Astronomers can identify distant galaxies beyond the reach of our telescopes by the light they emit, focusing around other galaxies and stars closer to us. The developers of popular iOS game God of Light use some of the same (if somewhat exaggerated) gravitational properties of photons to craft an addictive and endearing puzzler. Observe:

In God of Light, you're a benevolent space being called Shiny, and the description is pretty apt. The point of the game is to get beams of light to their destination using a combination of mirrors, prisms, black holes, and other handy items that will transform and move rays of light 'round the game board and into the "Source of Life." (Remember that one scene with the mirrors from The Mummy?) That's all pretty simple, but it's the presentation that's worthy of attention: the only way to "see" around the level, and subsequently pick up the various baubles required to get the high score on each one, is to light them up with your frustratingly narrow beam.

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The no-rush pacing and soothing music put God of Light broadly into the "zen" subgenre, but anyone who's ever tried to work out a trick shot on a pool table should be able to find some enjoyment from this geometrical puzzler. The game is free, but offers in-app purchase "hints" in the form of fireflies that can better illuminate the levels. Sadly the game also features the odd advertisement too, but at least it's got Google Play Games support.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • someone755

    Must be some weird black hole if it bends light and doesn't suck up the stuff around.

    • pablo

      That's not how black holes work.

      • someone755

        Black hole = big bunch of gravity in a single point.
        Now unless the camera we view the game screen with is moving parallel to the things we're looking at (in a circle, with the black hole being the center of it), that could be the reason why we don't see things sucked up, IF they're moving with enough speed.

        • Crispin Swickard

          A black hole, or any large amount of mass from that matter can bend light. its called gravitational lensing. It might not be as clean, and precise as the game, but it is a thing.


          • someone755

            I know and it's pretty weird. xP For an explanation of what I wanted to say check my last response to Pablo...

      • someone755

        Though if I'm wrong I'll gladly accept the explanation, though that's what it mostly says in the 2 quantum mechanics books I've read.

        • pablo

          Must be some quite good books if they've managed to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity.
          Black holes don't go around 'sucking stuff up'. If you pass the event horizon you cannot then escape the gravitational field; but as long as something (eg light) doesnt get too close to it, it's path would be bent just like if it passed any other object with that mass. Indeed, if you replaced the sun with a black hole of exactly the same mass nothing would happen to the earth's orbit (although it would get a bit colder).

          • someone755

            I was also surprised but it sort of manages to connect the two. If you want I'll find the author and title...
            Anyways, I know about the event horizon, but a fact is that if a thing effected by the black hole's gravity was stopped it would go right in there, no matter the distance from the event horizon. That's what my point was, if the things in the game are so close to the black hole and are not circling around it, they would be sucked in...

    • kingdazy

      I can't figure out why you're bringing pedantry into your enjoyment of a mobile game.

      • someone755

        When I look at something my brain tends to just shoot random thoughts that don't seem connected at first but in a few seconds I realize it's all there.
        The next time you look at a building, see the colors, the choice of windows, what kind of texture the walls have, the height, any details on the outside etc. A wide view changes the view completely but it never distorts it.

    • Colin Richardson

      And in Minecraft you are able to hold 9x4x64 1m³ cubes of solid gold. It's almost as if these games are able to break the laws of physics for interesting game ideas. This should be banned..

      • someone755

        And on the internet, a guy makes a sarcastic comment involving physics and gets a dozen people back that want to argue.
        If it annoys you, downvote, you don't have to write a comment of your own.

  • kingdazy

    Another game I would gladly just pony up a couple bucks for to avoid adds and IAP. Sorry dev, uninstalled.

    • someone755

      At least it's not EA :P

    • Roger Siegenthaler

      Just pony up and buy the IAP to get rid of the ads (assuming that exists)

  • S_Dot

    Force closes on Nexus 5.

  • Sorian

    The game is technically a "Demo" It has IAP for the 2 additional maps, Just finished the first map.

  • Mayoo

    I like the game, but movement is not responsive and my N5 gets so hot I could cook an egg on it. Kindda weird for a puzzler, even with this quality.