People who have used Duolingo on the web or on iOS may have grown accustomed to a virtual shop where they're encouraged to spend hard-earned points on cool stuff. Now that engaging feature has come to Android. Whenever you complete an achievement going forward, Duolingo will reward you with Lingots that you can spend on all sorts of items ranging from power-ups to bonus language skills.

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Duolingo already turns language-learning into a game by breaking down lessons into achievements and giving players a limited number of hearts. With the latest update, players students have more than just the satisfaction of mastering a new language to keep them going.

What's new:

  • Better than Bitcoin, Lingots are Duolingo's new virtual currency. From snazzy outfits for your owl to heart refills that help you pass difficult lessons, Lingots help you customize your learning experience. You'll love getting them as rewards for doing awesomely in your new language!
  • The app now includes an English course for Romanian speakers and a Portuguese course for Spanish speakers.

Even though the Play Store page refers to Lingots as a virtual currency, there are no microtransactions here. This isn't a money grab. You earn your Lingots in-game, and you spend them that way too. How quaint.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • mesmorino

    For about the second time ever (which is extremely impressive), AP is late to the party- this update is about a week or two old, I thought there was another update.

    • WORPspeed

      I just got notified about this update today. Didn't know that Duolingo did rollouts. Or was it an iOS update, because didn't see it on Android before today.

      • mesmorino

        I didn't think it was a rollout... Things are set to auto update on my phone, and it popped up last weekend I think.

  • miri

    English to Russian, пожалуйста. All it needs to be the best thing ever.

    • Alguien

      It's already the best thing in its category, it just needs more languages to be even better.

  • Trent Callahan

    Been available on the website for a while. English to Russian please...

  • Kiryn Silverwing

    This app looks really awesome. Too bad there's only one language I'm interested in learning (Vietnamese) and it's super difficult to find anybody teaching that.