Link Bubble is already a pretty great app, but developer Chris lacy is apparently not content to rest on his laurels. There is already a Play Store beta program you can join to get the latest tweaks and features. Just a few steps and you're in.

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For anyone not aware, Link Bubble is an app that loads web pages in the background and stacks them up in a floating bubble. You can maximize the bubble at any time to check out the web page, then close, minimize, or share them. There is already a v1.03 update in the works, and you can check it out if you join the beta group here, then opt into the test. Here's what it currently includes.

  • Add ability to select default system launcher.
  • Increase time period required before "Close all" functionality kicks in when hovering over the Close bubble.
  • Improve FAQ visibility.
  • Add new entires to FAQ.
  • Many misc. stability fixes

Link Bubble is making use of the new split changelogs, so you'll always know what changes to expect in the beta version. This applies in the web Play Store and the phone app. Keep in mind the free version of Link Bubble is limited to a single app and bubble at a time.

[+Chris Lacy]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Kcls

    I have the free version but use it very little because of the 1 app limitation... is the $5 worth it?

    • Qwertyuiop

      i think if the price is $2 or $2.5 will be worth than $5 :)

      • http://www.ramdanih.blogspot.com/ Ramdanih Seven


    • Tucker

      Yes, not trying to start the debate whether $5 is too much for an app, but this is worth every penny. I have saved 17 minutes so far and I installed the app over the weekend. I am the type that opens links in a new tab on my pc and go through them one by one. This allows me to do the same on my phone while playing within another app.

    • Matthew Fry

      That depends. If you have don't have an older flagship it probably won't run that well. Personally, I find that it is awesome for avoiding the shitty back button behaviors.

      e.g. Before: Open Press, click a link that opens in Chrome, press back, the browser goes back, press back, the browser goes back. How the hell do I get back to Press? Whatever, I'll just pull up the recents.

      After: Open Press, click a link that opens in a fancy circle while I read the rest of the article. Click the fancy circle and look at link. Press back, it's gone and I'm at Press.

    • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio royblumenthal

      Definitely worth it for me. Reading the Android Police twitter stream, I currently have two bubbles open... This current page about Link Bubble, and the last of apps from the last few weeks.

      As soon as I get to the apps story, I reckon I'll have a good 5 or 6 bubbles open.

      It's a brilliant app, and well worth every cent of the US$5 price tag.

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      Depends very much on your financial status.
      Does five bucks make the difference between having food on your table or not? Then for sure it's not worth it.
      Don't you mind spending a hundred bucks for a nice dinner out? Then buy it.

      • http://gaplauche.com/ Geoffrey Allan Plauché

        Anyone who can afford an Android phone and the accompanying cellphone bill shouldn't have to decide between buying a $5 app and putting food on the table.

  • WORPspeed

    They need to introduce bookmark widgets.
    I have a facebook bookmark widget for chrome (since I hate giving all the permissions to the FB app) but it loads quite slowly....would prefer if it it opened in a bubble and it can wait for me to click it when it is done loading

  • Bruno Palaoro

    How to make it work with Falcon Pro? When I click a link it always expand the tweet.

    • Max

      Falcon Pro doesn't have option for directly clicking URLs from the timeline, so it won't work

      • Bruno Palaoro

        You're right, but in first and second image it really seens as it worked, eheheh.

    • http://gaplauche.com/ Geoffrey Allan Plauché

      See if you can turn off Falcon's internal browser and/or enable clicking on links in the timeline.

      • http://gaplauche.com/ Geoffrey Allan Plauché

        Talon has these capabilities, for example.

  • NRGZ28

    Anybody know the name of the widget that's display the system stats on the last screenshot ?

  • Wilson Lim

    YES! been waiting for this <3

  • cabbieBot

    i'm all over this, bring it on!

  • Matthew Fry

    1.03 beta is lookin' good. He's testing some feedback from everyone in there and I think it's an improvement. He said he wasn't happy with the way the Action Launcher G+ community went but I've really enjoyed it. It's pretty much the only reason I go into G+ these days except occasionally to check up on what Chris is up to. Google groups feel so old.

  • melhiore

    Note 3, Chrome browser. Installed, configured to intercept from Chrome, does not work, removed... I would pay $5 but it would require this app to actually do something...

    • http://gaplauche.com/ Geoffrey Allan Plauché

      I don't think it's meant to intercept from another browser.

      • http://eichefam.net/ Paul

        It's not. Chris Lacy has even said so.