Sprint's 4G LTE network continues to trudge along, slowly growing both larger and faster at the same time. Now the carrier has upgraded the data speeds available in 20 new markets across the country. Consumers benefiting from this news range from California and Arizona in the west across the US to Connecticut and New Jersey in the east. Down south, Sprint's boosting things for residents and visitors of Hot Springs, Arkansas and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Here's the full list of newcomers.

Sprint's new 4G LTE markets:

  • Hot Springs, AR
  • Nogales, AZ
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • El Centro, CA
  • Visalia/Porterville, CA
  • Bridgeport/Stamford/Norwalk, CT
  • Willimantic, CT
  • Sarasota/Bradenton, FL
  • Mason City, IA
  • Peoria, IL
  • Omaha, NE
  • Ocean City, NJ
  • Trenton/Ewing, NJ
  • Zanesville, OH
  • Shawnee, OK
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Provo/Orem, UT
  • Kenosha, WI

Sprint 4G LTE is sometimes only as zippy as competitors' 3G, but it's better than the slower speeds the carrier provides otherwise. Hopefully the situation improves as Sprint Spark comes to more parts of the country.


Sprint says its 4G LTE is now available in 402 cities nationwide.

Source: Sprint

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • CommancheNinja


    YES! Unlimited Garbage is still garbage!

  • xsirxx

    Zanesville, OH? What the hell! Why dont we atleast put some effort into columbus, oh first?

    • Brad

      or CLE

  • Peter Oliver

    "Sprint 4G LTE is sometimes only as zippy as competitors' 3G..."


    • Cherokee4life

      Source: my personal experience with Sprint for 5+ years

      • TejasEric

        This is in accordance with my experience.

      • Evan Anderson

        LTE hasn't been deployed that long, so it's unfair to make a statement that their LTE is as fast as competitors 3G.

      • Peter Oliver

        LTE hasn't even existed in America for 5 years...

    • Simon Belmont

      I noticed that HSPA+ on T-Mobile was faster than Sprint's LTE fairly often. T-Mobile's LTE was trouncing Sprint's LTE all the time.

      I know it varies by market, but that was my experience. I'm now spoiled by T-Mobile's LTE (and HSPA+).

    • miri

      In my experience it averages around 2-8Mbps then jumps up to 30Mbps at random. With 3G you may as well not have a signal.

      • Gordon

        I travel all 48 for the past 9 years & downloaded hundreds of movies on 3g thanks to unlimited data & now that 4g is rolling out its only getting better. Some of the Sprint bashing is laughable. Between me & the wife who travels with me we consistently consume 40gb per month, roughly 70% of that is on 3g. Try that on VZ or ATT & get back to me with your bill. Just keep paying more for less & be happy while I pay less for a whole lot more

        • miri

          Don't get me wrong, I'm on Sprint now and I love it. Even on the lower end, 4G is more than enough for streaming high quality music and HD video with no buffering and downloading large apps/files. Between getting pretty good speeds around my home and the Unlimited Data, I don't even bother to use wifi unless I want to use my Chromecasts.

          Even still, those lower end speeds are comparable to what you get from AT&T's and T-Mobile's 3G in the same area and Sprint's 3G [in those areas] rarely tops 1Mbps. This may not be the case everywhere, but it's enough to warrant mentioning.

        • mercado79

          Nearly 30gb on "3g" that is barely 1mb on a good day? Last year (before I switched to VZ due to work) I was lucky if I got 500k many times. And this is in the Boston/Cambridge area, not out in the country. I'd have to be streaming all day everyday to hit 40gb. Honestly, I'm not trying to be an ass about it. It just boggles my mind.

          • Gordon

            Markets do vary, Boston just plain sucks. Average, overall nationwide if you use a lot of data while traveling then VZ & ATT are both a no go. VZs coverage is a little better but does no good when your capped. For a traveling data hog at this point Sprint is the only option, I do have hopes for T-Mobile national coverage

    • guest

      For real, the blatant bias is crazy.

      I've pulled 42mb/s on Sprints LTE, so if theres a carrier pulling that on 3G let me know.

      • enoch861

        T-Mobile does pull speeds in excess of 30Mbps on HSPA+ which is technically 3G.

    • Doakie

      Dude. My old Sprint HTC One used to only get 2.0 Mbps on their LTE network here in Seattle when I could find a LTE tower. It was pathetic. My 4 year old T-Mobile work phone a Galaxy S 4G would get 10Mbps downloads. I used to have to make hotspots out of my Galaxy S 4G just to download things on my Sprint phone.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      millions of user experiences?

    • Donatom3

      Source? Personal experience. Was with them for 13+ years and left. My same Nexus 5 loves Tmobile a lot more than it did Sprint. I can actually search the web now.

    • Gerad Munsch

      I attempted to install a Sprint NETGEAR 341U (tri-band LTE) in a cradlepoint as a WAN connection at a commercial property in Altoona, PA today. Full LTE signal.

      Couldn't proceed with the installation due to the fact that speed tests were producing results of 2 mbps down, 0.03 mbps up, and pings varying from 80 ms to 8000 ms (yes, 8 seconds), with an average of 800 ms. The connection was absolutely and totally unusable.

      Installed one in Olean, NY last week. Slightly better, but very poor results. 5mbps down, 1mbps up, 110ms pings.

      Tests were verified across devices and accounts (in Altoona).

      How can ANY carrier have LTE that is such crap? Meanwhile, I was pulling down a consistent 10mbps on AT&T's HSPA+ in Altoona, and about 25mbps on AT&T LTE in Olean.

      The amazing part is AT&T claims to be spectrally limited, has double the amount of subscribers, and covers 3-5x the area in square miles with just over 2x as many cell sites. Sprint's network is much more dense in most areas, especially urban areas, due to necessity due to using PCS/1900. So any given sector on a site would have about 25-40% of the users of a similar AT&T site, yet AT&T still manages to kill them.

      Let's not even get started comparing them to T-Mobile. Basically the same amount of subscribers and sites, T-Mobile consistently blows Sprint out of the water by a margin of 2-3x on average, and comparing the 2mbps to the 50mbps I consistently see on T-Mobile's LTE in my market, 25x.

      Sprint just needs to call it quits, and shut down operations. Sell off all their spectrum to a carrier who actually knows how to utilize it. It's sad to see all that spectrum go to waste, especially that incredible capacity-boosting 2500MHz EBS/BRS spectrum.

    • Brian Stafford

      It's true. Really slow.

  • Cherokee4life

    I love the last line of this article lol
    "Sprint SAYS its 4G LTE is now available in 402 cities nationwide"

    • Andy Stetson

      Funny, they hit 402 cities and Omaha was one of the new ones... Omaha is in the 402 area code. No wonder it took so long to get here, had to wait for 401 other cites first!

  • TejasEric

    Sprint still sucks and at the end of my contract I am gone!

    • Doakie

      Can your switch to T-Mobile and have them pay your ETF?

      • TejasEric

        You know they don't really pay it? They just reimburse you.

        • Mr. Mark

          So... they pay you...

    • Donatom3

      Let Tmobile pay your ETF and leave early.

      • TejasEric

        You know they don't really pay it? They reimburse you.

  • Simon Belmont

    I noticed that LTE coverage has expanded a lot in my area, but they still haven't made it official. I guess maybe sometime this year they will.

    We were one of the first markets to get WiMAX, so I guess we're one of the last to get LTE. Progress is progress, though.

    • TejasEric

      In my experience WiMax was faster and more wide spread. I could turn it on almost anywhere and get it to connect. Not so much with LTE.

      • Simon Belmont

        Totally agree, actually. WiMAX, in my area, when I had Sprint, was actually really fast and consistent (it was in the 12-20MBps range all day, though battery took a major hit).

        The sad thing is that LTE took forever to be rolled out here, and I had a choice of getting a new phone when I renewed my contract that wouldn't be able to use LTE because we lacked the coverage OR WiMAX because it lacked the radio, which seemed like a major downgrade. I decided to jump ship and I haven't looked back.

  • frafri

    still waiting for Springfield, IL !!
    I was able to download at 5mpbs at a 4G covered area

  • blumpkinator

    Do not refer to Sprint as "Nationwide". They have NO towers in the state of Alaska. Unless a carrier covers all 50 states, they are NOT nationwide.

    • earth

      According to Sensorly there is some Sprint 2G in AK.

      • Gerad Munsch

        Sensorly massively misrepresents Sprint's native coverage due to roaming and most CDMA devices not reporting the visited network's MCC+MNC accurately.

  • mercado79

    Been rooting for Sprint for so long, but damn... their network performance is a joke. How is it possible that their LTE (even at full bars) is half what I can get on Tmobile's "faux G" HSPA+? 17mb on Tmobile. 7 to 8mb on Sprint's LTE. It's ridiculous. This is in the Boston area. I have family in Maryland that have much better Sprint service though.

    Still, if Tmobile lives up to its promise of upgrading from 2G to LTE on existing 2G service, it's a wrap. It's just about a wrap already (wife's contract is up this Fall).

    • Dre

      What are you doing where you need more than 7mb?

      • earth

        Yeah, there is not one app that needs more than a few Mbps. Tmobile doesn't even have native voice where my dad lives, so no go. Am using 10GB/month at 6-20Mbps on Sprint, which would be too expensive on ATT/VZW.

      • mercado79

        Not my point. Sprint has been "upgrading" their network for years now and it still has major performance issues whether comparing 3g to 3g or 4g LTE to LTE. I don't understand the reason for it.

        As for 7mb, if it were consistently 7mb, that wouldn't be as big an issue, but that's also not the case. Like I said, I've been rooting for Sprint for a long time. It's simply frustrating to see every other carrier blow past them (Tmobile especially).

    • Serge

      It's because their backhaul (connection between the towers and the core network) is on average slowler than T-Mobile's. The previous management of Sprint neglected backhaul. T-Mobile have been investing into fiber backhaul for about four years now.

  • http://cs.uiowa.edu/~nmleytem MetalNick

    The fastest download speed I have recorded on my LG G2 in Lenexa, KS (right in Sprint's backyard and in a Sprint Spark Turbo Zone, no less) is ~11 Mbps. I usually get around ~4 Mbps and quite often have to drop down to 3G where I get <1 Mbps. In Overland Park, KS I get similar 4G speeds. It's great that Sprint is expanding and fulfilling promises of 4G in these markets, but the results aren't anything to brag about.

    • Gordon

      It is spotty in the KC area, I'm in the area quite a bit & your right, I spend a lot of time in North KC area also over on the north east side & its very fast in that area. It does bug me how some markets are very spotty like KC, Seattle, also DC area very spotty. Don't know if some of those areas are still a work in progress or what. I do appreciate how Sprint doesn't just focus on the biggest markets 1rst like others do. I get LTE in some small towns where I'd never expect to see it.

  • David Hartman

    All of these little nowhere cities getting LTE, and we still have nothing in the thriving metropolis of Frog Jump, Tenn.

    • Anfronie

      What about Big Bone Lick Kentucky?!?

  • Zachariah Snethen

    I hate sprint so much I did this to my phone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8E97V65QWc

  • domahman

    From the Company that brought you 4G wimax. Spint introduces a new revolutionary newtwork. Introducing No-G. If you are getting poor connection or even no connection, it's because Spint is updating a tower in your area. Welcome to SPINT! http://s10.postimg.org/famzkfdkp/Spint.jpg

  • domahman