It's been scarcely a week since Android Wear exploded into the wearable scene, and everyone's been wondering about what will become of existing smart watch platforms. In the case of Sony's SmartWatch 2 (SW2) and SmartBand, it's full steam ahead. Yes, Sony isn't planning any Android Wear devices right now.

Sony's wearables run on a custom OS and can do the basic smart watch things like display notifications and tell you what time it is. However, it's nowhere near as integrated as Android Wear is expected to be. Sony pointed out it's still very early for Wear, so things might change down the road, but it's sticking to what it knows right now.

The SW2 was only released late last year, so it's understandable Sony doesn't want to sink the product already. Moving abruptly to Android Wear would essentially kill the SmartWatch 2. Still, it seems unlikely Sony will go on ignoring Android Wear for too long.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Derek Duncan

    Sony, let me know when you do make an Android Wear watch and then I'll start caring.

  • Stylus_XL

    They'll cave eventually.

  • iamaguest

    I don't understand.....have had the smartwatch 2 for a couple of months and it doesn't feel like they care about it anyway. The watch has potential but Sony has done little to support it or empowers devs. Bring Android Wear

    • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

      Don't worry, you'll have CyanogenMod Wear soon enough.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    I'm sure they will bring Android Wear to SmartWatch 3

  • Silas

    Why is Sony's head so hard? Pride can be a detriment....just saying

    • Ram fickle

      It's not pride. It's just management of resources.
      I mean Sony's invested lot of time and money to get their current software up and running. It wouldn't be feasible for them to just throw it away.

      • cellabonez

        ram tickle i agree with you and thats why as much as sony dont rush update and trends they do it well with time taken

  • Tony Byatt

    Over/Under 1.5 years for when they go to Android Wear?

  • KJ

    As long as I can use the Moto360 with the Z2, I'll be fine.

  • http://www.jomarx.com Jose Marie Maquinay

    Sony just needs to release a SW2 Android Wear Edition, and just let the consumers decide on which one is better. Even without the mic input, I think it will improve the SW2 in terms of apps quality.

    (disclaimer : SW2 owner)

  • Mg

    Smart watch is an advanced platform with a mature sdk and a lot of developers. You don't throw that away. It runs Android anyway, so the best of both is entirely possible.

    • LeChuck

      Agree, but I think they just need time for transition to Android Wear.

      Except, for one possible case: When Android Wear didn't give lot of customization. That might cause Sony think they can't differentiate enough from competitor if they use Wear. If that's the case, it's reasonable for company to not using Wear.

      • Tj Hariharan

        The biggest Issue with just giving a "android wear edition" is what I would consider the ONE BIGGEST miss with SW2: lack of microphone. It's easy enough to do after-market I guess, just sell people a strap with an embedded bluetooth mic, since you can change the strap anyway; that way they can make MORE money.

        Either way, I'd think a mic is quite essential to android-wear watches, so it would have to be different. And clearly Sony must have had a DAMN good reason to leave out mic on SW2 even though it's a no brainer extra addition to make it awesome/sell more.