Update: It looks like users can unlock the AT&T version of the HTC One M8 with the HTCdev unlock tool, at least for the time being. A build of TWRP for the AT&T model is already available on XDA. Hat tip to Google+ reader Brian Haslip.

Wow, developers aren't wasting any time when it comes to cracking open new high-end hardware. Just a few days after a root method was released for the Galaxy S5, the folks at Team Win Recovery Project have already prepared TWRP for both the international and Sprint models of the new HTC One M8. Granted, Team Win had a bit of an advantage, since this phone has actually been released.

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The custom recovery for the Sprint phone has already been posted to the Team Win webpage, but for some reason the international variant hasn't been updated there, so head to XDA Developers instead. Regular Android modders will know how this goes: unlock the bootloader via HTC's official unlock method at HTCdev.com, connect it to your PC in fastboot mode, flash the recovery file, and then load it up with the root app of your choosing. It looks like the root apps that worked for the original HTC One (M7) still work, which is one less thing to worry about.

Be quite careful to get the right recovery file - they aren't interchangeable between the Sprint and international models. Readers with the T-Mobile version of the phone will have to wait for a little while at least (the T-Mo version launches on April 11th), but those with AT&T or Verizon phones are probably out of luck for true custom recoveries, thanks to those carriers' policies of locked bootloaders. That said, work is already underway to get root on the stock software builds for these locked phones.

Source: XDA (international), XDA (Sprint), Teamwi.in (Sprint)

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  • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

    Unlocked my AT&T bootloader through HTCDev and am running TWRP just fine on my M8.

    • duck hairs


  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Well that was quick

  • kekkojoker90

    still this phone have an huge battery life from the first people who had.

  • Matt Posey

    Yep, mine's already unlocked, rooted, and running the third revision of ARHD. Updated to this TWRP this morning. :-)

    • Christian Wagner Jr

      ARHD works for the M8? IF thats the case...dear god I am happy since this was ALL I ran on my M7! I get my phone tomorrow and cant wait to get back in the custom rom scene (I ditched my M7 for a free S4 on Verizon...big mistake!)

  • Vlad

    You can unlock factory unlock it permanently with unlock code.
    Got mine unlocked with http://unlockphonenetwork.com/