One of the many, many wearables we saw at Mobile World Congress is now available for purchase, even if it is a little hard to find. Sony's Smartband SWR10, the company's answer to the Fitbit and similar devices, is now shipping from an Amazon reseller. We're not sure why one Amazon vendor seems to have it before everyone else, even before Sony's own store, but it's there if you want it. The price is $114.95, with Amazon Prime shipping notably absent.


The SWR10 is definitely a fitness tracker, not a smartwatch. Its waterproof build and one-button, no-display design means that notifications are limited to vibrations. Sony's hook is a "lifelogging" angle: in addition to tracking fitness activity and location, the SW10 paired with the Lifelog app will record how long you've slept, where you've travelled and by what method, what music you've listened to, and more. It's basically an opt-in Big Brother. The big Life Bookmark button allows users to "bookmark" moments, telling the band and the app that what's happening at that moment is of particular importance. The bracelet can also handle basic music controls.

Is all that worth more than a hundred bucks? I'm inclined to say no, but if you want one, more power to you. Other retailers like Expansys still have the Smartband listed as a pre-order, along with multi-colored swappable wristbands. Importantly, it looks like Sony's Lifelog app hasn't actually been published yet, so you may or may not be able to use the SWR10 even if you can get your hands on one.

Source: Amazon

Michael Crider
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  • Your Mother

    after seeing the Gear Fit, who would want one of these?

    • zaraki921

      both gear watches are pretty atrocious. samsung has a lot to prove with the gear fit and the presentation was not that impressive. plus the software sony has for this band looks great the gear fit will have some touchwiz abomination.

    • ddpacino

      I Do. This seems much more compelling to me with its features. I'm positive the Moto 360 will not have fitness features outside of a possible pedometer, so I would really love a fitness band for my other wrist that can do so much more in regards to that.

  • ram

    Does it become one of the "Who cares???" Product.....Yeah i think so...with the android wear announcement, every other fitness and geeky stuffs will become a poor selling product.... i would be ready to pay $200+ on moto 360(android wear)...rather than spending $100 on this fitness band...
    This Video matches the situation...

    • ddpacino

      And... what if the 360 doesn't have fitness features..?

      • Orrin

        @disqus_ofX0F7psKN:disqus What if 360 cost cost $300+? I've been waiting for sony smartband since they announced!

        • ddpacino

          The 360 will be purchased by me immediately at any price below $399.

  • RockAndRock

    Too expensive for plastic :P

    • paulsmith

      It goes deeper than plastic lol!! its the rubber and technology inside! ;)

  • Dr.BearJew

    I called Electronics-Plus (the person selling the smartband on amazon) and a representative from there told me he has no idea what I was talking about and that they don't sell items like that. You might want to do some more research into this.

  • Layman76

    Your image says $115, now it's $99 (at least, it is for me)

  • an

    the lifelog app isnt launced it, if the device is purchased how would it sync? and also would it even work?

    • Andi

      I just got mine in the mail today. It will pair with your phone using a simple tap which (on a non-Sony phone) will prompt you to download Sony's Smart Connect app. Then after that, quickly add the device in the app and then... Well, that's all that can be done. Everything from the online manual to the two required app downloads are not available yet. So yeah... Us extremely early adopters must wait just like everybody else.

  • AndroidGuy

    I had email interaction with a person at Electronics-Plus on Amazon and they said they are getting them in tomorrow for shipment. I also saw them in stock at superiordevices.com as well for $99.99