do it?