If you think that Samsung's new Galaxy TabPRO and NotePRO tablets are hilariously overpriced, you're in good company. As of today, that company includes at least a few people at Amazon and Best Buy. The new 8.4-inch, 10-inch, and 12.2-inch tablets have been given price cuts from $30-50 dollars. They're still really expensive, just slightly less so.


The cost for the Galaxy NotePRO (or Note Pro) 12.2 has dropped by $50 across the board, making the final price for the 32GB models $699.99 and the 64GB version $799.99. (Amazon's prices are 99 cents lower than Best Buy's, in some cases.) The equally massive TabPRO (Tab Pro) 12.2 gets the same $50 discount, now costing $599.99 for the standard 32GB model.

The more standardized TabPRO 10.1 drops $50, now down to an almost reasonable $449.99 for the 16GB tablet. And the TabPRO 8.4, the only one of these tablets that has actually turned my head, is down to $369.99. That's a savings of $30.


There are a couple of outliers: The Verizon Wireless version of the NotePRO tablet is $850 at Best Buy and $900 at Amazon without a contract; the LTE model doesn't appear to be discounted. Also, the white version of the TabPRO 10.1 is $613.24 at Amazon, a hair above the black version, for some reason. Amazon also lists the original price for the black version of the TabPRO at $479.99 - that's an error, the retail price at launch was $399.99.

We're seeing similar discounts at other online retailers like Newegg and TigerDirect, so this looks like a wide price drop by Samsung itself. I would expect to see the prices across most retailers equalize over the next week or two.


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Michael Crider
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  • jmwils3

    The notePro 10.1 and 8.4 that you reference do not exist, and judging from your links to the tabPro, that's what you meant.

    • http://thegumshoe.com/ Michael Crider

      Yup. Thanks for that straightforward naming scheme, Samsung.

      • jmwils3

        as a personal user of the note 10.1 2014 edition, I agree. We may have gotten our tablets earlier with equal specs, but the lack of kitkat is more than a little frustrating.

        • Nick

          10.1 2014 here wondering where the hell KitKat is as well. Especially having the Wifi edition, I'm wondering what is taking so long. No carriers to get in the way... What's the hold up here?

    • Somedude

      I think the best tablet for fun and regular work are the iPads. And for professional and hardcore work, surface pro 2.

      • mustbepbs

        Do you feel the need to say this in every Samsung tablet article?

  • Mystery Man

    Why does Tab pro 8.4 not have a stylus. When will note 8 2014 come out?

    • mustbepbs

      That's the million dollar question, unfortunately.

      • astonmechael

        Also available this week is the world's first Octa-Core Tablet - the Pipo T9 - 8.9" ($277) - with the new 8-Core Mediatek MT6592 - 2.0 GHz CPU - 2GB/32GB with performance comparable to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 -- other premium features include an 8.9" 1920x1200 HD display, 5MP front and 13 MP AF rear cameras, WiFI, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, HDMI and MicroSD; and also offers a 7000 mAh battery (up to 9 hours active use), Android 4.3 and Google Play; plus a 3G HSPA+ SIM card slot (with both Internet/Voice Calls capability) to use with GSM Carriers worldwide, including AT&T, T-Mobile & Straight Talk.

        One of the first sources the Ramos and Pipo tablets are available through is -- iProTablet co m--

    • astonmechael

      One new tablet launching this week that also makes for a great deal is the Ramos i10 Pro ($399) - Hybrid Android / Windows 8.1 and is the first tablet with both operating systems and offers a 10-inch 1920×1200 HD display and powered by an Intel Baytrail Z3770D processor - 2.0 GHz- 2GB/64GB Storage and 8,000 mAh battery.

      A 12" tablet similar to the Samsung 12-inch also launches this week - the Ramos i12 ($339) – offers Android 4.3 O/S, a 12-inch 1920X1200 HD screen display and powered by an Intel Z2580 2.0 GHz processor; along with Bluetooth 4.0, MicroSD storage and 10,000 mAh battery--

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Waiting for a kickass 8.X" tablet announcement. That's my NEXT.

  • Bob Hart
    • mustbepbs

      I can't even imagine if they tried to launch a refresh to the Tab series right now. They have way too many tablets as it is.

    • Nick

      No, they just launched these in the last few months. It's Samsung's usual schtick of gouging early adopters. They do this with all of their high end electronics.

  • Wazzifer

    Now cut the Note Pro by $250 so I can justify getting it. Oh wait, that'll never happen. Oh well.

  • Mark atVodafone

    What really annoys me is that you can get the new Tab Pro for $450 but in the UK it costs £450. $450 is £277. Why such the huge difference? :-(

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      US prices do not include tax, which is different in each state, so you'll actually pay something like $500.
      But the import tax in US is lower, so if you can fly to US to buy stuff - absolutely do it.

      • Dinsy Jones

        And that'd be around £300, not £450. The UK prices are simply ridiculous.

  • Retsu Unohana

    but but... It has $800 of included software. /s

  • Seahorse57

    My question and statement is, there was a choice with the first version with capacity size and version 2 you give no choice, as well as the smallest capacity, and why only the 12" gets the choice