A few days ago we caught wind of the existence of Google Play gift cards in Austria. It was good news, though it came as a surprise as Austria's name was nowhere to be found on the list of countries Google sells gift cards in. Now it is, though oddly still listed as 'coming soon.' Nevertheless, Austria isn't the only country to make an appearance. Now we see that Italy, Mexico, and Switzerland have joined the list as well (with Spain also still listed as being on its way).


As the shot above shows, Italy's gift cards will come in increments of 15€, 25€, and 50€. Mexico's will go for $200, $300, and $600, while Switzerland's will be 30 CHF, 50 CHF, and 100 CHF. We can't tell you precisely when these cards will start lining store shelves, but their presence on this list usually means it could happen any day now.

Source: Google Play

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Dani R.

    Hmmm, now I'm desperately waiting for the Netherlands!!

  • alexio92

    Yeaaaaah Italy finally!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    now if only they would add Bulgaria...

    • King_Anonymous


  • Diego Pretelin

    México... finally! Damn :D

    • Andrés

      That's weird, I'm sure I've seen them in seven elevens in Mexico :/ I even remember buying one for some one else like a year ago.

      • Leonardo Baez

        Definitely there are no Google prepaid cards here.

        • vita09

          Even apple had its shit together with iTunes cards in oxxos farmacias gdl Benavides etc

  • Mattdroid94

    Mexico coming soon!!! :D Hell yeah!!! o/

  • Leonardo Baez

    Oh yeah... mexico finally. Finally will be able to buy apps instead to illegally download them

    • Impheatus

      LOL! You can already buy apps with a credit/debit card ¬¬

      • Akshay Mehta

        Not everyone has credit/debit cards you see.

        • Davis Hernandez

          Also not everyone wants to use a credit/debit card.

          • Ester

            You could just get a prepraid card you top up with any amount you want. Google will count it as a debit card but it actually isn't. It's even better than a Play Gift Card since you can reuse it again when you want.

          • Leonardo Baez

            remember not every country works as US....

      • Leonardo Baez

        Is not that simple to get a CC or DC outside US... also i'm not Mexican,I'm foreigner so Mex banks dont give me Credit cards

        • some1

          Leonardo: Ok.

        • Impheatus

          I'm mexican, not from US
          And don't worry, I completely get what you are saying, I was just trying to be a bit ironic in a sense.

          • Leonardo Baez

            oh, ok. I didnt get it.
            No problem then

  • alex777

    $200 dollars cheapest one in mexico?

    • Lex

      $200 Mexican peso. Not dollars. $200 MXN = ~$17 USD

    • Msan

      200 MXN. Like 20 dlls.

  • alex777

    $200 dollars cheapest one in mexico?

  • Msan

    Oh yeahhh!! Finally México!

  • Jaime

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiii México! I already buy apps with my debit card but I can finally gift a play card to my little nephew!

  • Hilmy

    First play cards in switzerland were seen. Someone poste a pic from an Interdiscount shop with google play cards to G+.

  • King_Anonymous

    Booooring. Why were these countries even restricted in the first place? Restrictions are boring and unjustified bullshit.

    • Davis Hernandez

      not restricted, its not easy to get a service around the globe such as distributing these cards globally and having a direct monetary exchange

  • A2theC

    Now I just need to find out how to launder all my google money into these swiss play accounts.

  • Daniel Vilar Tavares

    nice to see play store gift cards expanding, next should be portugal

  • Leonardo Baez

    a question for the lucky ones that can use this cards already.... you can buy only apps, or music and movies too?

    • Davis Hernandez

      its general i think, such as the itunes ones

    • Michael Villalobos Gomez

      Literally anything that is available on the Google Play Store.

      • Rajan Verma

        Except devices and in app subscriptions.

  • Davis Hernandez

    coming to mexico? F*ck yeah!!!

  • Jaocagomez


  • Impheatus

    Hopefully this means they're planning to sell Nexus devices over here in Mexico too.
    Am I being too naive? Maybe, but it doesn't hurt to dream =P

    • Carlos Parga

      Telcel would NEVER let that happen. A few months back they sold the Nexus 4 for around ~650USD (even though it hit the mexican market a couple of months before the new Nexus 5 was released) . Allowing people to buy it else where would mean a ~300 dollars profit loss.

      Still I have my hopes high.

      • Impheatus

        Yeah... I know. Telcel's got us by the balls... =P
        Anyway, with the new reform in telecommunications AT&T is planning to come to Mexico and Virgin Mobile already confirmed its plans to provide service.
        Hopefully all of this would mean an increment in competitive pricess both in plans and devices as well.

        • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

          The American market and its companies are also shitty. I'm not particularly excited about it. Moreover, it will mostly stay in the hands of the same three (Grupo Televisa, America Movil y Grupo Salinas), the reform, after all, is to a large extent akin to the creation of the FCC (the former COFETEL was weaker than the FCC).

          We copied, just as we did the presidential system and many other things, the wrong guy. If we're going to copy something from the US we should be copying Social Security, pretty much everything else is done better in one or other country. Goddammit!.

          • vita09

            I hope we get more competencia
            Telcel is now spamming me with their automated calls to renew my plan... no way man too expensive sure I paid almost nothing for the phone but I barely use minutes or SMS, data is where the $$ is and slim must get fatter, getting either nexus or gpe devices unlocked this year

  • alfuen00

    Thanks by the sweet lord jesus christ, finally in México, dammmm it took like millenia for Google to made them aviable, iTunes cards was released 1 year before they where a viable at USA and sells very where even in the gas stops hahahah, GOOGLE is really slow slow but finally they are here!!!

  • Deepansh Khurana

    I hope it launches in India too. Congrats Mexico and Italy! :D

  • Samra

    Switzerland Finally *w*

  • Daniel

    a huevo! aunque... yo usaba mi tarjeta XD mejor que vendan los nexus!

  • some1

    Only mexicans here? Ok I'll do it for Switzerland: FUCK YEAH FINALLY RELEASED!

  • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

    Google is always so slow with this kind of stuff. Apple's gift cards have been available since forever in Mexico, hell even Spotify sells gift cards (but I use All Access, which is thankfully available here too :D). Of course, better late than never.

    I already buy with my debit card, but I understand not everyone has one (and moreover, many Mexicans are not yet used to buying things online and fear it).

    What I really want is Play Devices!