Our long national nightmare is over – AT&T has finally started pushing the KitKat update to Galaxy Note 3 owners. After updating, you'll see a new system UI, improved GPS, and an improved camera experience. It's all just a download away.

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The update clocks in at a fairly hefty 541.77MB and requires WiFi to download. Here's the full changelog from AT&T.

  • Improved user interface: The latest version of Android includes enhancements such as re-styled status and navigation bars, a new full-screen-immersive mode, color emoji support, improved closed captioning support, stronger security and smarter power use.
  • Default messaging app: Choose a default messaging app when multiple messaging services are installed.
  • Improved GPS performance
  • Enhanced music access: Full screen album art and media controls are available from the lock screen when listening to music.
  • Camera access: The camera can also be accessed directly from the lock screen.
  • Location menu: An integrated location menu enables users to easily activate GPS and share location details.
  • Wireless printing: Integrated support for wireless printing available in enhanced settings.
  • New sound controls: Set sound for specific Samsung applications in enhanced settings.

The OTA will be pushed down to all devices soon, but you can also check for updates manually. This update should improve GPS, which has been an ongoing complaint from users. Samsung is also adding a camera shortcut to the lock screen at long last.

Keep in mind, the KitKat update probably includes the changes to SD card support that limit writing to external storage. You probably won't have a choice, though. The update is going to keep bugging you until it's installed.

Update: Samsung published a much more detailed changelog just now:

On March 27, 2014, AT&T and Samsung released a software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900A). This software package updates the phone to Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat), baseband version to N900AUCUCNC2, and includes general performance enhancements for the device.

Software update includes

The size of the update file is 452MB and is available for download via Wi-Fi.

  • Android OS upgrade (KitKat 4.4)
    • New platform support for secure NFC-based transactions through Host Card Emulation (HCE),
    • You can add printing support to your apps or develop print services to support specific types of printers.
    • A new storage access framework makes it simple for users to browse and open documents, images, and other files across all of their their preferred document storage providers
    • The new provider and semantics help to improve the user's experience when multiple messaging apps are installed, and they help you to build new messaging features with fully-supported, forward-compatible APIs
    • Full-screen Immersive mode
    • System-wide settings for closed captioning : Settings > Accessibility > Google subtitles (CC) and Samsung subtitles (CC)
    • On-device memory status and profiling : Settings > Developer options > Process stats
    • More details about Android KitKat are available at: http://developer.android.com/about/versions/kitkat.html
  • Beat Music pre loaded
  • ISIS Wallet pre loaded
  • Default value for Air view is set as OFF
  • AT&T Drive Mode is changed to Drive Mode
  • On/Off slider for Airplane mode and Location is added.
    • c
    • b
  • Home > Apps > Settings > More networks Default messaging app and printing are added.
  • Home > Apps > Settings > Sound Samsung applications (call/msg/email/calendar) are added.
  • Home > Apps > Settings > General Default applications menu is added.
  • In Camera app, location of settings icon is changed
    • a
  • In Camera, 3096 x 3096 resolution is added.
  • In Timer, Button color is changed
  • Home > Apps > Internet > Bookmarks Saved pages tab is added
  • Home > Apps > Messaging > Menu > Settings Default messaging app menu is added
  • New options for Security policy updates under Security/Security update services.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • dkbnyc

    "Keep in mind, the KitKat update probably includes the changes to SD card support that limit writing to external storage. You probably won't have a choice, though. The update is going to keep bugging you until it's installed." If you're rooted you can solve both of these problems.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I'm not :(

      If this version gets rooted somehow without having to wipe, I'm going to flip out.

  • stuckon4.3

    I'm rooted with Kingo, and have removed bloatware. If I unroot will I still recieve OTA if I've removed bloatware? and if I'm out of the US not on an ATT sim card anymore will I still get the OTA? I know att sometimes doesn't push OTA to people not using ATT sim cards... thoughts?

    • Joseph Sanders

      I am also on a non-ATT sim card, and overseas. My phone isn't rooted though. I should be eligible for the update, but every time I try it says it's interupted. Were you ever able to get yours to update?

  • SRK

    Hi , I am rooted with Kingo and installed Knoxraid rom. If i update to 4.4.2 stock att will i loose my root. please help

    • Jesse


  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Hmm, to press Continue and lose FolderSync capabilities to sync to SD card or not...

    • Flip Jumpman

      I hear you bro... what to do? I'm going to update and pray it doesn't destroy my sd card in anyway. I can deal with the changes from now on but leave what's on there now please...

      Good luck folks!

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        It won't destroy anything on your SD card. You'll just have to move free-floating stuff around by using your computer instead.

        • Flip Jumpman

          Cool. Just finished updating and things seem good so far...

          Finally AT&T. Thanks!

    • Flip Jumpman

      I hear you bro... what to do? I'm going to update and pray it doesn't destroy my sd card in anyway. I can deal with the changes from now on but leave what's on there now please...

      Good luck folks!

    • Somedude

      Shamesung aka samesong sucks. Don't buy their products.

      • Brian Dong Min Kim

        HTC or Apple fan?

        • Somedude

          I am fan of the good stuff. And samsung is not a good stuff. It is worse than crap

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Define "good", because Samsung manufactures one of the best products in the world.

          • Somedude

            Good products are the one with good materials, good fabrication, and good performance. And samsung products are not good products.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Performance? The S5 and the Note 3 have Snapdragon 801/800 SoCs, which deliver top-notch performance.
            Fabrication? I've had numerous Samsung products and they do not break easily. Also, the physical home button is more reliable when compared with Apple's
            Materials? As I see from Samsung's sales, it seems to me that consumers prefer plastic.
            Plastic delivers better durability, and they're also light. Yes, the glossy finish was pretty cheap, but they revised the build material with the
            A . faux leather with faux aluminum edges
            B . The dimpled back on the S5
            Also, most Samsung devices excluding tablets have removable back cover and battery.
            Furthermore, Samsung literally manufactures the best displays in the world, as they're also the second largest manufacturer when it comes to semiconductors.
            What other product you use, it is likely that it includes a Samsung part.
            (Apple has their chips and displays made by Samsung even though with its efforts with TSMC)

          • Somedude

            Nexus And iPhone have better performance than samsung.

            The Apple's home button is better than Samsung's, also, Touch ID is wayyy better than the crappy fingerprint scanner samsung out in sgs5

            Samsung sell well because of its marketing. They spend a lot in marketing.

            I know samsung have large factories, I am talking about their products. They are bad products. Don't buy samsung, buy apple, htc, sony, lg, shamesung aka samesong sucks.

            And also, this Korean company is well know because of its bad practices

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Seems like you got it all wrong here.
            Nexus is a brand created by google to deliver a "pure android experience". Many of them failed to have the best SoC inside, but not all like the Nexus 5.
            It only seems fast because it doesn't come with any bloatware, which makes the vanilla OS demand less resources, and save more for applications.
            When it comes to Apple, they design their hardwarand software. They design their SoC architecture as well with iOS. This enables them to control both ecosystems which is Apple's best advantage in the mobile game.
            BUT ON PAPER; Samsung's flagships had either the best hardware inside them or a special feature that distinguished Galaxy phones from others.
            Your opinion is biased when it comes to physical buttons.
            It is a proven fact that Samsung's physical buttons had less failures compared to Apple's.
            When it comes to fingerprint sensors, I tend to like the idea of swiping down on the S5 but that's personal preference.
            Marketing is power. Company image is everything when it comes to economy.
            Samsung sells well only because of marketing? You don't understand consumer relations do you?
            Samsung offeres a variaty of screen sizes and budgets.
            Don't you think other factors draw consumers attention also?
            There are smart features that caused the "Galaxy Boom" on the S3
            The 4 inch screen on the original Galaxy S
            The dual core processor on the S2 with the 4.3 inch screen
            The Note branding impressed customers with it's massive 5.2inch screen and pressure sensetive S Pen.
            AMOLED screens on most Samsung flagships
            And still counting.
            And most importantly, Samsung is known as the Google of Korea.
            Teens compete like crazy in order to get a job at Samsung
            Since Samsung has much power, many are in fear, as there are sub companies under Samsung Group from electronics to health insurance to wepons,
            However, they do have a close-to-fantastic brand image in Korea.
            I'm not aware of the "bad" practices Samsung is affiliated with, but like any other huge company, it is likly they have dirty hands.

            And as a debate tip, you sound like a kid that doesn't know shit.
            Literally speaking, you sound like a 10 year old using words like Shamesong and such.
            Furthermore, your reply was heavily opinionated, while I always stated facts.
            I'm 14, and it seems like the youth of US is going to shit.

          • Somedude

            I know samsung have better hardware than iPhone for example, but iPhone is smoother. So having better hardware doesn't matter

            And Touch ID is far more superior.

            I do recognize the note succes. That was ok. But it is an evolution on the original idea, the iPhone. Don't forget samsung copied the iPhone. That's a fact.

            Wait, Samsung have companies working with weapons?

            You say I doesn't know shit? I know more than you!

            Read this http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/02/23/apples-failure-to-pay-for-favorable-media-coverage-flies-in-the-face-of-samsungs-payola

            That link is just an article about samsung crappy practices.

            After you read that, you can answer me.

          • Zatara

            Touché. You just destroy this Brian Dong? LOL he must be from Korea. I am sure that's why he defend samsung so much.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Destroyed? No.
            I'm the person who destroyed him. I supported facts, he supported opinions.

          • Guest

            Revenue is a report card.

          • Zatara

            I just return here, and you still are getting owned by Somedude hahahahahha come on men... Admit he is right.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            How about you revise your comments before you say shit about me.
            Both of you guys sound very illiterate due to grammar.
            Let me revise that sentence for you.
            "I just returned here, and I find two overseas motherfuckers submiting logical nonsense."

          • Zatara

            lol what's wrong with you? Are you sensible or something? Are you Korean right? You better don't insult me anymore little boy.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Insult? I'd refer my actions to fucking around.
            Sensible? All now defensive because your butthurt?
            Little boy? Seems like I'm more civilized compared to you.
            Good day.

          • Zatara

            Little boy... Good day? You mean good night! You are from Korea hahahhahahhahahha lol! Samsung fanboy HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA. now I understand why you were so eager to defend that Korean company. Poor little Samsung fanboy LOL.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            I live in the US. Get your facts straight, and it's a figure of speech.
            Secondly, your comment just proves how the level of education affects your personal image.
            What are you?
            I'm estimating a kid that has vision whatsoever who doesn't understand what the fuck was mentioned above, and went with the flow.

          • Zatara

            Get my facts right? You just told Somedude he is Indian... How do you know he is Indian? You must be from Korea

            I am an educated person with common sense, you are just (as Somedude said) a little kid and a samsung fanboy. Stop defending that stupid company, they even work with weapons... They are evil.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Educated? If you got enougn education, you would not use "abbreviations" like "lol" or use run-ons like "HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA"
            You are not a scholar, your a barbarian.
            Like I mentioned above, I am now unfollowing this post.
            Feel free to question your self confidence at
            Skype: OriginalPromise
            I won't be surprised if you and somedude are the same person, or at least know each other offline.

          • Zatara

            Poor Korean dude. First you say someone is Indian and then you say I am barbarian. You are just a little troll and a samsung fanboy. Pathetic

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            1. Snapdragon/Exynos and Ax series SoCs run on different architectures, yet on paper Android SoCs do deliver more power.
            Like I mentioned above, Apple designs both hardware and software, thus both can not be compared, yet it's obvious that Qualcomm chips win.

            2. Explain how the touch ID is more superior compare to the fingerprint sensor on the S5.

            3. If you think Samaung's the only company that copies, you're wrong. Seems like you got your information on an Apple biased site, for Apple enthusiasts.
            Apple's iPhone legitimatly looked alike to LG's prada phone which was launched before the iPhone.
            When it comes to UI, I wouldn't say Samaung necessarily "copied" the iPhone, but got inspired by it.

            Apple sued Samsung for design patents and UI patents.
            1. The app drawer sliding horizontally not vertically (graphical Ui patent) 193 <--- Patent expired.
            2. Simply designing the phone in candybar shapes. (Physical design patents) 8 <--- Aren't all displays a square?
            The term Apple used was "slavishly".
            Interesting, I find this since Apple also infringed Samsung's 3G, 4G and LTE patents.
            The lawsuit carried over to 30 different countries, as Apple later stating the Touchwiz UX immitates the natural look and feel of iOS5.
            Anyways, Samsung later did "admit" to a certain extent they "immitated" the iPhone.
            The important thing is, that Samsung showed something completely new with the GS3.

            Not only did Samsung copy Apple, Apple coppied Google.
            See pictures below.

            Yes. Samsung is affiliated with literally every single business you can think of in Korea.

            P.S. If you think these practices are dirty, explain the GooPhone in China, and how other manufacturers are now looking to Samsung for inspiration.
            It's common sense. If you want to be better at something, you look up to someone who's the best at it; and Apple was being a bitch about it.

          • Somedude

            I will be very fast on this.

            Touch is better because you only put your finger in any directions, and it reads it. In the sgs5 you need to slide your finger in a certain direction in a certain speed... A complete joke.

            Finally, this 3 links will completely destroy you:




            Take a look at them... The 3 of them.

            I win this my friend.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            1st Link: Didn't I admit above that Samsung admitted "to a certain extent" that they "immitated" the iPhone?
            Why bring it up when it's over?
            Even though, explain Samsung's popularity in the current market.
            You still didn't put a defence to that.

            2nd Link: Apple biased site, again. Yet it included in the article that Apple did not choose to sue Palm/Nokia.
            Other consumers including me think that Apple continuously sue for/to
            A. Company pride
            B. To create an excuse for their lacking revenue
            *see pictures below*

            3rd link: Irrelevant to whatever we're debating upon, unless you're stating that my wikipedia link is invalid.

            About the touch sensor, most i5S and GS5 consumers turned the feature off since the many reported "it works half the time".

            Explain Apple "copying" many features of Android that they failed to implement on iOS6.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            1st Link: Didn't I admit above that Samsung admitted "to a certain extent" that they "immitated" the iPhone?
            Why bring it up when it's over?
            Even though, explain Samsung's popularity in the current market.
            You still didn't put a defence to that.
            Secondly, Samsung had many success stories outside of US, like in the UK, judge asked Apple to "apologize" *see picture*
            It is common sense that US will try to protect Apple.
            Samsung did not get a fair trial here.

            2nd Link: Apple biased site, again. Yet it included in the article that Apple did not choose to sue Palm/Nokia.
            Other consumers including me think that Apple continuously sue for/to
            A. Company pride
            B. To create an excuse for their lacking revenue
            *see pictures below*

            3rd link: Irrelevant to whatever we're debating upon, unless you're stating that my wikipedia link is invalid.

            About the touch sensor, most i5S and GS5 consumers turned the feature off since the many reported "it works half the time".

            Explain Apple "copying" many features of Android that they failed to implement on iOS6, but appeared in iOS7

          • Somedude

            Samsung popularity is because they copied the leader and because of their marketing, and because every 15 days they are coming with a new remix...

            That uk judge after that start to work for samsung, talk about fair trial...

            Apple biased site? No no my friend. Read again. Appleinsider only talk true facts.

            Yes, I put the third link because you put the Wikipedia link, an invalid link, as appleinsider demonstrate

            Those feature they "copy" from android, appeared first in cydia, not in android...

            About revenue... Apple has lack of revenue? Are you kidding me? Apple is the company with more profit, at least in technology...

            I recommend you read appleinsider's links again.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Appleinsider is an Apple biased site. I did read a few articles, and it is writen by and consumed by Apple enthusiasts.
            It's not just me who feels this way either.

            Popular because they keep producing new products every week?
            No. There's more than producing many devices and spending more on advertising.
            It's called a business strategy.
            The UK judge wasn't hired by Samsung before the trial, and did not get bribed also.
            If you want to talk about fair trial, explain the US trial happening to be on Apple's homeland.

            The notification slide-bar and such exsisted in Android first, not cydia.
            Globally, Samaung shipped the most devices, nearly doubling Apple's sales in Q2.

            I'll now count all Apple Insider's links invalid. It is biased, lacks integrity, and forums are full of ignorant Apple fanboys like you.
            I'll say wikipedia's more reliable compared to that site.
            Work on your grammar. It's equivalent to shit.

          • Somedude

            Appleinsider is not biased. They only say true facts. Stop inventing and stop the lie.

            That's a link from 2010... I repit, appleinsider only say true facts.

            The us trial was fair. That's a fact. Now you are the one telling opinions and I am the one telling facts.

            Nope, a lot of those stuff appears first on cydia. Fact.

            Samsung ships a lot that's true. Either way, apple earn more money than they and all android companies combined. Fact.

            Wikipedia can make mistakes. And if you read appleinsider article about that Wikipedia article, you will know that a lot of important information doesn't appear on that Wikipedia article. Fact.

            English is not my first language. Fact.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            I'm not going to even bother answering anymore.
            You're a waste of time.
            What you stated above, is all wrong.
            English isn't my native language either.
            Good day.

          • Somedude

            You are just a little troll and those images proves it. Go home samsung fanboy. Zatara is right, you must be a Korean kid which biggest dream is to work for Shamesung aka samesong

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            I guess it's better than being a indian kid who makes up words like shamesong and samesong.

          • Somedude

            Indian? You are crazy right? Shame is a real word. A same & song also are reals words. Learn English Korean samsung fanboy

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Hillarious. Go Google search shamesung samesong. All you get are results related to Samsung.
            Therefore, shamesung and samesong are not real words.
            Your logic denies common sense and the laws of nature.
            Seems like your mind is skewed by reading delusionaly biased articles from AppleInsider.
            You are a shame to humanity, to the level where it exceeds the eyes of communication.

          • Somedude

            And you are crazy because you are telling I am Indian. Crazy little Korean kid shamesung aka samesong fanboy...

            Appleinsider only talks true. Fact.

            So stop your lies. You have just got exposed.

          • Zatara

            Congratulations Somedude. You finally shut the mouth of this samsung fanboy. What a pathetic little boy that Korean kid is. So funny hahhahahah. Telling things like, "no, that is a biased site" "no, Touch ID is nor better" LOL... Poor boy. He is blind because of his fanboyism

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Did you read my post below?

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            Two people either found my post funny or relevant. None liked yours or Zarata's
            It's embarrassing publicizing myself with someone as low as you.
            However, I'd gladly demolish yours and Zarata's ignorance privately for tne sake of my entertainment and humor.
            Here's my skype: OriginalPromise.
            I'm now unfollowing this post completely.

          • Somedude

            Right right... Now you are leaving because you are and "educated person" paaaaaahahhahhahahahhaha. You are leaving because you just I own you. I completely destroy you men... And yes, I will add you on Skype. So be ready for private destruction LOL

          • Kyle Charest

            Brian won.

          • Michael Kelly

            Sounds like your trying to justify having an Apple product by talking about Samsung so much. working conditions for the people making iPhones not very good either. "To each their own". You trying to convince yourself? You really need to get out more. Its a PHONE dude.

          • conzmac

            You can't be serious when you say apple is a "leader" are you implying that they work off of pure innovation and never rip off other companies? Explain the bull crap with ios7 looking EXACTLY like webOS. They completely copied the idea of multi tasking and claim it is their brilliant innovation

          • NachoKingP

            You should give up man, nobody agrees with you.

          • TheAdmin

            Hey sorry somedude, but even Apple thinks you're wrong lol... they admit they don't have what people want... (internally of course... never admit it to the public)


          • PT91

            I know that Samsung has better hardware than the iPhone, for example, but the iPhone is smoother. Therefore having better hardware doesn't matter.

            Touch ID is also far more superior.

            I do recognize the Galaxy Note's success. That part was accurate. However, it was the evolution on an original idea, the iPhone. Don't forget that Samsung copied the iPhone. That's a fact.

            Wait, Samsung has a number of companies that are working with weapons?

            You say I don't know shit? I know more than you!

            Read this................. (insert link here, I'm too lazy)

            That link is a simple article about the Samsung's bad practices.

            After you read that, you can answer me.

            ^ sorry I'm late everyone but I couldn't stand this kid's grammatical errors. If i have any, my apologies fat thumbs.

            Somedude, guess what? This was done through my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running 4.4.2 rooted Knox 0x0

            Owned every iPhone other than the 5c, and I turned to Samsung for their superior quality. I have gone through, on average, 3 iPhones per 2 year contract, I burned up every HTC Evo 4G I had on Sprint within one month at most, and the HTC M7 was the last straw. I put down $750 give or take a couple, and off contract bought my Note 3. Hands down best phone I have ever had. iPhone screens shattered on me constantly, there software was tight however the hardware did not last long under loads. I burned too many Apple motherboards to counts on my fingers (that means more than 10) within 4 years of using them. I was lucky I had a good job to burn through that kind of money.

            The Note 3 is the first and only phone I have ever owned that has lasted over 6 months without any serious problems.

            Since the facts are already on the table I'm here to lay down my opinions on it. Samsung flagship devices are for me the best. It handles anything I put it through. It runs over clocked all day without any issues, and the OEM battery still lasts around 6-8 hours. My iPhone ' s were done in 2. You are correct iPhone came first, then Samsung took the best and made it better. It was a waiting game😧😨 and so far I feel Samsung has the lead in tech.

            It's also not just their phones that I choose as a favorite. My 32" LCD 1080p HDTV was running 6 years with no problems. Just sold it and it's still working perfectly. My Mitsubishi took a dump on me out of the box with a bad bulb and power supply.

            Samsung has made many feats and took over the tech industry, and as you can see it will only get bigger from here. The Note 4 is coming out soon and even if my N3 is working right I'm upgrading full price. The only Apple products I will buy are the Apple TVs and one iPhone 6 for my fiance when they are released.

            Opinions are fine Somedude, but I have a feeling if you weren't blasting on here from a laptop or PC, my money is on an Apple product in your hands.

          • Gene Nevermore Ahlstrom

            touché I'm 30 and have tech background and this 14 year old just proved either A. he is very good at research, or B. has a very bright future ahead of him. lol. very nicely put grasshopper. facts always lead a debate, opinion just shows shadowed intelligence

          • Gene Nevermore Ahlstrom

            uneducated this one

      • WhosBetterThanNumberOne

        I tried calling you on your Microsoft Zune, but you never answer ???
        But seriously,
        the only bad thing with Samsung - is all the many, many, many useless programs stuffed into your phone that has absolutely no value and eats up storage space. I honor their creativity, but have no use for most of the bandwidth eating apps - and I believe the phone owners have a right to delete extra apps without having to go to extremes to unlock and modify the technology.

    • AnotherCellPhoneInTheWALL

      Yes, after the update my camera is not working correctly and my email says 'unable to save attachments to SD Card'.... Thanks, AT&T - you basically bricked my Samsung.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Downloading as we speak...in interesting position of having just switched from the S4 which already had the update to the Note3. The S4 update was pretty solid and phone was noticeably snappier afterwards so I'm hoping this update is equally good.

  • kingschreck

    Anyone else having issues with messaging now

    • jec

      I am annoyed that when a text comes in it is publicized on the lock screen for everyone to read also before the update I was using lockscreen policy and would only get the normal notification at tthe very top...

  • LobsterMagnet

    Tap and pay is not working. Good job At&t taking all of the joy out of having a phone. I hope someone finds a root exploit soon.

  • David

    Why do I have to use my pen for everything now instead of being able to use my finger??!

    • n83hehl

      mine is doing the same thing

  • SadPanda

    Thanks for covering this guys. GPS issue seems to finally be resolved. THANK GOD.

  • ApplesRTasty


  • Keith Boror

    finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • RichardMazdaKiddModicue

    If I were you guys I'd wait to update. Especially if you have a note 3 on at&t. Immediately after the update my phone started sucking battery like nobody's business. Everything works great just my battery is being severely affected.

  • Peter

    I updated to "Kit Kat" a couple of days ago and since then my Note 3 seems slower to respond. when opening the cover im left with a black screen which sometimes takes 2/3 minutes to come to life. Any thoughts on what I may have done wrong?

    • Lyon

      I facing the same problem. What can i do solve this problem?

    • dr afn

      same problem till it shuted down suddenly

  • n83hehl

    ever since this update I can't use my finger only my stylist. Anyone know why?

  • BrokeAppDude

    AT&T Updates killed several of my apps.
    That is annoying and AT&T should let these updates 'sit' awhile - until they are refined & proven safe.

    Until they do that - everytime they force feed an update onto my phone - I lose apps I paid good money for...
    To them It is a software update.
    But to US it is our business / family / personal connections / life data system they are disrupting.
    PLEASE AT&T do more testing before forcing these updates onto people.