The day is drawing near for our friends across the pond – Chromecast is all set to go on sale tomorrow, March 19th. In fact, it has already started showing up on the web at sites likes like PC World and Currys for £30.

This is right in line with a leak we saw from Dixons earlier this month that stated the prospected launch date, which has now been essentially confirmed by these listings. We've also gotten eyes on an internal product launch document from Currys that reaffirms this.


At this point, it's still unclear whether or not Google plans to sell the streaming HDMI dongle through the Play Store, but I suppose we'll know soon enough. Either way, there's finally a way to get a Chromecast without having to import it from the US.

[Thanks Robert Best, Andy Price, Greg Hesp, and Anon!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • N345H

    I guess I will have to get myself one tomorrow :)

  • Deeco


  • Sam Nalty


  • darkdude1

    Please be on Amazon please be on Amazon please be on Amazon...

  • http://twitter.com/yo2boy_ yo2boy

    Any idea if there has been a new hardware revision that supports 5 GHz WiFi?

  • gadgeteer

    I ordered one at Zavvi like one-and-half-week-ago.
    Was about 36.50 GBP in total. Already arrived too.

  • hp420

    $35USD or £30GBP....That makes it $15USD more in UK.....lol....suckers!

    • hazza

      In the UK, sales tax (known here as VAT or 'Value Added Tax') is included in any retail price, so in fact compared to the US the price is £25 or $41.

    • BloodyYanks

      How's that healthcare working out for you?

      • Trollsville

        Hahahahaha, BURN !!

  • Moeen Ahmed

    Chromecast is also available through the play store now. Same price as other retailers at £30 but with save delivery it works out as £33. Ships by the 19th.