Samsung really likes expandable storage. Pretty much every single Samsung phone and tablet out there includes support for MicroSD cards, and with today's Amazon Gold Box sale, you can take advantage of them. Amazon's one-day sale portal has heavily discounted Samsung MicroSD cards for sale, with dramatic discounts on both speedy cards and more economical options.


The "PLUS" MicroSD cards are the ones we'd recommend - they're considerably slower than the more expensive "PRO" models, but for expanded storage in a phone or tablet, you really don't need screaming speeds. At up to 48MB per second, these should be more than adequate for movies and music. The best deal of the lot is probably the 64GB PLUS Micro SDXC card, discounted by $19 to $35.99. Step down to the 32GB SDHC version for $17.99 (a $25 discount), or a more sober 16GB version for $9.99 ($12 off).

If you feel the need for speed, the PRO cards can read at up to 70MB/s. These are the ones you want if you have a phone or tablet with the capability to use apps and games from removable storage. The 64GB model is fifty bucks, exactly half off. The 32GB model is $24.99, an impressive $40 off. And the 16GB model is just $14.99, a full two-thirds discount.

All of the cards in today's sale come with the typical full sized SD card adapter, and Amazon Prime subscribers can get free two-day shipping and discounts if you want your stuff even faster. Photographers, there are standard SD cards on sale as well. Amazon's Gold Box deals are for one day only, and they tend to go out of stock quickly, so get your order in soon if you want one.

Source: Amazon Gold Box

Michael Crider
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  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    >_< I want this BUT I already have 32GB and I'm trying to buy an s5 out right....probably not the most sensible thing to do right now

  • cesium

    Reviews show that the Plus is just as fast as the Pro. See: http://www.storagereview.com/samsung_microsdhc_plus_series_review_mbmpbgb

    • wolfkabal

      "As noted though, we probably just got a bit lucky with a higher grade than normal component inside." - debatable, but still seem like great cards for the price.

  • Jephri


  • Jephri

    In case you missed it last time.

    • Carla Adam

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      ✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒✒✒.probably not the most sensible thing to do right now

  • _artem_

    Only for US pfffff, same card costs in German Amazon 90 EUR (100 bucks)

    • MrDivaNYC

      Maybe you should find some friends in the US who can order you one and you pay them thru PayPal for delivering it to you...

      • _artem_

        I'll have to pay postage taxes and all in all it will cost me over 70 EUR and couple of weeks until it's delivered. There are tons of another Samsung pro ad cards for 40-120 EUR with the same description but another letters in model number and without speed information

  • Sruly J

    This is one of those times where Amazon teases me with good deals, I have the gift card balance, but the only thing stopping me from getting them is that I don't actually NEED them...

  • Fin’l Analyst

    The price of obsolete technology often bottoms out.

    • RTWright

      This is not obsolete, your way of thinking is, but the technology isn't. Go back to your desk job at Google and let the adults play....

    • Dre

      Sd cards are still very useful, I have a 64GB pro for my tablet (Dell venue 8 pro) and its helped me a lot. For my phone (nexus 5) I use cloud storage for music and pics but for phones with sd card support it can save you money because you can buy the lowest storage model and add an sd card.

      • Matthew Fry

        I've long guessed that the system of 16/32 size models were priced such that the lesser size is slightly below cost and the larger significantly above cost. The reason being that they can snag the budget conscious at the lower price point and the recoup losses for those sales with the higher price point. If you give the user the option to buy a 64GB SD card for less than the upgrade from 16GB=>32GB you give little incentive to buy the more expensive model and you end up having to raise the price of the phone, further reducing your pool of potential customers.

  • Muhammad Najmi Mohd Amir

    That's why I love micro-sd slot ^^ Hahahah

  • Sean Lumly

    In other words, a modern Android smartphone can have about 100GB storage for 36 bucks.

  • John Smith

    I wish my Galaxy S4 had dual uSDcard slots ! Then I'd buy a second 64GB card

    • Falley

      But but but the Android OS aka Google Play Edition will become more confused.
      Even with one sdcard slot they already confused beyond repair..

  • Marcell Lévai

    I grabbed a 16GB one. Glad they ship to Hungary at last.

  • http://jefferai.org/ Jeff Mitchell

    Price on at least the 64GB pro micro has gone up since this was posted.