We're lucky to have capable mobile browsers on Android these days, but the experience of poking around on the web is still flawed in a number of ways. You're often stuck bouncing between two or three redirects because of apps, mobile sites, and link shorteners. Then there's the fundamentally modal experience of only having one thing up on the screen at a time. The result is lots of wasted seconds waiting for links to actually resolve at the final destination. Link Bubble from Chris Lacy changes that by loading links in the background with an awesome floating browser. This app has finally launched, and here's what you can expect.

How It Works

Here's the scenario: you open a link from your Twitter client and it bounces you through the Twitter URL shortener, which adds a few seconds. Then you get to the page, but maybe that redirects again to a mobile version. Why stare at the loading screen while all that happens? With Link Bubble, the page starts loading in the background and you continue scrolling through the timeline until the content is ready. It simply pops up in a separate browser panel when all that junk is done. If a website is being sluggish, Link Bubble can save you even more time.

wm_2014-03-11 01.10.56 wm_2014-03-11 01.11.16 wm_2014-03-11 01.12.09

You can leave the page minimized and the bubble docks itself to the edge of the screen like a Facebook chat head. It can be dragged to any location that's convenient and left until you want to open it up. With the full version of Link Bubble, this works from any app and with as many simultaneous bubbles as you want. Simply tap or slide between the bubbles to switch pages. Tap one of the bubbles again to go back to minimized mode. With the free trial you have to specify a single app that will trigger Link Bubble and you only get one bubble at a time. One other nifty thing about the browser is that Link Bubble detects YouTube videos in pages and provides a quick link to the app in the action bar.

Link Bubble does more that just run a floating browser. Each time you drag the bubble around, a trio of drop points show up on the screen. The bottom location will close all open bubbles if you drop the stack on it, but the two appearing in the top corners are configurable. The default is Pocket reader (or Facebook if you don't have Pocket) on the left and the Android sharing menu on the right, but you can set them to any individual item from the system sharing menu.

As you're using Link Bubble, it keeps track of the amount of time you save on average, as well as how much has been saved overall. Those seconds really do start to add up. Link Bubble does all this without ANY special permissions, which is awesome. For the especially paranoid, there's an incognito mode that prevents Link Bubble from saving history.

But Does It Work?

There are a few different ways you can use Link Bubble. With the pro version you are able to stack up multiple links and essentially triage your content. The app has a small numeral next to the bubble to remind you how many pages are in the stack. When maximized, each individual tab can be closed with the back button, or dragged to one of the share links at the top. I really like that each page can be managed individually – it's only the specific bubble (maximized) or top of the stack (minimized) that is affected when you drop the bubble on the top two sweet spots. If you only want it for the time saving capabilities, that's cool too.

wm_2014-03-11 01.11.57 wm_2014-03-11 08.04.20 wm_2014-03-11 08.15.35

The default setting in this app maximizes the browser automatically when the link is done loading, but I actually think it might be better with that option disabled. If you're loading a fast page with minimal redirects, you might only have a second or two before the browser takes over your screen. You're not going to accomplish anything in the current app in that time, so why not stop the clock? You can just load up a few links in the bubble, then maximize it when you're ready. This is the way I've taken to using it, but everyone has different preferences.

The physics of a browser app are not usually top of mind for me, but the flick interaction and momentum of the bubbles is kind of fun to just play around with. I'm finding myself tossing them around the home screen when I have a moment of indecision. It's like a stress ball.

Link Bubble is also clever about when to assert itself and when to back off. The settings include some default app settings that will handle certain links rather than passing everything through Link Bubble. For example, Maps, Google+, and YouTube links will go straight to their respective apps. Full browsers will also load links opened in there normally. For example, if you are in Chrome, the links you open from Chrome will load without triggering Link Bubble.

wm_2014-03-11 01.12.23 wm_2014-03-11 01.14.45 wm_2014-03-11 08.03.57

I don't have many problems with Link Bubble, but there are a few things that might need some tweaking. On larger screen devices, Link Bubble seems a little more awkward to use. The bubbles are way up at the top when maximized, so they're not as easy to reach. Some sort of alternative layout for phablets might be nice.

The transparency effect around the bubbles is also somewhat odd – seeing another app behind the bubbles is distracting. The dimming effect when dragging bubbles around also could use some attention. It doesn't blend over the navigation/status bars of apps using transparency in KitKat, which is a limitation of Android, but a different approach could avoid that UI quirk altogether.

wm_2014-03-11 08.16.58 wm_2014-03-11 01.19.03 wm_2014-03-11 01.14.32

Let's be clear, though – Link Bubble has been nearly flawless in the week or so I've been using it. The issues I mention are only in the interest of thoroughness, not to imply it's got problems. This app may very well change the way I browse the web on Android, and you should definitely consider picking it up – at least give the free version a try. The pro upgrade is selling for $4.99 right now, but that's just an introductory price. It will be more expensive later.

Note: The app has just been published, so give it a little time to propagate if it's not showing up yet.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Grahaman27

    no way!!

    • RyanWhitwam

      Yes way.

      • remister

        Titanfall Way!

        • BigTimmay

          Loud noises!

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    So this is a new browser or Halo-like addon for existing browser of your choice?

    • Jeff718

      It's a browser replacement. But if you're in your full browser (such as Chrome), opening links withing the full browser will stay in the full browser.

  • Mike

    More expensive later? How come it's more expensive then Action Launcher by the same developer?

    The idea itself is good, though only really new on mobile, similiar things have been available at least in the linux world for quite some time now - wondering how the patenting situation will turn out because of this.

    It seems nice, so I'll give it a shot.

    • Jeff718

      >How come it's more expensive then [sic] Action Launcher by the same developer?

      Are you saying developers of multiple apps are supposed to price all of their apps the same?

      • Mike

        Nope I'm saying a complete launcher is more work than LB.

        What hits me with the price isn't the 3.60€ it's costing here, its the price compared to I the offerings. LB is more expensive than Tasker and it would be new to me that Pent doesn't need money. Given that I think the target audience for LB is bigger than Tasker's pricing is strange to me.

      • Mike

        Nope I'm saying a complete launcher is more work than LB.

        What hits me with the price isn't the 3.60€ it's costing here, its the price compared to I the offerings. LB is more expensive than Tasker and it would be new to me that Pent doesn't need money. Given that I think the target audience for LB is bigger than Tasker's pricing is strange to me.

  • Arnold

    $5? Yikes, maybe $2 or $3, but not $5.

    • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

      Yeah... $2 seems like the price maybe I would be willing to pay, i don't want to sound like a cheap ass but I'm not about to make a $5 investment in an app which I can live without. It's not like I'm growing any older waiting 2 more seconds for a link to load.

      • Tony

        The utility for me isn't the 2 seconds it takes for a link to load, it's the 10 or 15 seconds when I'm somewhere with slow internet. While I'm not growing much older in 10 seconds, $5 isn't going to delay my retirement either. Using Ryan's 3 minutes saved/week, that's over 2 1/2 hours over 1 year. I'll admit I am cheap, but this is one I'll pay for.

        • kodinos

          In case you have a device with on-screen buttons, you can always click on the link, and when it redirects you to the browser use the task switcher button to go back to your app and leave the browser load the page in the background.

          Later, you can go back to your browser and the page will be waiting for you there. So, not much growing-old this way. Just saying..

          • Mantas Pakėnas

            First I thought this is some good sarcasm, but then I realized you are probably serious...

            Dude, you can also get by with a cheap feature phone, if all you do is texting and light browsing. Just saying...

          • kodinos

            Thanks for the tip.

            I hope you realize the fact that Link Bubble essentially automates the process I described earlier, via the pop-up browser route.

            My argument is that any snappy device with a task switcher button could always perform the same thing with slightly more hassle on user's end.

            Can't see why this suggestion can't be regarded as serious.

    • RyanWhitwam

      I understand that, but this app has been absolutely amazing in the week I've been using it. I've spent more money on apps that I've liked much less.

      • Arnold

        That's valid. Just seems like a lot for what it does. To each their own though!

      • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

        Is there a big difference between the free and paid versions @RyanWhitwam:disqus ?

        • RyanWhitwam

          It's all in the article.

        • http://rootzwiki.com/news Max M.

          Ryan wants you to read his article, and I agree, but yes there is a big difference. With the free version, you get one app that can use Link Bubble. With the paid, you get unlimited. Is this huge? Don't know. It depends on how many news sources you have that you want to open links in the background. Try the free version and you will see how it works and what you can do with it without having to pay anything.

          • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

            Thanks for the clarification, I was unclear until now (still). I definitely read it @RyanWhitwam:disqus , I was just still confused as to the bigger differences. Can you make it more clear in future posts? (e.g., a table that shows the differences?)

            I usually just open links from Facebook, and read the others in-app. So, let's see!

    • Joshua Kirchmer

      $5 is a crappy hamburger or a cheap cocktail... I'm totally willing to support devs like this who put out useful, unique apps. and to Sebastian: you are, in fact, getting older waiting for those links to load =P

    • Rohan Dhruva

      You're willing to pay $3 but not $2 more? I understand that's not how economics work on scale, but in this case it is a little weird that $2 more is holding you back.

      • Arnold

        For what it does? Yes, an extra $2 is holding me back when that should be the price of the app itself.

      • MistiXF

        $3 here, $2 there, $4 somewhere else, and at the end of the year you realize you've lost $2543,56 on nothing. I'm not a poor man not because I earn shitloads of money, but because I don't throw them away, even if it's a cent.
        But you know what really grinds my gears? The aggressive ads in free version which force the user to either remove the free app or buy the premium, because you will get fed up with those ads really quick, trust me. This was really an asshole move from the Dev.

    • Jeff

      $5 is nothing for a great software product. I'm all for supporting innovative developers!

    • chrislacy

      I've commented on the price here: https://plus.google.com/+ChrisLacy/posts/h6PgMnxFNtH

      • Darkencypher

        When will the price rise? My money is tied up for about a week.

        • chrislacy

          I've definitely not committed to rising the price. I might do it once the initial hype settles down, but it's not something I'm going to look at for a good while yet.

      • cabbiebot

        I set up the free version on my phone to work out of Tweetcaster and was impressed with its functionality, but then I saw the pop-up ads. Fair warning to everyone who installs the free version, you will get a pop-up to buy the pro version EVERY SINGLE TIME you open a link from any other app. Really annoying and I was more likely to actually buy it till I noticed this overly aggressive ploy. Anyone who doesn't decide to buy it instantly is going to end up uninstalling this quickly and leave bad reviews.

        • chrislacy

          Fair point. I thought it best to let people know why Link Bubble isn't working, but I can see how this would get annoying and possibly lead to uninstalls. I'll think about this further.

          • cabbiebot

            I just noticed that you updated it to get rid of the pop-up ad. Thank you for considering the feedback! I do love the app and this helped convince me to drop a lincoln on it just now...responsive devs are great. I do wonder what the standard you are using to set the price...what you think its worth, or whatever will make the most money. I would find it hard to believe that you wouldn't make more money by lowering the price, but then again I don't set the price. Good luck, and looking forward to what updates LinkBubble gets!

      • narrator

        Then how do you explain how high quality apps that do much more cost much less? Many are also made by independent developers.

        You're making 70% on every app sold. That's $3.50. So if you sell anywhere near what you sold for AL (50,000+) then that's $175k, and that's conservative. That's a pretty padded salary. Many people don't even make that in 4-5 years. Sorry dude, but the "my family has to eat" approach is ridiculous and tired. You're making a killing off of this and you know it.

        • Alberto Blasi

          then don't buy it?

        • Christopher Lee

          Please do elucidate how that's somehow wrong? Many high quality free apps also are made by independent developers. Different devs value their work differently, and that's their prerogative.

          Don't value it that much? Then don't buy it. Done.

      • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

        Fuck it, it's worth my $5. Congratulations sir, keep up the great work :)

    • Bariman43

      You paid several hundred dollars for a phone/tablet but won't pay $5 for an app?

      • Arnold

        Not this one.

  • William

    So this is why ActionLauncher has stagnated.

    • My name is….

      I almsot regret the money i gave on action launcher.
      Excellent idea, poor execution.

      • Matthew Fry

        In what way?

        • My name is….

          It gets laggy after a while and un-smooth.

      • jm9843

        What? Action Launcher is the best launcher on Android. Maybe you're using it wrong.

        • sweenish

          It has plenty of quirks. It mostly behaves, but is infuriating when it doesn't.

        • sweenish

          It has plenty of quirks. It mostly behaves, but is infuriating when it doesn't.

    • Matthew Fry

      I'm hoping he'll get back to that to fix some of the lingering issues with what is already implemented. Overall though, I'm not sure anything needs to be added to AL.

      • Imparus

        The app drawer could use a slightly change in its implementation, and then there are the minor stuff like the recent app widget is slightly to small in height, so you end up with a scrolbar even thought it wont do much :-/

        • Matthew Fry

          Oh I definitely agree that AL could use some serious polishing.

  • Thatguyfromvienna

    5 bucks now and even more expensive later...
    It's a beautiful app but it has only limited use so I guess an even higher price will be a nail in its coffin.

  • Roberto Giunta

    Chris Lacy patented the idea and patents are expensive (that's why it was delayed), he invested time to code it and people can be sure that he'll update the app with more features later, see Action Launcher (it's stable and gets bigger updates after a while).

    Apps don't just get summoned out of nothing and devs make money with them - although it would be pretty funny if it worked like that.

    • Arnold

      This is more expensive than AL. Plus, just because you went through an expensive process to develop and patent the tech, doesn't mean you pass the entire cost down to the consumer. It's bad business.

      • Cory Wilson

        He's an independent developer, and it's his only job now. $5 seems perfectly reasonable for me.

      • Roberto Giunta

        If nobody is willing to pay a little bit more for such an app on Android, he'll lower the price. Supply and demand.

        And no, I don't hope nobody will buy this. This app is an evidence of something you can't do on any other mobile platform right now and should be rewarded. It may be inspired by Chat Heads but besides Paranoid Android's HALO and one or two other notification apps that do about the same, nothing else really used it in such a way that seems unnecessary.

        Plus you have to keep in mind, Action Launcher was (one of) Chris Lacy's big first apps. Back then you couldn't price something ~$5 on Android when you are not known for anything you made in the past or were pushed heavily by blogs or 'the media''.

        • Arnold

          I like Chris as a developer and think he does great work. I'd be happy if he proved me wrong thinking it's too expensive. I would just think that you would start out as a "sale price" or something, and make it 2 or 3 bucks, and then up it to 5 in a month or so. To have it start out expensive (I would think) would hurt sales.

      • chrislacy

        My applying for a patent had no impact on the price I chose.

    • http://jordanhotmann.com/ Jordan Hotmann

      This. I gladly threw down the $5 knowing that it would be worth it and go to a great dev.

  • Golh

    Does it use Facebook ChatHead's code?

    • epsiblivion

      why would it? that's proprietary close-sourced code. unless he used to work for facebook. even then, it'd be illegal. and facebook has plenty of experience with legal

      • Darrien Glasser

        Facebook actually open-sourced their Spring Physics (as seen in the little chatheads when you throw them around). Using code from the chatheads not only seems logical, it seems kind of smart if you ask me. Check out how smoothly they fly.


    • Dairox

      Why do you think only on Facebook? Halo from Paranoid Android rings any bells?

      • Jeff718

        You're mentioning another app based on Facebook's ChatHead. Not that it's a bad thing, FB had and developed a revolutionary idea, which is why so many apps copied its idea.

        • Matthew Fry

          There's a major difference between "based on" and "uses their code."

      • Stacey Liu

        Halo has no physics.

    • chrislacy


  • http://twitter.com/_vinr vinothr

    Brilliant? Sure, I guess. But nothing revolutionary. I can wait the 2sec for Chrome Beta to open my links.

    • Imparus

      I can do the same, but sometime I'm in an area where the net is poor and it takes a lot longer time, in those cases it would be nice doing something else while the site load. Then there are also the case, where I'm using an RSS reader, where there might be multiple site I want to visit for their story. That is at least why I see it being useful.

  • ken147

    Every time I open a link it opens the 'Welcome to linkbubble!!" tab. anyone else getting this?

  • Helboy
    • Bluewall

      are you kidding

    • Kostas


  • Changa Sjudi

    A little expensive.

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    I'd probably buy this just to support the development, but I really can't get behind this whole separate app as an unlocker thing. I want minimal APKs installed. It's why I've had to remove ClockworkMod and a bunch of other needless ones.

    • chrislacy

      The Pro app hides itself as soon as it authenticates. As I understand it, in-app purchases aren't available in all countries that can buy apps, so the Pro key app is about reaching as many people as possible.

      • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

        In all fairness, hides itself isn't the same as deletes itself, which is the issue i raised. I'm just of the preference that I'd much rather have a completely separate pro app or go the IAP route. As the developer, you're very much within your rights to go whichever route opens you up to the greatest success possible.

        As an aside, I probably wouldn't even use this given that we live in an age of synchronisation and Firefox has all of my credentials and history et al. But as I said, I'd have bought it just to support the development as I like novel ideas, innovation and hard work. Also just to stick two fingers up at people moaning about the price. Even if I do understand where they're coming from, I mean no one has had to pay for a browser in aeons.

  • primalxconvoy

    Why are people moaning about the price? This app, regardless of whether it's good or not, meets the basic criteria for good business; it's got a free demo and a full priced version without iap's. What's not to love?

    • matt

      The price. I thought that was obvious by all the moaning.

  • cabbiebot

    I am intrigued. LinkBubble + 2Cloud (for sending links to my computer) + AndMade Share (for sharing to multiple services like facebook and G+ at once) == quite nifty.

    I'll be happy to pay for the pro version once it's price goes down to a more reasonable level for a tool like this. Comparing spending $5 on this app to a starbucks latte, of course, be ignored. The logic presumes things about human behavior that don't hold up in the real world. My favorite example of this came from a course in microeconomics I took, and goes "Would you drive 10 miles to save $20 on a movie you wanted to see? Of course. Would you drive 10 miles to save $20 on a car you wanted? Nope, even though the answer to the first suggests you would do the same for the second, but it misses the fact that spending and savings evaluations are relative to how much a comparable product typically costs." For an app like this...$2 or $3 maybe. Wanting $5 for it is like asking me to pay 50% more for a car. Even though it might ride smoothly and have all the options I want, I don't value the car at that markup.

    • Matthew Fry

      but... people pay (up to and beyond) 100 times more than a Kia Rio for a smoother ride, good design, feature-rich, and high quality vehicle despite them both providing the same basic function.

      • shadowx360

        Kia Rio doesn't even come with AC standard...like what year is this?

    • Matthew Fry

      Ha. I see you changed your example from a car to a cup of coffee. That's fine. If you recall, Starbucks did attempt a new type of coffee that would have been 8 dollars a cup and it didn't take. It actually cost more to make, thus the price. Consumers didn't see the value. This is a good example. However, even normal Starbucks coffee drinks are considered by many to be too expensive, considering you can make a cup of good quality coffee yourself for less than a buck a cup. This is different anyway. There really is no competition for this product. Your comparison to other app prices is akin to comparing the price of different fruits. You're comparison is literally like apples and oranges.

      This is a more a case of perceived value vs actual cost. You feel that the perceived value of the product is lower than its actual cost. That's a totally legitimate opinion. In the end though, it's whether the consumers at large feel the same way.

  • Rohan Dhruva

    > The default setting in this app maximizes the browser automatically when the link is done loading, but I actually think it might be better with that option disabled.

    Is this a pro-version feature? I can't find it in the free version.

    • Matthew Fry

      "Auto Content Display" is the name of the setting.

      • Rohan Dhruva

        That is helpful: thanks!

  • SetiroN

    No offence but, as much as I wish Firefox supported browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground in android too, I'm not going pay $5 for it... especially considering that I'd have to give up Firefox in the process.

    • http://shanked.me/ Shank

      You don't have to give up firefox; Link Bubble operates in tandem with it. For me, it has an "open in Chrome" button if I need to jump there. For actual web browsing it doesn't interfere with your web browser.

      • SetiroN

        Yeah well, opening in another browser requires it to load the page all over again, defeating the original purpose.
        Firefox has my cookies, my passwords and addons that I deem necessary to a good browsing experience: I want all my links to open in there, not in a separate browser. I'll just keep opening my links in it and switch back to the previous app, to return to loaded pages later on.
        There are countless task switching apps (wave launcher, dock4droid etc) that let you switch back to the previous app in a fraction of a second... good enough for me. :)

        • vitriolix

          Clearly this isn't for you.

    • Cowicide

      Yeah, I was excited to get Link Bubble and the first thing I saw after installing it is that it doesn't work with Firefox which is hands down the best browser for Android. Deleted Link Bubble.

  • Matthew Fry

    Chris Lacy is my hero.

  • Elislurry

    Just purchased, looks awesome!!! Did anyone else notice he didn't blink once during that video? I think Chris may be a robot!! A robot that makes amazing apps...

    • chrislacy

      I'm basically doing that to troll people at this point ;)

    • Andy Stetson

      not a robot, he blinked in the last 5 seconds of the video ;)

  • kindrudekid

    all these will be mostly useless once chrome for mobile comes with addon support

    • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

      What add-on do you think will obsolete LinkBubble?

      • My name is….

        the 'i wanna use my browser-of-choice addon'

        • taz89

          Isn't that just basically setting chrome as default for apps right now to open links. How would this addon be any different

  • Jonathan Seymour

    Good Aussie app development. Well done Chris!

  • Juan Plaza

    The next version of Android will have this feature built-in.

  • black

    I work systematically. I read something, follow the link, finish reading the link, then go back to read something new. This confuses the hell out of me!

    • My name is….

      And thats why i dont really understand what the fuss is all about.

      I found more trouble than good with this app.

  • Laksamana

    For video links, i would suggest you use Viral lite/pro as the video pops up on a floating, hmm, pop-up. So you can wait for the video to load while continuing what you were doing before.

  • Chris

    Fantastic app that has changed how I browse and read news on my devices and it's been out less than 24 hours. Took me 5 minutes to decide to buy the pro version. Very well worth the price!

  • Martin Nilsson

    I've tested briefly and I agree - best thing since sliced bread. Only "negative" I have found is that many/most internal browsers in third-party apps are just as quick. I don't really need it when using Falcon Pro but I do find it useful as a "read later" app when using Press. I can read the feed first and links second. This is however on Wi-Fi and I would guess it could help out more on a slower connection. Still a great app, pay for it and be happy! =D

    • johnforamerica

      Yeah, apps with internal browsers actually give me trouble. Can't find a way for Pocket or gReader to use link bubble instead of just moving on to the link within the app itself.

      • Martin Nilsson

        Check the settings, they will have a "use internal browser" setting or a "use external browser" setting. Ticked that box in Press and LinkBubble now loads all links.

        • johnforamerica

          Yeah, been trying to find that and haven't found it in Pocket or gReader yet. Appreciate the tip!!

  • RTWright

    You know, Android users by and large, not all, but a good deal are
    nothing more than a bunch of cheapskates! HOW DARE you charge me $5 for
    anything! I've even heard some complaining when an app charged .99 -
    NOW That one took the cake and ate it too, granted it was a cake of
    complete cow-patty! $5 is nothing, at all, period. Now I don't know
    about how much he intends on raising it, that itself I feel may be a
    mistake to make, but we'll see.

    I've seen apps come and go, I've purchased some along the way and they weren't all $2 and $3 apps. Some costs were around $5 and up to $10 for one of them. Here,
    lets take a route like this. Cheapest movie theater I've found sells
    tickets for around $3.25 for a matinee, but their drinks and food are
    over the top. A drink starts at the same price as the movie and goes up
    to guess what?? $5! That's not even including any kind of snack or
    food of any kind. Lets take stopping in at a convenience store for a
    drink out on the road. Cheapest can be around .99 and it goes up from
    there. Now you tack on a snack ( Chips, Cookies, Ice Cream, whatever
    floats your boat here ) now you're paying $4 and higher....

    So what is my point? My point is simply this, we as consumers WASTE more
    money per day than you will on a single app purchase for $5. Now I
    would agree with you had there been also having to deal with In App
    Purchases to unlock even more functions beyond this ( Trust me I bought
    one recently and then they took some of the functions out of the app and
    then put them back in as In App Purchases, talk about being upset ).
    Some of those are just really over-done. Even had a Free app that did
    that exact same scenario ( I paid for it though with the money I got
    from Google's Rewards app though ). Back to the point at hand though,
    is that $5 is nothing to be complaining about unless you're one of those
    that buys a new app every other day or so spending more money per week
    than you probably should be on apps you probably really don't even use
    much. Then that's still not the Dev's fault, that's yours.

    Like I said, raising the price after such a launch and how people are
    already reacting? Probably not the wisest of moves as you'll just not
    get any more interest in it. As I said it seems the vast majority of
    people on Android, especially those that frequent these sites like
    this. Are nothing more than penny-pinchers that are just looking for
    something to complain over because they can't find anything else better
    to do. I think they need to go back to looking at what they spent for
    software on their Laptop/Desktop systems and remind themselves that
    wasn't free or a $2 to $3 purchase either...

    • Cj

      Correct, Android users are generally cheap. They think everything should be open sourced and everything should be free because apparently "that's the power of Android" that and "the ability to choose".
      I'm not even a developer and I'm annoyed by this attitude. They can spend X amount of dollars on buying "the next best thing" and then refuse to pay $2-$5 for an app that enhances the experience of using their device. Even though someone spent countless hours developing said app.

  • Chippah

    This is a new breakthrough app that should be bought by Google immediately,
    $5.00 too much? How many times did you go to an Acrade and blow thru $5 bucks in quarters without hestitating?


    • Roh_Mish

      My mobile bill is less than that. ($5= 300 INR approx. My bill 241 INR). Not saying I am not ready to pay but should be 99cents or similar.

      • Chippah


  • Sam

    Saying it does this without any special permissions is a little disingenuous. It may seem like it requires no permissions because the pro version doesn't but the pro version depends on the free version which does require several permissions. There are even some scary permissions like view all running apps (I understand that he needs this permission so he can enforce the free version restriction of only opening from one app but it is still a lot of dangerous information to have access to).

  • Anonbymouse

    I'm not installing a new browser just for that reason.......make something that works with Chrome and others to fix this issue.

    Like that guy that added a 'marl as read' button to gmail notifications

  • e993442712

    Definitely would have jumped on this at a $2 price point. Enjoying the free version though, nice work.

  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio royblumenthal

    This was the easiest $5 ever! Without even using the free version, I bought the pro license. This is a game-changer, and this dev deserves support and reward. What an amazing tool. Thanks.

  • Niall Murray

    I've tried the free version and uninstalled. The free version is a gimpmed version with such few features it proves to be irritating rather than actually usfull. A 14 day trial of the full version would be much more beneficial. Would you buy a pair of Jeans if you could only try them on up to your knees? Or buy a new car if you could only drive it 4 feet?

  • Wilson Lim

    hope Chris adds more features to LB.. like allowing us to open the (loaded!) link in our system browser