Samsung is about to launch the much anticipated Galaxy S5, and you could be forgiven for thinking the renders below are of a GS5 at first glance. But no – it's allegedly the upcoming Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 courtesy of @evleaks.

The proportions are much more like the Galaxy S5 this time around, and Samsung is indeed moving to the multitasking button on all its devices (thank goodness). One thing to note, the black render appears to have an earpiece, but not the white one. This might be another device that has voice support internationally, but not in the US.

We've got nothing to go on spec-wise, but the 7-inch tab is usually low-end. More powerful 8 and 10-inch versions are likely, if history is any guide. Maybe we'll see those next.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Tomáš Petrík

    Get. Rid. Of. The. Physical. Buttons.

    • A mí no me pagan por opinar

      It's funny. Many people complains about how latest flagships are ditching physical buttons and software buttons are wasting space on their screens. People are never happy with what they got.

      • Kevin Davies

        I personally prefer physical buttons on Phones.. However, on galaxy tab whenever I use it in landscape mode I keep touching those soft buttons accidentally

      • ArrTooDeeToo

        With KitKat's immersive mode this is much less an issue.

        I personally like being able to adjust buttons as I see fit, change the look of them, move them around, etc. I want to be able to edit as much as I can about the look and feel of a device until I get it just how I want it. I understand that not everyone is into tweaking and theming and ROMS and such, but if you come to a site like Android Police or any other Android blog, it's more likely that you're into that whole world.

        Still, for those who like physical buttons, it's great that there is still a tablet out there for those who want that choice.

        • Spoot

          It's still absolutely an issue. Immersive mode is really only suitable for apps like games reading and video apps where you wont need to press the buttons much. And only a small percentage of these apps even support it. Hardware buttons are still much better for the rest of the time, IMO.

          • EH101

            I agree. Immersive mode is a band-aid, not a real solution. What Samsung really needs to do, at least for tablets, is make all 3 buttons hardware instead of capacitive. That would fix the issue of accidentally triggering the capacitive buttons in different orientations.

      • godutch

        I am okay with physical buttons on phone because I use my phone in portrait 90% of the time but my tablet I use 50/50 portrait/landscape which means 50% of the time the buttons are in the wrong position. But what I really hate about Samsung is the mechanical button, it looks like something leftover from a bygone era

        • Rickin

          what I really hate about samsung is that they swap the position of the buttons. its really confusing when you change from samsung tosomething else or vice-versa

      • MirandaU

        On tablets, physical buttons were never a good idea. The Galaxy Tab 2 had software buttons already, then Samsung took a step backwards and put hardware buttons on the Tab 3 devices. In landscape and reverse landscape, they are confusing, on the Tab 3, they were not backlit, so it was tough to find them in the dark.
        Also, the Menu button was already way outdated back then. Ironically, Samsung was the first manufacturer to make a device with soft buttons, the Galaxy Nexus back in late 2011 and still failed to catch on to Google's idea to get rid of fixed hardware buttons. Especially the menu button, which was kept on till the S4 / Note 3 generation will soon be completely obsolete.
        The people who are apparently happy with hardware buttons surely will change their mind, once one of their buttons doesn't do anything anymore, while they have to press and hold the Home button to get to multitasking, which takes ages, when compared to a dedicated multitasking button.
        With software buttons, none of these problems exist, they can adapt to the device's orientation, are visible in the dark, can be changed, once the design language of the OS changes and requires a different button and they can be customized or hidden (if you don't like the look or the fact that they take up space).

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      Could not disagree more. Physical buttons are immensely useful.

    • Somedude

      Best tablet for fun and regular work: iPad Air. Best tablet for professional and hardcore work: surface pro 2

    • Kahn

      Oh great. Another bloated remix for samesong aka shamesung. Don't buy it people.

  • JazzEspresso

    tab 2, tab 3, tab 3 pro...I am having hard time to keep up...

  • TheNuts

    Just received my Tab Pro 8.4 and loving it. The 8.4 size is perfect; 7" too small, 10" too big.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      Actually the larger size of the Tab Pro 8.4 is one of the main reasons I haven't bought one (the other is the ridiculous price). I really like that my Galaxy Tab 2 can fit in the pocket of most of my pants (won't fit in jeans) so I can carry it around everywhere. The 8.4 looks too big to do that with.

  • Guest

    I prefer buttons as well

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    How is this any different...that the ton of Tabs they just released??????

    • Tuấn Ankh

      Lower specs and cheaper. Maybe.

      • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

        Probably, the Galaxy Tab Pro were priced MORE expensive than their iPad competition and many of the upgraded features are useless to most people (I'm looking at you rear facing camera).

        What I'm worried is that they will use the existence of the Tab Pro as an excuse to cheap out even more than they did with the Tab 3.

        • Tuấn Ankh

          That's sad.
          But then again, that's Samsung. I really enjoy Samsung phones, but I've never really enjoyed their Tabs.

          • krym73

            That is until this year, Samsung will remember ppl that yes some smart phones& tablets are smarter than others and Samsung sits at the top of that food chain.If you want a tablet thatll keep amazing you with the things it's capable of doing, get a Samsung.The S pen is a bonus no one can even dare compete with its level at this point.

          • Tuấn Ankh

            That's a Note, which is not part of the Tab family I mentioned. But you're right, no one can even dare compete with the S-pen at this point.

          • Dez Nutz

            Yes, there is a Samsung Tab that also uses the S-pen. I don't recall the name of it, but my co worker has one and loves it.

          • Tuấn Ankh

            hmm.. That tab is either called a Galaxy Note 8, Note 10.1, or Note 10.1 2014 or something like that. It looks like a Tab, but it's not part of the Galaxy Tab lineup.
            The Galaxy Tabs don't have the hardware support AND software support to work with S-pen and S-pen features.

          • sindee0816

            No. There is no tab that uses an s pen. Only a stylus

  • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

    Ah yesss back button still on the wrong, harder to reach side. Did they ever make a flawless design at least once? Oh well, doesn't matter, their products sell great anyway, no matter how shitty they are.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    And here the Galaxy S flagship phone copying goes again

  • TheUndertaker21

    surprisingly this looks nicer than S5.

  • p0k3y

    Does this one have the same spec as the original tab 7 or tab plus 7 again? Samesung!

  • Your Mother

    slim bezel, apple will surely sue claiming people confuse it for an ipad mini.

  • Dee Genna

    Does anyone know, if the button/speaker/head phone port are in the same position on the samsung galaxy tab 4 as the tab 3......10.1 ?
    I have just taken delivery of my tab 4, and I'm having trouble getting a case for it (otterbox defender, griffin or similar) anyone ?
    Regards, Dee.