OnePlus has been dolling out news about its upcoming CyanognMod-powered One phone (not to be confused with the other One making headlines today) at an incredibly slow and frustrating pace. But it looks like the drip feed may finally be stopping, or at the very least, it won't have much longer to run. An official OnePlus forum post has announced that "On April 23, the OnePlus One will be fully unveiled."


Given the company's frankly spammy method of teasing pre-release information, we half expected OnePlus to announce the month one week, the week, the next, and the day a week after that. It would certainly be in line with the way they've been announcing various hardware and software features lately, including a vague price, processor information, screen resolution, and voice activation features. Maybe the announcement will come in fifteen five-minute installments.

OnePlus hasn't set a location for the One reveal event, but given its size and youth, I wouldn't expect a PR blowout like we're used to seeing from the larger phone companies. It may be a web broadcast or a simple press release. Also note that this is the announcement of the announcement, and it will likely be a few weeks after April 23rd before the OnePlus One will be available for purchase. The company has already confirmed that the One will be sold unlocked and off-contract with a price of less than $500 USD.

Source: OnePlus forum

Michael Crider
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  • Ricardo Ferreira

    Not sure of its going to be interesting.. I'm not what you would say a Cyanogenmod fan..

    • Asgard

      Me neither, but I'm with the idea that if I can put CM on that, maybe I can put Omni on it, and that would be great

  • David Margolin

    so $499.99?

    • Kareem Ayman

      400$ for the 16GB version.

  • Egnimatic_Foolishness

    I don't get the hate for the announcement process. This Is the Internet age, where a handful of Internet trolls can "review " a product and completely destroy any momentum a product will have. A company like one plus can't afford that, so doing this method keeps them in the cycle and peaks interest just a little bit.

    No matter that the specs, this won't be a huge seller. Whatever they can do to keep people talking won't hurt

  • Herpaderp

    I'm pretty sure that they announced less than $400. I guess that is in-fact less than $500, but come on, at least post the right info if you're going to hate on them.

  • Charles

    First, they said that the 1+1 would be under 500$, then by under 500, they said they meant under 400$. I can say that there is no device on the market with a SD801, 5.5" 1080p display under or even close to that 400$ price point

  • EH101

    I'd consider waiting on this for my potential next device, but realistically, I don't see a start-up building a CDMA version for Verizon et al.

    Anybody have any information that points otherwise?

    • Steve B

      No way. This will be like a Nexus device. It will be sold unlocked only.

      • EH101

        Exactly what I expect.

        On another note, I wonder how Ara will work with CDMA and such. Maybe Verizon will sell their own wireless modules...

        • Steve B

          Not sure. For our sake, lets hope Project Ara gets off the ground.

          Personally, I think there are too many variables for a carrier like Verizon to content with. I think this will be a GSM only.

          • EH101

            I would love nothing more than to see Ara take off. They don't need Verizon or other CDMA carriers for that, but it would be helpful. That's a sizable chunk of the market. At the very least, Ara should be able to support Verizon when Verizon reaches full LTE deployment and CDMA gets retired but that's still 7 years out at least. Sucks for me I guess lol.

            Well, they could sell pre-activated modules the same way they sell a sim card. The module itself would have to carry the ESN though, but it's the only plausible option I can see.

            On yet another note, if an Ara device gets stolen and you blacklist the ESN, one would just have to replace the module and you would be good to go. There's really no way around such a situation. Even if you have a passcode or other security measures, just replace the storage module. The downside of modular I suppose. Google probably has something to counter this; I would like to see what they have come up with.

  • J3R3MY_H

    I prefer this method over the endless leaks and misinformation on a daily basis for a nexus device.

  • twright

    Lots of hate coming from this article it seems. Undeserved hate too. I'd much rather OnePlus One's method of showing us the specs than the leaks we are getting about all the other phones. Plus like others have said it'll be under $400 for both 16 and 64gb versions. At least get your facts straight

  • Danny Lewis

    If the Nexus devices go away, OnePlus is the direction I'll be heading.

  • Jadephyre

    Why all the hate?

    • Cuvis

      Some people can't stand the idea of Cyanogen going corporate.

  • Cuvis

    I'm very curious about this, as well as the next Nexus and the successor to the Motorola X. I love my Nexus 4, but 16gb is proving to be a bit confining for me, so I'll be looking to replace it this year with something. And I'm already using CM anyway, for LTE purposes mostly, so if this is specced half-decent, and especially if it takes a SD card, I'll be all over it.

  • Yogesh Laxman Raut

    ordinary customers (who have money but know nothing about technology) will never buy OnePlus One if they raise the price. I am not talking about the tech savvy customers, obviously they will die for this phone. But typical Indian customer still believes in Samsung and Micromax. Even Motorola and other big companies could not get good reputation in this largest market of Mobile phones. People will find this just 'another china made phone.' But No doubt OnePlus One is the best.

    (forgive me for my poor english.