Assist is one of the core apps that Motorola has dropped into the Play Store, which means it can be updated as needed. It's gotten a few tweaks already, and today another update is rolling out. This time it should make the meeting mode more useful for users with more than one calendar.

unnamed new meeting

The meeting mode in Assist will automatically silence the phone and auto-reply to messages (both optional) when you are in a meeting. This is automatic and based on your calendar appointments. With the new update, you can specify which calendar will trigger meeting mode. For example, you can keep your significant other's calendar on your device, but have only your calendar trigger Assist.

The update is live now in Google Play for anyone with the Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, Droid Maxx, or Moto X.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://usamaisawake.wordpress.com/ Usama Ahmad

    These Motorola programs are half the reason why I enjoy my Moto X. I love the driving assist.

  • http://www.jimmyday.com/ Jimmy

    Anyone know if the available / busy setting on events is honored? I fill my calendar with to-dos for the day and would hate for my phone to be silenced when I don't want it to be.

    • MeCampbell30

      It does. However, it will also silence your phone for available meetings if there is more than one person invited.

    • gtrNL

      Yes, works like a charm.
      I'm now so used to the meeting mode that when I put something into my agenda I just think 'do I need my phone silenced' and then dicide if I'm going with available/free. The actual meanings of those words are completly lost on me.

  • Raul Tovar

    Damn, still doesn't work with TouchDown email client

  • gazebo

    Can you get this app to work on a note 3?

  • Keith

    This doesn't work for me. You cannot choose the calendars, you choose the email. Imported or shared calendars don't show up, they are just lumped into your main email. Some of us don't use a work gmail.