Google is really dropping the ball with regard to surfacing Chromecast enabled apps in the Play Store. Sure, there's that Chromecast app page, but that's just a tiny fraction of all the apps and games with support for Chromecast now that third-parties have been turned loose. Enter Cast Store, which aggregates a bunch of apps with Chromecast support.

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This is essentially a user-powered directory of links to Google Play. The app gives you the ability to search, read descriptions, and see reviews. Tapping on an app in Cast Store boots you into Google Play to download. The app itself is not bad looking, but there's an ad across the bottom of the screen. It apparently offers in-app purchases, but I have yet to spot them anywhere. Maybe you'll eventually have the option of getting rid of the ad for a nominal fee.

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Cast Store has an option to submit Chromecast apps for inclusion in the Cast Store directory if they aren't already there. So do be aware this isn't a complete list of Chromecast apps – it's only as complete as the suggestions it receives. Until Google gets its act together, this is probably your best bet for finding a bunch of Chromecast apps in one place.

[Thanks, +Alexander Terry]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • AgainAndABen

    Am I the only one that would rather wait for the apps that I already use to support the Chromecast rather than adopt a whole new service?

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      What if said service isn't duplicating something you use elsewhere but providing something entirely new?

      • AgainAndABen

        That I'm ok with. But that's usually where AP helps out!

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    Google should really have used the Android permission system to do this, apps would request the Google Cast permission and then Google would be able to generate a dynamic category of all apps on the Play Store that request this permission.

    • Marcel Ulbrich

      Replace "permission" with "feature" and you got it.
      Having a pre-set uses-feature tag in the Android Manifest that one could refer to, bundled with simplified implementation could really drive Chromecast integration in many apps, while also making said apps more discoverable on the Play Store.

      • Matthew Fry

        Yeah. Put it under the 'offers in-app purchases' feature

  • http://blog.joshsouzaphotos.com joshsouzaphotos

    Someone should just grab the list and post it on the net, I really don't feel like downloading an app for this.

  • Lumi

    for the moment, y2cast is good enough for me

  • Guest123

    Like google has ever done a good job making it easy to find apps in the play store. . .

  • bambou51

    Nice, Podcast Addict finally made it to an Android Police post... through a screenshot but that's better than nothing ;)

  • RockAndRock

    Hi ! :B

  • Rovex

    Still dont know if I want a chromecast, it just seems so limited. I dont think id use it.