Sprint is joining the ranks of carriers that will take your cash for the promise of delivering a Galaxy S5 to your door next month. The device can be obtained in two ways on the Now Network – $199.99 (after a $50 mail in rebate) with a contract, or $0 down and monthly payments with Easy Pay.

2014-03-21 10_43_34-Samsung Galaxy S5_ Get the latest Galaxy Phone from Sprint.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 on Sprint will have support for Sprint's new Spark tri-band LTE, but market availability will vary. Sprint is also running a promotion if you buy a GS5 and start a Framily plan. Do that and you can get a free Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 on a 2-year contract. Yeah, not the best deal considering it's an on-contract tablet that usually sells for $50, but free is free. 

Like the other carriers, Sprint will try to ship your GS5 so it arrives on or around the April 11th launch. Bonus: there doesn't appear to be any Sprint branding on the device (assuming the promo image is legit).

[Sprint Galaxy S5]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Somedude

    Ewwwwwww shamesung sucks. Don't buy a somesong phone. Bad business people

    • Jacob Martin

      Who can argue with facts like that?

      What phone should we get?

      • Somedude

        You should get: iPhone, nexus, htc, sony, lg. shamesung aka samesong is the last option. Unless you are buying refrigerator or tv.

        • Jacob Martin

          iPhone - I don't want to be one of those people, but been thinking about getting one for my secret line. Screen is too small, which is why it would be idea on a line I don't use. Great battery life, and support.

          Nexus 5 - Bad camera utilization, I take a lot of pictures, no micro sd, I could go on.

          HTC - Their lack of sales are due to many reasons. I do like their new commitment in terms of warranty. After market firmware is not as available as it would be on a Samsung device. Their last camera effort was admirable but delivered less than optimal images.

          Sony - Their new phones are too square, otherwise its a compelling device. That can be a bit of a hassle to carry.

          LG - Lacks consumer understanding. Their last phone had so much bloatware FROM LG. It was so bad the carrier almost did not have the space to put more. LG software nags, their camera utilization could be much better. Optical Stabilization was very nice, and screen quality was good as well. But their last phone was such a hassle to use.

          • TY

            But recent phones from Samsung are also getting very squared, and the amount of bloatware is similar to LG's. The HTC One has received quite a lot of developer support as well.

          • Jacob Martin

            They might be getting square, but are not there yet. Samsung also packs extras, like a year of extra space from dropbox. LG's bloatware nags, like the pop up when you get a new Android phone, only they can not be turned off. It's easier to forget something you can not see. Samsung has also been ordered to make that bloatware removable for UK compliance. HTC has traditionally received developer attention, but their help won't fix hardware issues, that HTC sometimes refuses to admit.

          • MicroNix

            I'm pretty much in agreement on your assessments. The S5 looks to be the best all around deal so far for 2014. I don't trust Motorola enough to buy into anything from them at the moment due to bad past experiences and the fact they still don't seem to have a decent camera. LG is close to a win for me but I didn't realize there was naggy bloatware on it. I'd highly consider the new Sony if it came to VZW but that's not looking good. The iPhone....I'd rather slit my wrists than type of that puny screen. Even if the 6 comes with a larger screen, I find it way to limiting and plain (I have a 5c for work).

          • Jacob Martin

            I think Motorola will be in good hands with Lenovo. Lenovo makes the best in business laptops(with great keyboards). The iPhone is the best *simple* smartphone. It's not for me, for the same limiting reasons, as well as not wanting to be associated with the people who traditionally use it. HTC isn't changing the way they do support & warranty out of the kindness of their hearts, its because of traditionally bad support.

          • Somedude

            What do you mean when you say "not wanting to be associated with the people who traditionally use it"? Please explain yourself would you?

            Oh and by the way, speaking like that shows you are kind of a insecure person...

          • Jacob Martin

            I mean that many, not all, but of those people use that phone(iPhone)because its simple, because its safe. Safe in that they can almost guarantee to them selves that the phone will always work the same way, no matter what is new about it. I like learning new things, and have a complex lifestyle to go with it. Until more recently an iPhone user could not send the majority types of files. To be a iPhone user, is to almost say that your life fits in a box. I am not satisfied with mediocre(normal), I have never wanted to be normal. It's boring to me, that is not to say normal is not right for some people, but the iPhone is normal. It's not a bad thing necessarily, it's just not for me. Apple is a fantastic company once you get to know them. They are very environmentally responsible, they give back to open source, as well as donate a ton.

            The hardware on the Galaxy S5 is much better, in my opinion than the older dated hardware on the iPhone.

            "Oh and by the way, speaking like that shows you are kind of a insecure person..."

            Umm by the way, speaking like that shows you are a judgmental person that needs to put people in their places as you see fit. According to this logic anyone that does anything for them selves are insecure people. If I were to get the gold iPhone 5S, there is nothing to say about me, I guess?

            If I was insecure I would not stand up against scrutiny and just get an iPhone, with an Mac Book to go with it. I would drive a conventional car, or no car at all since I live in NYC. This is all funny to me from somebody that started this whole thread with "Ewwwwwww shamesung sucks. Don't buy a somesong phone. Bad business people"

            A person that would use the term SHAMEsung is obviously trying to make others feel a certain way about their popular purchase.

          • Somedude

            It looks you don't know the jailbreak community am I right? Because all your first paragraph have no sense if you are considering jailbreak (which I am sure, you would love to do it, it's similar than root)...

            About hardware, the specs are not the most important thing Iin today's gadgets. Software optimization is more important, and yes... The apple software is wayyy more optimized than samsungs. How can you explain that nexus 5 or iPhone 5s are more fast with inferior processor for example? Software optimization

            I am judgmental? I think you should read what you say before again "the people who traditionally use it" I think that's judgmental as well, and what's wrong with the gold 5S? Another judgmental phrase of yours?

            I think an insecure person would not buy a gadget because he/she is afraid of what people would think of him/her if they see them using that particular gadget, that's why I say you sound a little bit insecure...

            And yes, shamesung is a perfectly name for a company with the tons of bad practices samsung has...

          • Richard

            Hahahahaha..... fanboy here is funny. You want to talk about 'bad' practices yet you're pimping Apple. What a laugh.

          • Somedude

            Yep. In bad practices samsung is the worst of the worst.

          • Somedude

            Besides why you talk about the gold iPhone 5S and say nothing about the crappy gold sgs5?.... You are hypocrite

          • Somedude

            If you want official support then apple is the way to go my friend...

          • PRAFTD

            Sorry, but anyone who constantly calls Samsung things like "shamesung" and "samesong" isn't worth listening to. All this shows is that your immaturity and personal bias poisons your thoughts and opinions to the point that they aren't worth a second glance.

            And this is coming from someone who doesn't even really like Samsung products.

          • Somedude

            Too bad because every company use Chinese labors. Buying a samsung gadget is bad business.

          • Somedude

            When you say "one of those people" what do you mean? Do you have something against people with iPhones?

            Btw, funny you talk about lg bloatware, because shamesung aka samesong is very know because it's redundant bloatware.

          • cellabonez

            i guess you never owned a sony to know you will hold a unique design to every phone they ever made , even steve job admitted that, and not like the rest ( samshit)

    • hot_spare

      Just like this review found that this device has the best batterylife in a smartphone.

      • TY

        I think he is referring to Samsung's bad business practices, like astroturfing to bash competitors (discovered in Taiwan), bad working conditions for employees (there's even a film for that), basically controlling South Korea etc...

        Also I would like to know where the table comes from.

        • Bama Progressive

          Yeah and Apple, htc, etc are all the same. He's kidding himself if he thinks differently!

          • Somedude

            Shamesung aka samesong is the worst. Ewwwwwww

          • Bama Progressive

            Seriously? My four year old uses bigger words. Lol. So what phone company is the model employer? None is.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Forget that crappy Nexus you have it has poor battery life, crappy camera and one of the dullest handsets ever...

      • squiddy20

        And that is your opinion, not an empirical fact.

      • lolpekas

        Yo yo yo samsung fanboy nexus is wayyy better than samsung. Go fix your bloatware

  • Jacob Martin

    Who can argue with facts like that?

    What phone should we get?

  • DatDoe

    Meh... I'm happy with my recently purchased LG G2.

  • Kevin Kohrman

    I will be upgrading to the S5 from the S3. Price is right then why not. My S3 has been a great phone. I will just root the S5 when root comes avaliable. Then I have no bloat ware.

  • http://poshhub.com/ Phone Source

    Sprint needs to sell those Galaxy S5 badly because the latest financial news revealed that Sprint is losing money.

  • Jeremy Wielopolski

    So, is this going to be the 16GB variety? I haven't seen one way or the other any carrier stating if they're offering the 32GB model. I'm on Sprint, I'm not leaving, but 16GB is a deal breaker for me if I can get an HTC with 32 (I'm kinda a HTC slappy, I've only owned EVOs). I'd be willing to switch and pay the premium for more space, but like I said, I haven't seen boo from anyone.

    • Brand Ambassador

      you can always expand the memory up to 64GB aside from the 16GB that it already brings.

      • PRAFTD

        The S5 expands up to 128GB using a micro SD.

    • Bama Progressive

      Samsung galaxy s are much better than evos. Trust me. Not even close. Functionality great/crashing non existent. Dont need 32gb when you can have a 16gb with 64gb sd card. Don't see where it would make any difference. I haven't used but 6 o r 8 of my 16 abd hasn't skewed down a bit. If you need movie storage, just use sd, imo

      • Jeremy Wielopolski

        The 16GB on my EVO is pushed to full with a 64 sd. I hope to do more with the new device, using more space. I already plan on loading a 64GB sd in the thing. I've never had problems with my EVOs that couldn't be traced back to whatever rom I was using. I've always used Sense-based roms, and I'm quite excited about Sense 6 to be honest. I've got a Galaxy Tab 2 7 that I love, and I'm quite alright with the TouchWiz UI. I guess I'll just see what the official M8 announcement brings next week and wait a month to see what storage Sprint offers on each device.

        • Bama Progressive

          I think maybe I got in on the EVO kick too soon and didn't wait long enough for the stable ROMs to come out. I just remember mine being really glitchy, but as I said, I'm guessing they have greatly improved it in the last couple of years.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Tmobile showing Sprint the way...Great idea on there part to join this way of conducting business.

  • Anthony Johnson

    I have Galaxy S4 which is wireless charging compatible and I am not interested to buy Galaxy S5 just because of little add on features
    like Touch-wiz, and only 0.1 inch screen bigger then Galaxy S4 . Only feature which I
    like is water resistant body. Apart from that, I find nothing much impressive in
    this device.

  • Ralph

    You know what if you like CRAP APPLE go buy the Fu;;;;;;ing thing i thought this was a galaxy s 5 thread ..we like Samsung products stop bashing eachother go to apple ihpone thread and stay the fu;;;;;off samsung threads if you have nothing good to say ...i stay off crapapples theads see ya

    • Somedude

      lol it looks you have something with the glorious iPhone. I mention a lot phones and iPhones and you just read iPhone. I love how you are so crazy about apple ;). Relax shamesung aka samesong is apple biggest fan, so everything apple made, samaung will copy and you can have it... Eat an apple!

      • Ralph-denise Rosema-hawkins

        I have had galaxy from the start .I had the first galaxy Captivate and that was top of the line phone back then loved it and I will never buy anything but samsung .it has never let me down and I can't wait for the S5… just like you can't wait for the iphone 6 so you eat the apple. I don't want it

        • sprint-newguycustomer

          This somedude guy sounds really immature. Sounds like some young teenage writing. im 20 and have better writing than him lol. this is a S5 thread. stop bashing it and go somewhere else to hate on it. I have pre ordered this as i am a current iphone 4S owner. and im loving what the phone offers so far.

          • Ralph

            good choice you wont regret it

          • Lako

            You will regret it. iPhone 6 will be the best phone of 2014. If I were you I will wait for iPhone 6

        • Somedude

          Well well well not everybody can have good taste. You don't have good taste. Enjoy your bloatware and your poorly optimized so. I will enjoy the glorious App Store, the simplicity, the great design and materials, a better camera than the one shamesung aka samesong use... And I will have a phone that integrated perfectly in the best ecosystem in today's days, the apple ecosystem (mac, ipad, iPhone, Apple TV) no one can match that and it works perfectly, with at least 3 years of official support for future so updates. Ohh yeahhh I will enjoy my iPhone 6 when it comes out... YEAHHH. I will go and read appleinsider a little while... Enjoy your bloatware! HAHAHAHAH

          • Ralph

            if thats what you think ..i can go on and on how much the s5 is so much better than the i phone but you are set in your ways and me in mine im like the galaxy and you like iphone so stick with what you like and i will stick with what i like so go eat an apple

          • Somedude

            iPhone is better than shamesung aka samesong phone. I like eating apple it's healthy. Do you know what isn't healthy? Eating bloatware! HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

    • Somedude

      lol it looks you have something with the glorious iPhone. I mention a lot phones and iPhones and you just read iPhone. I love how you are so crazy about apple ;). Relax shamesung aka samesong is apple biggest fan, so everything apple made, samaung will copy and you can have it... Eat an apple!

  • Jason Byrnes

    Having a 16gb phone nowadays is a major pain in the rear. Sure you can expand with an sd card but it better be the fastest one if you wanna do 4k video and moving apps and making things run on sd only is a pain. Install a few games and the space wars begin.. now 32 is awesome. You can install without playing memory games and try out those 2gb. Games without moving files around. It's always better to store apps where they originally want to save too.

    16gb is a deal breaker.

    • Anfronie

      So photos and videos can still be written to the SD card?

  • jhj

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  • HungTran

    Things are faster, nicer feeling, and easier to use, but it’s still a
    Samsung smartphone through and through, and will likely be just as
    successful if not more so than its predecessor. And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.