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It looks like HTC is intent on getting all its news crammed into one week. Just a few hours before its scheduled media events in New York and London, wherein the company will reveal the New One (or at least show off whatever hasn't been leaked yet), HTC has been uploading apps to the Play Store like there's no tomorrow. In addition to the Blinkfeed launcher and SenseTV apps, the Sense versions of the Gallery and HTC Guide have been added to HTC's publisher page.

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The Gallery app looks like HTC's default image browser and viewer, very much like Motorola's similar manufacturer app. It's got all the usual bells and whistles, plus a basic image recognition mode ("Image Match"), and organization by time or location. Note that the description mentions the newly-confirmed HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, specifically that it only supports the HTC Photo Edit function.

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HTC Guide is a basic software manual submitted under the "books and reference" category. It has all the usual operation and troubleshooting information, plus a few diagnostic tools to help users check the health of their phones. Various tests for storage, power, connection, and more will help to check the function of your phone's hardware, after which you can contact HTC's customer support line straight from the app.

As expected, all of the new apps are compatible only with HTC phones. Keen-eyed users will notice that the screenshots use the same software navigation buttons as the New One. If all this isn't enough for you, there have been massive video and photo leaks of the new hardware.

Michael Crider
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  • ardhya

    Well well! Can't update to the latest version of Android? Put everything on play store, sit back and relax!

    • Mkvarner

      Well, this is 100x better than having to reboot for an OTA.

      • ardhya

        Yep but it doesn't mean you will have the latest feature of a newer android version on time... Also security bug fixes will still need an OTA (and a reboot).
        Good news is new features to stock apps

    • Ricardo Neves

      You do realize Google is doing the exact same, right? I think it's the right aproach, we get the updated apps right away without having to wait for a whole new update (which can take months). I don't think it will change HTC's update schedule that much.

      • ardhya

        Yes true.
        It indeed is the best way to push down bug fixes and other features quickly. Even Apple has this to some extens (iWork iLife and other apps) but it still doesn't solve the fragmentation problem that Android is facing already.
        New version of Android brings about a pipeline change (Project butter with 4.1, example Open GL ES 3.0 with 4.3, ART with 4.4) users will still not get these on time...

  • stoney1973
    • Ricardo Neves

      Does this mean Google Play Edition devices will have Zoe? I hope so, it's one of the reasons i haven't tried a GPE ROM yet.

  • Bretton Key

    HTC wants to be Samsung so bad... these apps are not going to win your customer base back to you.

    • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

      HTC may want Samsung's sales numbers, but their hardware and software are both miles better than Samsungs.

      • Bretton Key

        You are totally correct, but most average users don't realize that. HTC makes solid devices and really I like their UI way more than Samsung's but they are not marketing these features right nor going down their own path of innovation...they are taking "what's hot" right now/Samsung's playbook but not implementing correctly.

        • Mantas

          What do you mean " nor going down their own path of innovation."? HTC is THE company who is going down their own path of innovation. Radical innovations and a completely different approach in camera technology, speakers, build and software

          • Bretton Key

            I'll give it to them for cases for their devices, speaker, and building a not so clunky UI. But You mean to tell me their HTC Remote, News Feed, Form Factor, etc are originial.
            I understand they are trying to capture a bigger stance in the market, and are on the right track. But if they want to be innovative "they'd develop their own niche stylus (especially since they offer larger screened devices now), Seamless intergration into exchange/productivity applications so they could go after business professional as well, cloud services that back up user data and prefrences in a dynamic way that can used both online/offline, docking station that allows devices to connect to a gamut of asscessories...
            They have the means and resources but have executed properly. I'm not saying their devices are substandard, but when I look at the HTC trend, it seems like a fad and not building themselves to be the automatic choice for a new handset.

    • Cory

      Bretton Key you are seriously daft

      • Bretton Key

        Cory, thank you...I was shooting for a cross between zany and outspoken, but I'll take daft.

  • Itay Levy

    And they took it off the market

  • jadeboy7
  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Is anybody even going to watch the unveil event now? I mean, we literally know everything about the M8, there is no way there is something else hidden. Even the Google play edition has been announced already

  • Saiprasad Prabhu

    Link To The Apks Anyone ??