How goes your crusade against the walking undead? No, not the vampires, the zombies. Taking on the shambling masses is getting a little sci-fi twist today with v2.1.1 of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The new far future world includes a ton of new content, and an old favorite feature from the original is making its triumphant return.

The new zone includes 24 levels, 8 new plants, and 10 new space-themed zombies. Gameplay is essentially unchanged with most of the content available for free and a few things locked behind IAP paywalls. At least it's not so bad since they killed off the star/gate system a while back.

pvz2-iosf_en_1136x640_cbscreens05_r1 pvz2-iosf_en_1136x640_cbscreens04_r1

This update does, however, include the return of the zen garden. This was a feature from the first game that could be used to earn more money, and now it's back. It's unclear at this time how it's monetized, but you know it will be.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Yay, the Zen Garden is back!

  • Miguel Meza

    Zen Garden yay!!

  • runderekrun

    As someone who hates F2P model I've stayed away from this game. But as a person that LOVES PVZ1 I would love to play this game. Honestly how bad is the F2P aspect? Am I definitely going to have to buy something at some point or get stuck grinding a ridiculous amount? Is there maybe like a single purchase that would accelerate me so I wouldn't need to grind ridiculous amounts?


    • cdlq456

      I also hate freemium games, and I haven't played this game for a while, but when I played it was ok I guess. It wasn't like, for example RR3, where you get to a point when the waiting times are so long that it becomes unplayable (at least for free).

      You can play all the levels and beat the game without spending money.

      The one thing I noticed is that some levels of the game are too difficult, like if the game pushes you to use the special powers (which are paid). The difficulty is a little unbalanced, and it can become frustrating, but apart from that, it's a nice game and deserves to be played.

      • runderekrun

        Thanks for your take!

    • Carl Williams

      I play this game regularly and it is not that bad. I have not spent a penny on any IAP for any game and so far, PvZ 2 is not that bad. There are times that it sucks and buying some IAP would definitely help but challenge is why we play games, right?

      • runderekrun

        Cool thanks.

    • ramin

      If you Dont like to pay and still wants to have all the payable items use freedom

    • meleagru

      Install and play it without any worries. You can finish the game at ease without spending a cent.

    • zaney K

      I understand your despise of F2P games, I can't stand them either, but I've made an exception with PvZ 2.
      The game can be beat without spending a single dime, and I've beaten every single level up until Future World without too much trouble, and I've never felt forced into buying anything, and I haven't even bought or used powerups with the in-game currency, because it would feel like cheating :)

      I'll say give it a go, there are some really cool new plants and levels.

      • Patrick

        Well said Zaney. I too have defeated all 99 available levels twice without spending a dime of real money. First without the Boosts and then used the available diamonds to unlock more pots for the new zen Garden and used what boosts where available to see some of the affects were on the ones I didn't boost while playing. Lots of neat stuff in this game.

        I would like to see them unlock the stuff that we have to pay for like with PVZ where you had to play the game a thousand times over to earn in-game currency enough to buy and unlock everything. Instead of flat out locking them for cash only. This thought is geared toward those persistent enough to play that much.

        I am also wondering why they almost completely dumped the puzzle/game within the game. One extra per world causes the game to be less diverse, even though the graphics on PVZ2 are bounds over PVZ, which I'm sure takes a lot of memory for the game.

    • R Khan

      I cleared all the levels, never paid a cent

  • Laurențiu Selei

    My Nexus 5 is getting very hot while playing this game, I play other intensive games but it doesn't get that hot.

    • badabundz

      yeah same happens to my s4 it gets hot and even drains more battery than most other demanding games wich is weird.

    • NothingUnknown

      I noticed that too. I took a quick stack trace and noticed the milkCustomerOfMoney method was running in an infinite loop. Could be the cause.

    • Mikeb3ll

      My Nexus 5 battery was getting up into the 48c range after playing for roughly 15 minutes, it was DAMN HOT. Google said something was up and exchanged my phone. My new phone does the exact same thing as the wife can play this game for 30+ minutes (she loves it) and her phone does not peak 30c.

      Type on your phone *#*#4636#*#* to check battery temp

  • Bob G

    Of course this happens after I got sick of PvZ2 and uninstalled it a few days ago...

    • badabundz

      man same happened to me i uninstalled this game like a week ago

      • Android Developer

        you should have waited. you have noticed the new world, right?
        even now, after unlocking this world, I can see there is another waiting there, probably for another version of the game.

  • Android Developer

    was it also first published to IOS before to Android?

  • adit

    Not available in Indonesia:(

  • CrazyPaladin

    Just you know, the new chapter is 5 bucks. For earlier players though, you got a free key that you can use to unlock it for free, for now(not sure for players that comes after the big update). There seems to be another chapter yet to be revealed, and I won't be suprised if it will cost you another 5 bucks to unlock

    • White Rabbit

      Nah, you only have to pay for unlocking if you're REALLY impatient.

      Otherwise, just beat level 8 (the one with the Gargantuars) of any world to get a world key and use it to unlock whatever world.

      • jlo

        I have beaten all level 8s of all previous worlds, infact i have beaten all the levels of all the worlds, but i still have no key :(. i think i had one before but i don't have it anymore

        • Impatient one

          Same thing happened to me. I think we just have to wait for the next update :(

  • Jon

    Nope...still not available in HK.

  • remister


  • Diego Pretelin

    I wonder for what is that empty slot. :3

  • froyton

    I liked this game before they did the big update a while back that changed the world maps and a lot of other things to push it closer toward the pay-to-win model. :( Has the game gotten better since then?

  • Navitron

    And... Still no support for GPE phones. Guess I'll wait for the none P2W version on steam if it is ever released on PC. Who am I kidding its EA now its probably going to be Origin, never mind then guess I'll never play this game.

  • Oleyn

    Anyone can help me how to get the key for unlock far future world.. I played 8th level in previous unlock world but the key didnt drop... Wondering which lvl should I play

    • rob

      did you ever get the answer?

  • ChrisReyes

    I hate this partial updates they never include the last fight against Dr. Zomboss now I have to wait for them to update it again since I already beat the new 24 levels from the Far Future update

    • Bill Rosenthal

      Agree I beat it in 24 hours pirate was harder

    • biju philiph

      It's been a week and I'm still waiting for the update on the last level...... any ideas!!

  • hazel

    cool game, but dosent have the zomboss!

  • Lucy

    Is there not a boss at end of Far Future?

    • zyriphess

      Gotta wait for the next update for that Zomboss

    • Bryan

      I'm having the same issue.

  • pissed off

    So I upgraded everything went okay until the game won't load anything. I'm on an S4 which I recently updated to Kitkat OS. Everything was running great until the game stopped loading. Also, I thought clearing the cache would help, but no - all of my hard work has been erased from the game. I know it's frustrating for fellow gamers to have everything deleted in just one snap. God I want to stop playing this game. Ugh, annoying.

  • stew51

    Got to level 24 of Far Future but cant move on to 25 the last battle. What do I do?

  • Kate

    Does anyone have any idea when the new update will be? I've been going crazy waiting for it.

  • Patrick

    Is this update available world wide or is it only available in certain countries ??? I'm from Malaysia and tried looking for it in my Google Playstore. No PvZ 2 Update OR PvZ 2 at all !!

  • Ange

    I just beat all the levels and have a key but can't unlock the last world that is showing after far future... What's the deal.

    • Dana

      Same story. Frustrating.

      • Muhammad Syarifuddin

        Same story with me,
        Let me know if there is an update regarding this,

    • Amy

      Why dOes everyone have a key but I don't?

  • Kevin McCarty

    Here is one hack that gave me unlimited coins, stars and unlocked all plants for PvZ 2: g4mehacks. com/plants-vs-zombies-2-hack/ I hope this will help you like it helped me :) Now I don't have to spend my money on coins :D

  • Laceva Wells

    So the next level looks like maybe a castle cant wait .:-)

  • Dana

    I cant unlock the last world. What the heck

  • http://stretchesoftedium.wordpress.com/ Aviva

    I wonder when the ??? map will be available. I'm glad that despite PVZ2 being a "freemium" game, you don't actually have to spend anything to be able to play.

  • DG

    Why the long wait for next world update?!

  • Olsonzap

    My game fails to load level 5 of the far future, this sucks because that means the next zone -dark ages- will not be accessible on my main account, level 4 of terror from tomarrow fails to load aswell, which means that I'm going to have to start ALL OVER, even though I have unlocked everything I can, I am playing on the Ipad, there are no problems accept for these two levels not working...

  • Lauren

    I beat all the levles in far futher and i have the key when are the new levles coming out! :0

  • Aki

    Ive got Days of Ages 10/10 level. The world after Far Future. I still have an extra key. Is there a fifth world? Seems like a castle in the shadow.

    And how so i Unlock the starfruit plant without buying it? Thanks.

  • Coco

    I beat the last lvl called Dark ages and i also have a key but cant unlock the next lvl.

  • mike

    Fight the boss again to unlock.

  • Patricia

    Can anyone please tell me how to unlock the last world? The one after Dark Ages. I have a key but it does nothing Urgh.

  • Enrique Alvarado

    I am seeing a problem with the game plants vs zombies 2 when I play it on my galaxy s5, the loading screens aren't working and also I cannot see the image of the sprout they both come out as boxes, same goes for the back round is seems off, If any popcap employees are reading this can you guys please make an update for the s5 I really want to enjoy the games full potential including the images.