Google will provide the definition for any word it knows, as long as you ask nicely (just typing "define" usually gets the job done). For anyone who doesn't get what I mean, here's an example.


As an English speaker, this functionality is just something I take for granted. But like everything else, it takes time to expand this out to other languages. Now Google's drawn attention to the feature's availability in Spanish. If you use Google with Spanish settings, asking it nicely (ahem, typing "define") and following up with the desired word will yield the following.


In the past, searching for a word returned an excerpt from Wikipedia. Now Google provides an interactive widget that contains more detailed information and the ability to translate the word into another language.

Here's how it looks on a mobile device. Note, voice searching is also supported.


I use this feature on a daily basis, and I'm happy to see it spread. For extra details, including some in Spanish, hit up the source links below.

Sources: Google [1],[2]

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  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    Uhm. It already did this? I'm sure I've used that feature throughout the years. It didn't get every word, but it did seem to have a fat enough dictionary built in.
    If the news is that Google Search (On Android) will now define words and read it out loud in the hilariously bad Spanish text-to-speech, then yeah, that's new, but web search has done this for years :P

    • Chaosprower

      Previously, when you asked it to define a word in Spanish, it just gave you an excerpt from Wikipedia (it was called "Definiciones de la web"), now it's like a dictionary complete with synonyms, examples and translation into other languages.

      • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

        Ah, that explains it. It's a welcome change. Here's hoping they actually implement stuff like reminders in spanish.
        I have to set my Google Now doohickey to English because I can't even tell Google to set a reminder like "Recuerdame comprar tacos en la calle"

  • andy_o

    Yes, but will it finally tell me where the hell la biblioteca is?

    • Adrián Ayllón

      Haha you mean the "mi biblioteca" string they mistakenly switched for "mi musica" so when you want to add a book to my library it says "add to my music" which is ridiculous

      • slurivariv

        Nope... it's a Community joke.

        • andy_o

          I probably wasn't referencing community but I'll leave it at that cause I like that theory.

          • Dennis Ulijn

            Yes, i recognized it automatically as a Community joke.

          • andy_o

            I like Community and all, but you guys never heard about la biblioteca before that?

          • Dennis Ulijn

            Im dutch, maybe it's an American store? Anyway, me and my wife use the "donde esta la Bibliotheca" regularly when we need to say anything in Spanish

        • slurivariv

          but... but it fit so perfectly, lol.

  • Chaosprower

    Works perfect for me :D

  • JanB

    Works also in german.

  • Javier

    Now we need Google Now spanish commands, common Google apurate por favor!!

    • rivasdiaz

      well, "define" is the right word in spanish too! ;-)

    • rivasdiaz

      well, "define" is the right word in spanish too! ;-)

  • frafri

    ok glass, toma una foto?
    anyone there?

  • SxperiaS

    Not sure if it interests AP but just received a email from app Cerberus.

    "Hi --------,

    Our Security Team recently discovered and blocked suspicious activity on Cerberus servers. The investigation found no evidence that your account was in any way accessed or compromised.

    However, the attacker(s) were able to gain access to usernames and encrypted passwords for a subset of our users. No other personal data (emails, device information, etc.) has been accessed.

    While the accessed passwords are encrypted, as an extra precaution we have immediately secured these accounts invalidating the current passwords.

    • Firmino

      Me too.

  • ins0mn1a

    i wish it could recognize spanish words even if my default language is english. c'mon google, it's not rocket science, i already told you to give me search results in a few languages. why can't you just combine the damn dictionaries?

  • Impheatus

    Excellent! Thanks for the heads up ;)

  • Jon

    Great...Now it only needs to add accentuation commands such as comma, period in Spanish (and other languages) so people can dictate. I mean, properly dictate as English people can.