HTC's Robert Downey Jr. commercials were famously terrible, but maybe the company is going to get it right with a different A-list actor. The first commercial for the HTC One M8 features Gary Oldman saying "blah" a lot.

The commercial opens with a dark room and Gary Oldman sitting behind a desk. "Blah blah," he says. "Blah blah blah..." and so on. HTC is apparently relying on Gary Oldman being Gary Oldman. If nothing else it's going to get people's attention. It could show off the phone a little more, but this is a step in the right direction.

Here's commercial number two:

Ryan Whitwam
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  • olv

    basically One M7 with 2nd camera...

    • ralphwiggum1

      Basically last year's One with a larger screen, faster processor (latest for Android flagships), better speakers, smaller bezels, more comfortable to hold, improved front facing camera, updated (and improved) software, cool new flip case, and, yes, a 2nd camera (that performs nifty tricks).

      • olv

        No revolution. You got polished software, 2nd sensor and still 4mpix... Smaller bezels? Size is quite the same with this awful logo.
        No reason to upgradefrom M7 just because of SD600->801 and 2nd sensor. Still missing some features like fingerprint, camera shutter etc, instead they added double tap which was achievable by modifying kernel, just a marketing trick.

        And price, 700 for GE? What for? It's better to wait for Sense 6 update instead of wasting money.

        • Tay

          Changing your phone after one year is always a waste of money. It's all about how big of an interest you have in the field.

          The m8 does improve over the m7 in many ways. The curve and full Metal body is pretty sexy. Battery life seems much improved. And a lot of those motion features looks nice. The camera seem to offer some pretty nice editing modes that makes it compelling.

        • TylerChappell

          To call a lack of a fingerprint scanner a "missing feature" is kinda ridiculous. Since when did those become required features? Oh that's right, once Apple decided to do it, people began to arbitrarily pretend to care about it. It's not necessary, so it's really not a missing feature. Get over it.

      • KingofPing

        Some people are going to hate on it no matter what.


      • tim242

        Larger screen? The on screen buttons negate that. Not to mention, the Droid DNA had a full 5" display. Smaller bezels??? They are the same, black bar and all. More comfortable to hold? That is opinion. Flip case? That's reaching. 2nd camera is a gimmick. You brag about the improved front camera, while avoiding the fact that the back camera is the same shitty shooter.

        • ralphwiggum1

          I'm not saying it's a great phone, just that they made more changes than just adding a "2nd camera" from the original HTC One. But yes, side bezels are smaller due to the larger screen. More comfortable to hold is a "opinion" I've seen repeated in several hands-on and reviews. The flip case is actual a nice concept and functional to interact with the device (but irritating to take pictures I'm sure, like all flip cases).

    • Martin

      Now with two crappy cameras :-))

      • MITM

        blah blah blah blah

  • David Peterson

    That commercial could have been so much better. It wasn't funny. It wasn't interesting.

    As a matter of fact I can't think of many ways it could have been worse... nevermind:


    • Brandon Watkins

      Lol....im not sure which was worse...

  • TY

    This commercial may be quite effective, since curiosity is a very common in humans.

  • Antonio Joaristi

    i actually really like this commercial. Way better than the rdj shit

  • Antonio Joaristi


    • kali bred

      I'm wondering myself why every phone has to have fingerprint scanners now...I'm guessing because the iPhone did it its like a landmark kinda thing I'm happy without it that's just a convenience thing I guess ppl have become really lazy now a days to take a couple seconds to unlock their phone

    • TheSparks

      The HTC One(M8) doesn't have a fingerprint scanner does it?

    • Somedude

      The best fingerprint scanner is the one in the iPhone 5S

  • Joker

    Evening, Commissioner.

  • tdurden64111

    The last thing I want telling me about technology is an old man.

    • Antonio Joaristi

      This is no ordinary old man.

    • Se9f

      It's Gary Effing Oldman. Better him than some pasty skinny insecure twenty-something who has to have "The Next Big Thing".

  • Android Developer

    Ask the Internet?
    Wait, I thought now I'm on the Internet.
    What does it mean?

  • thump-thump-ba-dugga-dum-thump

    You wanna form an opinion, eh, then you get right down that market, geezer. Now why would you want to drop between a monkey and a bag of sand on this lot, when Fat Elvis is doin' knockoff HDC Ones two for a ton?
    Might as well 'ave hired your sister to hawk this, for all the impression this will make m8.

  • Bob G

    I can't tell if this is innovative, or inviting everyone to have headlines where the new HTC Blah Blah is blah blah blah.

  • http://galaxynote3tips.blogspot.com/ Martens Nkem

    What the hell is wrong with HTC, can't they come up with a convincing ad campaign. Why not show off what the phone can do

    • Hillcrest

      SMH. Better but still not good enough. Take a cue from Samsung. It's good they aren't making 20 different phones a year and putting out solid products, but marketing and hype is key. Ask the internet is "creative" but they BARELY show the phone. STill falls short although a better attempt than the "look at our speakers" crap from yesteryear.

  • SherryW

    Love Gary Oldman!
    So sexy

    • Lisa Mabrey

      Ugh... Good actor but this commercial is crap...and he comes off as arrogant. Also.... Sexy??? Never ever considered him sexy.

  • http://androidintvfilm.tumblr.com/ wade_county
  • master94

    So much for HTC getting better at marketing

  • formulaa7002

    HTC evo 4G LE was HORRIBLE...and although I like Gary Oldman as a, actor this commercial is pathetic. There was a slim chance I might try HTC again eventually before this ignorant commercial.