So you've got a Sonos system hooked up, but here you are using an app that looks like a Gingerbread flashback. Don't worry – there's a new beta version available with a ton of fixes. Sonos just made the official announcement on its blog, and you can check it out for yourself.

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You can only grab the APK from the Sonos site (no Play Store beta), but it's probably worth investigating. Here's what the update includes.

  • New design and simplified interface: A refreshed design and simplified interface makes listening to your Sonos more intuitive than ever before. The app’s hree main modules allow for a simple navigation between the music currently playing, what room it’s playing in and how to find the next song you want.
  • Universal search: We’ve brought all our streaming services together for our simplest search ever to bring you the music you love in a heartbeat. For example, search for an artist in one window and we will search for that artist across all your music services at the same time. Play their radio station on Pandora. Look up heir album on Spotify. Play one of their latest tracks through Hype Machine. It’s completely up to you


The new look isn't extremely Android-y, but it's orders of magnitude better than the old one. There are a few screens of the current official version down below for your consideration. Seems like a solid update – give it a shot if you're a Sonos person.

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Note: The beta is not in the Play Store. Widget for reference only. This post was unpublished earlier this month at Sonos' request. It is being posted now with updated information as Sonos makes its official announcement.

[Sonos blog, Sonos beta]

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  • 513

    Mmmm apk please ? Thanks !

  • StuMcBill

    I am not on the same network as my Sonos at the moment, so I can't get on to check for Beta versions. Does this add a way to search for a track within an artist? Instead of just searching for Artist or Track, I use Napster BTW.

    • BlancaP


  • godutch

    I am still considering a playbar but I am not terribly convinced by the soundquality, though I know of no other system that works so well....

  • Kiamat

    Once you sign up for the beta, you can DL the update from within the Sonos app on your devices.

  • davidstallard

    I've joined the beta but when I try to download the APK from the link provided, it just displays a broken Hostgator link - is it just me?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Um, guys, haven't you already posted this article, like, a couple of weeks ago?

    • RyanWhitwam

      Read the note at the bottom.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        You know, I really need to learn to read

  • Lars
  • Alberto

    site is down?

  • Adam Truelove

    Morning Phase. Great album, listening to it right now.

  • Jeff718

    I love Sonos in my home, but the app stays awake on my phone even when I leave the house (away from my wifi and Sonos devices). It then proceeds to eat the hell out of my battery.

    I'll try this beta app, it looks good. Also hope it stops eating my phone.

  • Music

    Universal Search has promise and really a developer should make a seperate app solo for this purpose..

    It would be good if this was for everyone without all the remaining Sonos Bloat

    • BlancaP

      Universal search - I'd like to be able to turn it off. If I want to search within, say, Spotify because I'm looking for an item in hirez, I don't want to wait while the app 1) searches everywhere and 2) then shows me a lot of stuff I have no interest in at that time.

      There should be the option to choose universal or local search.

  • mattgbuk

    Is that apk below kosher? I thought sonos devices themselves also had to be updates with matching firmware?

  • BlancaP

    I prefer the current app, clunky as it appears. Appearance is , for me, secondary to function and use, and the new one is less intuitive, wastes a lot of space on icons so certain functions are moved to another page, and removes local searches.