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Between Titanfall, Dark Souls II, and a new Metal Gear game, employers across the globe can probably plot a decline in efficiency around recent high-profile video game releases. But only one of them has the obligatory mobile tie-in app, and that's Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (a.k.a. MGSV: Appetizer). Konami's companion app is now available in the Play Store as a free download.

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The companion app basically pretends to be Big Boss's personal PDA, labeled as "iDROID" in a tongue-in-cheek and somewhat anachronistic fashion. The most useful mode is a bird's eye view of the game's map, letting you plan out your tactical approaches in a more complete way without resorting to the pause menu. You can also manage your base and troops a la MGS: Peace Walker, either playing a stand-alone mobile game or playing directly in your console game. The last function is a log of all the audio tapes collected by the player in the game, re-playable at any time. 

Impressively, you don't actually need the PlayStation or Xbox game to use the companion app - you can play the Mother Base mode as a stand-alone game, if you're so inclined. Naturally you'll need a console disc to use the map or audio log features. The MGSV: Ground Zeroes companion app is free with no in-app purchases, and it's compatible with all Android 2.3+ devices.

Michael Crider
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  • smeddy

    Dah-dah-da-da-da, dah-dad-ah!!

    • Logan Jinks


      • Merri Mogridge

        Fission Mailed.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Lol @ iDroid

    Oh, Hideo

    • Averix

      The one iName Apple would never sue to protect. LOL

  • Cheeseball

    This is a well-made companion app. The latency between this and the PS4 is quite low as there's nearly no delay between movement of Snake and the map indicator.

  • ImMe

    How about a full fledged game? Its been done before (Dead Space, Deus Ex) ...

    • Matthew Fry

      Ground Zeroes isn't even a full fledged game and you expect one in the companion app?

  • Ivan Myring

    Best title you have ever done

  • Colin Whiteside

    Bit disappointed at the lack of inter-device progress sharing, and the odd UX howler. Want to spend 10,000 cash on salvage? Press the up arrow on the Salvage screen 10,000 times!

    • W.J.Smith

      Just push down once

      • Colin Whiteside

        Yeah, no, I don't want to spend all my cash salvaging when I want to salvage.

    • JonJon

      I thought the same but on iOS anyway you can just swipe or down on any digit instead of using the up down arrows :D

      • Colin Whiteside

        Holy crap, that works on Android too! Mind blown. Thanks.

      • reggie

        How do u get more officers

  • iDroiD

    iDroiD's been my nickname for ages. But for MGS, I can give more than that :D