Today's the day T-Mobile makes the Galaxy S5 available for pre-order, following closely behind AT&T and US Cellular. Eager customers are now welcome over at the carrier's website, where they can call dibs on a Galaxy S5. No one will be charged until the devices are actually shipped, but the handset will go for $660 upfront or $27.50 a month for twenty-four months.


T-Mobile's prices closely match those of AT&T, though its full retail price is $10 pricier than the latter. Both are delivering the device on its April 11th launch date, so anyone who pre-orders now will have nearly three weeks to wait. The anxiety can be rough, but at least there will be one unit lying around with your name on it.

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 pre-order

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Ishimaru

    The prices of these phones are just ridiculous. Almost $700? :(

    • Somedude

      You are right my friend. This is no iPhone how can it cost the same. This is inferior. Shamesung aka samesong sucks. Ewwwwwww. This phone is bad business people don't buy it.

      • MJ

        Dude, troll much? I am not a fan of the Samsung S5 but it has a bigger display (and HD), twice the memory, and a better camera (higher MP and 4k recording) then the iPhone 5S but still the same price??? Sounds like a deal... Everyone knows Apple has a higher markup then any other phone manufacturer and people are just paying for the brand.

        • Somedude

          Twice the memory doesn't mean better performance. iPhone is always faster and smoother than shamesung aka samesong. And about the camera, higher mpx doesn't mean better quality. You are the typical ignorant person who thinks more numbers = better. Very ignorant my friend

          • MJ

            Wow! Did you even read my post before calling me ignorant, boy? I never said anything about the Samsung S5 out performing the iPhone 5s now did I? Not that there are any real benchmarks out yet for the S5 vs the 5s... The iPhone should be smoother then the typical Android hero phone since pushing a smaller display at a lower resolution. The slight preference gain for a smaller screen is not a trade off really interested in personally myself.

            The point I made (will spell it out for you) was the two most expensive parts of a phone, the memory (2x more) and display (bigger) are on the Samsung yet the price is about the same as the iPhone. Once again, iPhones have the highest margins so you are basically paying the difference for the Apple logo.

            Oh, you are right MP on a camera means nothing but... Samsung did improve things like the auto focus speed, LED flash, etc. and once again there is no camera photo quality reviews yet for the S5 vs. the 5s.

            Why did you write "shamesung aka samesong" like I would care? Hint - I stated don't like the Samsung S5.

            and... You should have read my comments below where mention I own a Nexus 5 and think it is the best value for a phone out there still which has nothing to do with it's specs.

            Damn, I should not feed the trolls...

          • Somedude

            There are benchmark comparing iPhone 5s vs note 3 and iPhone wins. This sgs5 is 6 moths newer than iPhone 5s... It should be a little bit faster.

            about the price, you are not considering the cost of developing an so. Because android is developed by google, and developing touchwiz is not as difficult as developing a complete so. And also, the materials, iPhone have better construction quality and better materiales... And finally, iPhone is a part of the apple ecosystem, which in today's days is the best ecosystem. So in samsung you are basically paying cheap plastic as it was premium aluminum material...

            Apple also improves it's camera, like for example double led with different tones in color (apple was the first company in doing this, and now there comes the copies...)

            And about the nexus, I think there are the best android phones... So nothing to discuss there... Shamesung aka samesong sucks! iPhone & Nexus RULES

          • MJ

            Are you the same Somedude who started this "conversation"? Thanks for changing your tone but your still wrong. :-)

            I did a quick Google search and the Samsung's S4 cost of materials per phone is about $235ish and Apple's 5s is little over $200. End of argument which costs more and...

            You are really comparing the cost of Apple's aluminum body vs Samsung's plastic body? Granted the iPhone's body is nice but I am going to guess the cost difference is like $5 tops. Do a little reaseach of the price differences between different screen sizes and memory modules.

            Of course, cost is only part of the equation in determining the price of your product. You still haven't addressed the fact Apple's margins are so much greater then Samsung's. Why? You pointed out Samsung does not have to devolop the OS (Android) and Apple does (iOS) but... Samsung does develop Touch Wiz and a bunch of custom apps. Did you forget the App store? That is a huge revenue source for Apple which Samsung has nothing comparable... Sorry, Apple could drop the price of the iPhone like $100 and still make more money then Samsung.

            Now, back to the original point... How is it, the Samsung S5 is about the same price as Apple's 5s?

          • Somedude

            I repeat, developing touchwiz and customs apps is not as difficult and expensive as developing a complete so. And apple also have tons of apps like the suite iLife & iWork which are free on the App Store by the way...

            About the prices, both companies could decrease the price and still make profit, but everyone has it's own interest, they will not decrease the price unless the market force them to do it (well samsung does decrease the price after a few months, and that is to keep the the sales high, apple don't need to do that)... And as I say before, iPhone is part of the apple ecosystem, which is in today's days the best ecosystem... That's a very important reason for people who have other apple devices, specially those who have made an investment in App Store apps... Don't underestimate the importance of apple ecosystem....

          • Jon

            Not sure why you say Apple's is "the best ecosystem". Frankly, that depends upon the user. Apple's ecosystem is no more than a way to lock users into their products with their cloud. Fact is, since Jobs died, Apple is now the follower and not the followee (see phablet category). When was the last time Apple released any product that made you say "wow" like the iPad or original iPhone? Nobody in their right mind who has actually researched and used a Note 3 would try to compare an iPhone to it as far as functionality. WiFi calling, multiple windows, note taking...iPhone does none of this. Funny how Apple brainwashers always talk about "durability". Who the F cares? I've dropped and shattered two iPhones. I have MacBook, iPhone, iPad and can't wait to dump this outdated iPhone for a much more advanced Samsung. WiFiJust reading your nicknames for Samsung shows that you are speaking out of your homerness for Apple. Look at both devices in depth and form an honest opinion like I did...if you're not a complete fucking moron, you will switch.

    • Chris

      You would be surprised (and thankful) if you saw the price tag in other countries.

      • RKSoni

        At much low price, Oppo's Find 7 smartphone is the best choice..... telecomvibe(dot)com

    • MJ

      This is not buying the phone out right (which should be cheaper) but a payment plan which are ripoffs...

      • Kevin Mills

        T-Mobile is 0% interest, so it's literally the cost of the phone divided by 24.

        • MJ

          WRONG...the fact it's 0% interest is irrelevant when others will be offering the phone out right for less. You really think T-Mobile or anyone doing payment plans will be offering the best price on the phone?

          • Kevin Mills

            best price for a new T-Mobile branded S5 with Wi-Fi Calling and 1700MHZ HSPA+ bands? yes, yes they do.

          • MJ

            The best price on pre-order and before anyone else is really offering it
            to buy out right yet? I guess technically you are correct. You do realize
            this phone will be offered $100 cheaper paying up front like a month after the release date yes? ...and no contract.

          • Kevin Mills

            That has nothing to do with this being a ripoff... that's the price of being an early adopter.

            T-Mobile doesn't do a different price for paying outright, it's literally the price in 24 payments. and the only other place that actually sells high-end T-Mobile devices is Costco, and I can guarantee it won't be significantly cheaper.

          • MJ

            Ok, this conversation has jumped the shark... Sorry, anyone who buys any phone (pre-order or on the release date), on a contract, not on a prepaid plan is paying to much. I didn't say ripped off...feel better?

            Early adopter? Maybe you need a better wrong there... What new technology is in a S5 (that is not fluff) that is not already available in any other current phone out? Hell, I could make the argument it's only the third best phone being release right now (after Sony's and HTC's offering).

          • Kevin Mills

            T-Mobile is no contract. I can either pay the outright cost or pay it off in up to 24 payments.

            As someone who has played with the S5, its remarkably better than the S4. The hardware feels better, the health apps are actually going to appeal to much of the general public, and the skin is significantly lighter (granted it's still no Nexus 5 in that department).

            The HTC One and Z2 are still bloated, much like the S5.

          • MJ

            Ummmmm I hope no one is taking 24 months to pay the full price. $300 for a two year contract would be a lot better...

            The S5 is better then the S4? Good to know! /s I was saying don't see the advantage of getting a phone right when it's released and that you using "early adopter" was the wrong word.

            Maybe I am spoiled with my Nexus 5 (not the best phone but still the best value) on a $30 T-Mobile pre-paid plan. No contract, no carrier branding, and stock Android with new updates first...

          • RKSoni

            But I don't get why Best Buy offer it at $229.99 on AT&T network whereas AT&T itself accepting pre-order at $199.99 ? but overall, T-Mobile has best deal visit telecomvibe.com

          • Jon Lamkin

            RKSoni, Add $500 to that and you have the real price without the plan and buying it out right. Meanwhile you are LOCKED in to a 2 year plan with AT&T. With T-mobile there is no plan as you are paying full price on the phone divided by 24 months with no contract. If you want to leave T-Mobile and you still have payments left then you will have to pay the remainder off.

          • RKSoni

            You are right, T-Mo has the best deal among all these sellers !!! >>>>> telecomvibe(dot)com

          • William Thomas

            Kevin Mills your funny..

          • Peter Oliver

            Where is the phone available for less outright?

    • USiT

      I would do anything to have that price in Sweden.
      Did a pricerun on it on sites/stores in Sweden and the price upfront is ~ $998

      If you buy it at Tele2 with free calls, free SMS, free MMS and 1GB* surf the cost will be $66/month (you must sign up for 24 months) and if you change to 10GB* surf it will cost $97/month (you must sign up for 24 months)

      * on 4G if possible otherwise max speed on 3G

    • kdub

      Phones been these prices for years if you buy out of contract. Nothing new.

  • Severo Rivera

    To much money.

    • joe


      • Severo Rivera

        Big deeeail.

  • Tisaart

    dat plastic

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile rep told me we are not allowed to use our JUMP on pre orders
    We have to wait till lunch date if we wanna use JUMP
    Also overheard them talking bout the bulletin they have for tmobile workers sayin lunch date is the 11th of April but pre orders will ship before that date

    • Guest

      im a TMO rep and you can use jump on pre orders. The issue is when processed this way is that you have to send your device in to tmobile(instead of in store redemption) yourself within 14 days of processing the pre order...do the math that leaves you a couple days with a device if done before 2 weeks before release.

      • Stephanie Stewart

        Responding to the TMO Rep I just tried to pre order the GS5 in the East Brunswick, NJ store and to no avail I was not able to use my jump plan TMO was saying that they just received an update saying that there was a problem for jump participants to pre order the GS5 so ur are WRONG

        • Corey McQueen

          Dude. He said you can't do it in the store. Read.

        • JB

          I just did it yesterday using my JUMP!. You can *ABSOLUTELY* do it in store. They process your order via direct fulfillment. The associate will look over your current phone, quote you for it and then get your credit card info. This is the part where the associate seemed lost (I think because he was a newer employee) When the order is processed, you'll receive an email to electronically sign your EIP agreement as opposed to the paper you sign when you JUMP! to a device in stock at the store. He was on the phone with customer care for like 20 minutes when I could've been well on my way. LOL.

          When you get your new phone in the mail, you send the old one back with the included pre-paid label. The associate told me 30 days, but I've always known it to be 14 (unless it's the state I live in now or something) but hopefully you got yourself squared away by now! :-)

  • Mystery Man

    So it's not going to be cheaper -_-

  • boobster

    I would pay $660 for a Note 4.

  • Daniel

    at&t phones ship out on the 8th of April, hence youll get the device before the launch date on the 11th or on the date... Tmobile wont ship them out until the 11th

  • joe

    and the difference between the S5 and S4 is what?

  • reAl Upgrade

    Why they allowing iphone fanaticz here and talk crap... lol! This is all about newest tech and how can everything be so easier, I'll buy it cause I see a lot of things that other phones doesn't have. Smart people thinks what they buy first and not because of their pride and hatred to their competition. All I needed are in this phone. Just don't hate, be smart ;-)