It's easy to forget that Amazon has cloud storage products on Android now that Google has started pushing the envelope with Drive and Play Music. Amazon does offer its own photo backup app connected to a free 5GB Cloud Drive block. The app wasn't great, but now that's being addressed with a significant update.

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Jumping from version 1.9 to 3.0 should give you an idea how big the change is. Here's the changelog to break it all down.

  • New, a completely re-designed Cloud Drive Photos experience with features that bring enjoyment back to viewing photos and videos on the go.
  • Simple Navigation: Quickly get to your most frequently used features.
  • Sorting: View all your videos in one album, and sort photos and albums by date and name.
  • Upload Enhancements: See the progress and status of your automatic or manual uploads.
  • Crash and bug fixes.

The updated app still has that dark Amazon UI vibe from the Kindle Fire, but it's more native to Android as far as the layout and buttons. You can see a few pics of the old interface below for comparison. It's also supposedly easier to get around in the updated app (there's a proper navigation bar now), and users report that it's overall faster. All good things, and free.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Martin

    Still ugly UI...

  • bullonie

    Who do they have doing their UI development? I really like the new design for the website (which isn't even entirely site-wide yet, but whatever) but their apps are pretty bad. Those button gradients...

  • Zoey

    Definitely cleaner UI and. I am not actually bothered by some gradient colors or 3d buttons, yet incoherent mix of flat and gradient elements (KitKat & Gingerbread fusion, if you prefer) is what give me cancer

  • RadarJammer

    Why only photos? Their Windows cloud proggy can upload anything..Amazon cloud upload is among the fastest out there (just compare it to the tedious Box ...) and is usefull for any kind of files.

  • David Margolin

    i need to throw up

  • Sir Perro

    Why is anyone going to use this on android having the same functionality already there built in by google, plus 15GB free storage, and $1,99 for 100GB in drive is beyond my imagination.

    • Dave

      Something I really dislike with the auto upload via Google+ is all the stupid notifications it gives all the time. "4 photos ready to share" etc. on mobile and desktop. It needs to be less prominent because I just want to use it as a backup source. If there's a way of turning the notifications off that'd be handy... but I couldn't find one.

      • http://jonbp.co.uk/ Jon Beaumont-Pike

        Turn the notifications off in google+ settings in google settings app