Carrier billing for the Play Store is slowly, slowly making its way across Europe, which probably isn't much comfort for those who want it and still can't access it. If you happen to be in Germany and use the third-largest carrier in the country, you no longer have to wait. German carrier E-Plus was added to the list of carrier billing supporters yesterday.

For the uninitiated, carrier billing allows users to buy apps, songs, books, movies, and in-app purchases by charging the amount to their carrier bill instead of a credit or debit card. It's available for the Play Store on all the major American carriers, and Google has been rolling it out to other territories in fits and starts for the last few years. E-Plus is the third German carrier to add support, behind the German arms of T-Mobile and O2.

Buying an app or any other digital content via carrier billing will charge its amount to your monthly bill, in Euro in this case. Typically carrier billing is not available to those who use a pre-paid SIM or plan, for obvious reasons. German readers on E-Plus, if you'd like to try it out, purchase something from the Play Store and tap "Payment Options" (or the localized equivalent).

Source: Google Play Store support

Michael Crider
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  • Kacho_ON

    Bought by first apps because of this (too lazy to buy Google Play cards)
    EDIT: It works with prepaid options too, so i don't get where you got that information. I use a prepaid option from E-Plus. It just uses the money you have in your prepaid option

    • Stefan

      I have Simyo prepaid and it fails to authorize for me

  • Congstar user

    Prepaid works with carrier billing. I'm using carrier billing with congstar (Telekom) for quite some time now.

  • h4m

    Wonder if it works with Aldi Talk. Can someone with Aldi Talk lighten me up?

    • ron sommer

      It does.