The Galaxy S5 is on its way. AT&T, US Cellular, and T-Mobile all have pre-orders available, so people can call dibs without waiting for the device's April 11th launch date to arrive. Now as Samsung prepares the phone for its simultaneous launch in over one hundred countries, the first official firmware has made its way online. This one is for the Chinese variant of the SM-G9009D, and it's available for download over at SamMobile. We can expect the firmware for other countries to also start appearing in the days ahead.

With this code in hand, some users may be able to extract apps, images, sounds, and other files. The folks at SamMobile have already gotten their hands on S Voice and placed it up for download.


This joins the several other updated Samsung apps that have already leaked onto the web, including the Galaxy Gear and Gear Fit managers, S Note, and WatchON. Users still need a Samsung device to enjoy the software, but at least this cuts down on the wait.

Source: SamMobile: [1],[2]

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Kylecore

    Let the ports begin!

  • Kostas

    We need RIngtones, alarms etc. :3

    • dandroid13

      Most of them are the same.

    • Somedude

      This shamesung aka samesong phone sucks. This is bad business people. Don't buy it. Wait for the iPhone 6. It will be the best 2014 smartphone.

      • Jazznax

        You're wrong. Apple won't change much with the iPhone 6. Maybe a slightly bigger screen but nothing like the gs5. Samsung will trump crapple any day. Period.

        • Somedude

          You are crazy. Did you just forget apple has been number one in profit the last couple of years? And samsung has been in second place because they are the one who copy apple the most. So, it shows that apple style is the best.

          • RKSoni

            But who offers best deal of S5 ? telecomvibe(dot)com

          • Mike Saleh

            They're number one in profit because they mark up their prices really bad. Galaxy s5 and note 3 have more technology built-in so they're automatically going to Cost more to build but they don't sell it for the same price as the cheaper to build phone that's selling for the same $750 that the note 3 goes for. That's why they're number one in profit.

        • msp252

          the iPhone 5s already beats the s4 and s5 you heard of it's 64-bit processor samsung doesn't have that. so the iPhone with a bigger screen and 64-bit will kill all the benchmark scores just like the 5s.

          • joey

            Not enough ram to take advantage of a 64 bit processor Snapdragon and exynos trump it

  • anon

    I... I like these new flat touchwiz apps. They follow the Google guidelines while still retaining some unique character. Am I literally Hitler?

    • Matthew Fry

      Figuratively, you are. Literally.

  • Matthew Fry

    I would just like a version of Google Now that doesn't crash when the Note 3 screen is off... I'm downloading S-Voice but... I'm not hopeful it will be a suitable replacement.

  • Eddie Hooper


    Firmware for an unreleased phone before I get working GPS or an update for my note 3. I am infinitely sad.

    • tim242

      If your Note 3 has GPS issues, it is a bad unit. A lot of my friends have it, and do not have GPS issues.

      • Eddie Hooper

        Wildly inaccurate. There is a very well known bug in the current software. Either your friends are fortunate, or they don't discuss their GPS woes with you at length.

        • tim242

          My boyfriend is sitting right next to me with his Note 3 in hand. It got a GPS lock in 3 seconds. He uses it with my Tracks to map hikes. Never an issue.

          • Eddie Hooper

            Fantastic. Your sample size of 1 is vast and proves me wrong. Excuse me while I ignore all the posts about it on XDA and my own personal experiences.

          • tim242

            I told you that I have many friends that have no issue with it. It's just the sample of one was all I have access to for testing right this second. I owned the Note 3 for a few weeks, before going back to my S4 (getting the S5). I had no issues either. The people with working GPS don't go to XDA to complain. If your GPS isn't working, you have a faulty unit.By the way, I work in a corporate cell phone carrier store. We haven't had any complaints. I'm sorry if that isn't enough for you to realize it isn't as widespread as XDA people make it seem.

          • Eddie Hooper

            I'm not going to sit here and link you to NUMEROUS websites (including this one) that have reported it. Move along.

          • tim242

            Nor did I ask you to link anything. It is a relatively small issue. You could easily swap it out. But you would rather complain about it. Your attitude says a lot about you. Get some fresh air.

          • Eddie Hooper

            Lmao. Whatever. I'm not the one picking fights on the internet.

          • tim242

            I simply reported to you that I have not seen the issue with any of the Note 3's I sell, or from friends that have them. You are the one that got defensive and picked a fight. It should be common sense that some devices have issues, while many others don't.

          • Andrew

            Just a heads up. I had many issues with the Note 3. Biggest piece of shit I have ever owned. I went back to a note 2 which ONLY has a GPS issue. This is my last Samsung phone, I only have it because of the unlocked bootloader on Verizon.

          • tim242

            When you call the Note 3 a pos, you lose all credibility. Users and reviewers rave about it. I owned the Note 2 for 7 months before getting the S4. I never had a GPS issue. The Note 3 is a beast. You only went back to the Note 2 due to the bootloader. You can be mad at Samsung all you want, but it is the carriers' fault.

          • Andrew

            Actually I only went back to the note 2 because:
            1) note 3 had worse battery life
            2) note 3 wouldn't connect call via Bluetooth (known bug, but it wasn't fixed before my trial period)
            3) note 3 had worse reception
            4) note 3 had to redraw every single widget on the screen due to lack of resources despite giving you 3gb of RAM out of the box
            5) Note 3 user experience didn't feel any faster to meme
            6) Note 3 took just OK photos in well lit areas. I had a huge problem with low light conditions when I took photos with it at a wedding.

            Did this sum up enough or are these bootloader problems?

          • tim242

            1. The battery life is only slightly less, due to display, and processor. The Note 2 has the Exynos, which is slightly more efficient.

            2. I only made 2 BT calls on the Note 3. It worked fine both times. Maybe I would have experienced the bug , if I would have had it longer.

            3. The reception was the same. My bf has no reception issues at all.

            4. You said every single widget. Widgets are resource heavy. Using too many on any device will yield the same problem. I only use one small widget for the temperature, so I don't have to deal with such issues.

            5. The Note 3 is wicked fast. But, so is the Note 2. We're on a plateau.

            6. The Note 3 takes better pictures than the Note 2. It even has an auto low light setting. That being said, no cell phone can get great low light pictures. The HTC One low light pictures are full of noise. Dedicated cameras have issues with low light as well. That's why they come with a blinding flash. The more light, the better.

            I can tell from your emphasis on boot loader, that it is your driving force. I don't even bother with it anymore. I just restored my S4 back to stock. When I get the S5, I may not even root it. I am definitely done with custom ROM's.

          • Andrew

            The Bluetooth bug was that you couldn't answer calls on Bluetooth, not make them. Considering I talk on my phone in my car 95% of the time and Verizon's horrible reputation for updating phones in a timely manor I returned it. The call quality issue was well documented on CDMA networks. Sprint had pushed an update to fix it before Verizon's version even launched but Verizon didn't update it for about a month after o returned it.

            Exynos is slightly better efficient???!! What?!!? You do realize that the snapdragon 800 uses 23nm core and exynos uses 45 making the opposite true.

            Considering widgets are what separates android from other platforms, they need to be there for quick reference. I don't have an issue with them drawing on my note 2.

            The ONLY thing I liked about the Note3 was SHealth.

          • tim242

            So what is your explanation of less battery life? Screen and processor are the only major changes.

            Widgets are not what separates Android from other platforms. It is one advantage to the few that use them. What separates Android from the rest is flexibility of the OS, like default apps, file system, etc. So you say your widgets don't redraw on the Note 2? Wouldn't that support my claim of the Exynos being more capable and efficient?

          • Andrew

            No that means that the note 3 is heavily bloated. How much free ram does your bf have with all his apps closed. Less than 1gb right? The nexus 5 has the same processor and 1 less GB ram and has no problems with the widgets redrawing on the screen every time.

            Considering most of my time with the note 3 was in airplane mode and I noticed the issue, quite a bit. I would say a few hours less a day. I leave my 10hr workday with about 50-60% on my note 2, it was around 30% on the note 3.

            Don't forget the SDcard is rendered useless in 4.4. That unlocked bootloader showed to be much more valuable than I originally thought at the time.

          • tim242

            He always has more than a GB free. I did not close any apps, just did a screenshot. It shows 1.1 GB free. See below. I doubt RAM is the culprit. He has no issues, but he doesn't use but one widget, with Nova. The SD card is not useless in 4.4, it just limits where apps can store files. Who knows why the Note 3 isn't as efficient as the Note 2. TW is heavy on both. After having the Note 2 for 7 months, then trying out the Note 3, my guess was the processor. The Note 2 never got warm like the Note 3 does. Oh well. I hope you find something you are happy with. Maybe a dev edition or GPE is in order.

          • Andrew

            Here was mine back in October

          • hot_spare

            Nope, you are absolutely wrong. it's not even funny. Don't shout if you have no clue what you talking about.

            "23nm core" ? WTH are you blabbering about? 1st, it's 28nm, not 23nm. And 2nd, it's about a manufacturing process or lithography.

            Exynos doesn't use any 45nm process at present, it was used way back in GS2 days. GS3/GN2 used 32nm Exynos Quad.

          • Andrew

            Excuse me, 28nm core vs 32nm. Point: There is no way the exynos is more efficient than the snap 800. It has a smaller battery and lasts much longer due to less shit being on device.

          • hot_spare

            Damn, I thought people commenting in these forums will be more knowledgeable.
            SOC used in GN2 uses 32nm process, but who told you that's the only factor for energy consumption? Do they use the same baseband or radios? same software? No, so how can you make such a simplified statement about SOC?
            And, I can show you that Exynos isn't any bad in efficiency.


            And here's the new Exynos result for 5422.

  • wickets

    where is the super fast reading app? Is it to good to leak??? lol

  • Stanley Chan

    Theres nothing new in the S5 rom. The same of the same of touchwiz in S4

    • tim242


  • Hunter

    Here is a Fast Mirror to the file on my server :) - http://sh.st/qFOcj

  • Hunter

    Here is a Fast Mirror to the file on my server :) - http://sh.st/qFOcj