The Dot View case is HTC's answer to the various windowed cases from Samsung and LG, and you have to give them points for creativity. The front cover is punched with holes - just big enough to see through, not enough to expose the screen to damage. (We hope.) It will cost $49.99, and it's already on the HTC store in five different colors, though you can't buy one yet.


The Lite-Brite style case allows the phone to show a dot matrix-style display for different functions like the time, weather, and phone calls. The M8's gesture recognition should allow users to interact with apps, at least enough to answer or reject calls and similar. There aren't any electronic components in the case itself - the One M8 is probably just detecting it via the standard "smart cover" magnetic sensor.

HTC's retail partners will probably be stocking the Dot View case, so if you're picking up a Verizon model later today, keep your eyes peeled for one.

Source: HTC

Michael Crider
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  • Kylecore

    Is there a explanation or video on how this cover works and doesn't kill the battery when the display uses LCD and not AMOLED? I'm rather curious to be honest.

    • Nathan Bryant

      You didn't see the live stream or watch any live blogs on it did you? No it will not drain battery. It's no different then any other case that displays info. That's ignorant to assume that now a days. You have to assume they thought of things like that. It only lights up with a notification and if you double tab the case it shows you information.

      • Mia

        The difference between the S-view cases on Samsung's Galaxy line and the HTC One is the display though. Samsung uses AMOLED which allows specific diodes on the screen to be lit while not activating other parts of the screen.

        The HTC One uses an LCD screen which doesn't allow that-- the entire screen must be lit or not at all. Considering HTC said the case doesn't use an additional power source, I would imagine that using this case wouldn't equal more or less battery-life, since you need to fully power on the display to check info with or without the case.

      • ProductFRED

        You have no idea how screens work. On AMOLED panels (e.g. Galaxy S4), each pixel is lit individually, and no backlight. When the screen is displaying total black (partially or completely), those pixels are turned off. S-View only activates whatever pixels it needs, saving a ton of battery.

        LCD/IPS panels use a backlight no matter what, so it's either on or off. Behind the flap of this case, the entire screen is lit even if it looks like it's just dots/individual pixels. You might want to check yourself before you start calling other people ignorant.

      • bigwillbwoy

        Ha ha the joke is on you, all this is a regular dumb overpriced case with holes. From ma observation the entire screen is lit. It would have been nice if only the pixel needed were lit, in turn saving a ton of battery. But hey you can't have everything you want, or make sense. So dude a bit of advice do your research b4 u call someone dumb. I think he asked a very good question.

  • ginobili

    This look really nice.

  • remister

    This was the best announcement from HTC today.

  • Andrew Kachaniwsky
  • Johnny

    I don't understand why they are not selling the cases on the same day the phone is released!

  • Rick Roman

    According to Verizon. They are in stock. I just purchased Phone and case Due to be delivered to me tomorrow.

  • KvinlonWeldon

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