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While we didn't report on the story ourselves, Amazon's decision to raise the price of its Prime membership service by $20 (to $100 a year) has hard corners of the internet up in arms, albeit over something no one really needs in the first place.

If you're not in one of the countries where Prime is available (I was surprised to learn that it is, in fact, available outside the US), you may not be familiar with the service. The gist is free 2-day shipping on a huge number of items (even a $1000+ 3-piece sectional sofa) available on Amazon, reduced pricing on overnight or weekend shipping, Kindle Lending Library access, and Amazon Prime's Instant Video service, which has thousands of free TV episodes and movies. For less than $10 a month, it's still a pretty remarkable deal.


And yet, there is decided angst being expressed about the change on various social networks, and the tech media is eating it up. So, we're curious - is the price hike going to cause you to say goodbye to Prime? Have you even said hello? I know I'll be keeping my subscription (which is still student for another year, though I'd happily pay $100 for the 'Prime Privilege'), as I know I get way more than my money's worth from the service between TV / movies and free shipping without having to spend $35 per order. Hell, I order my toothpaste from Amazon - I'd probably pay $150 a year for it without so much as flinching.

But $20 more a year has apparently caused some people to already pull the plug on their subscriptions. What say you?

Has the Amazon Prime price increase (from $80 to $100) caused you to cancel your subscription?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Meh, never really been into TV series stuff apart from maybe a couple (House and Warehouse 13, to be exact)
    Plus Russia isn't rich of such services like Hulu, Netflix etc

  • SpicyCurlyMustache

    Prime's benefits far outweigh the price of $99 a year. At least to me.
    I got a student discount and paid 30ish for the year a week before the price hike announcement was made, but I have no issue renewing it next year, with or without a student discount.

  • epsiblivion

    $99 still worth the 2 day shipping. I rarely use the streaming service. if you shop amazon often, very much worth it

    • jpfrasier

      I agree, but I use the streaming service daily. For us, the 2 day shipping is icing on the cake. Adding an android app would be perfection.

      • Gabernasher

        I hate how they won't add an Android app because they have their own shitty version of Android on their Kindles.

    • Matt Holmgren

      I agree. I just reupped my subscription last week, so I am lucky there, but I ordered 80 items last year that were prime eligible so it is definitely still worth it.

      • marvel83

        51 of my 54 orders from 2013 were prime eligible. $79 to $99 is still worth the price.

      • Matthew Fry

        Well... you should do the gift subscription thing then as well.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

      Agree. I rarely buy offline these days -- it's not just about the price. It's too frustrated to go to a store and find out the thing you want is not available. It's also not about buying the heavy items either. Unless you are buying, say a pack of screws, which may be an add-on item, the feeling that you never have to worry about the shipping fee is more than enough to justify the cost. The occasional streaming entertainment is just icing on the cake.

    • ProductFRED

      If I had to pay it alone, I wouldn't pay $100. But most people don't know that you can add up to 5 other peoples' email addresses to your account and share your Prime shipping. My friend pays the $79 for Prime and each of his friends and I pay him $15 each year. He keeps are email addresses under his account and we all get Prime shipping.

      • bill

        ahh. Thanks, take advantage of the system so that the rest of us can bear the burden of your gaming the system. I'm sure behavior like yours and your cheap ass buddies had nothing to do with the price hike.

        You sir, are part of the problem.

        • ProductFRED

          Uhh, Amazon actually allows it. Thanks for calling me out though? I'm a college student. I'm going to save my money.


          • Alan

            They only allow it if you're in the same household or you have a business account, which from the sound of it is not the case.

          • ProductFRED

            I live at home with my family. We're 5 people. I'm using it with my friends instead of my family. It's still 5 people total, paying $79 total, so I don't see what the problem is. And as I said, it was not because they were losing money that they hiked the price up. Go read some in-depth articles about it.

            You really didn't need to insult me and call me and my friends "cheap ass buddies." You'd know what it's like not having a lot of money if you paid for college on your own...Thanks for rubbing it in a little more though.

    • NexusKoolaid

      I agree with you and I'm keeping my Prime, but I have to call them out on some BS...

      It says in the price hike notice "We also added unlimited access to over 40,000 movies..."

      What they don't tell you is that they periodically REMOVE unlimited access for some movies. I've noticed that some of the movies and TV shows that used to be free with Prime are no longer free.

      • Melu

        Very true! It's just not all THAT.

    • https://sites.google.com/site/livingroomhush/ Alessandro L

      In EU we got a 9.99€/year (roughly 14$) prime plan for 2 day shipping only, even better.

    • Matthew Fry

      I bought a 50 lb TV stand and got it shipped to me one day for the 3.99 upsell. Does anyone even fathom how expensive it is to ship a giant 50 lb box one day? I don't think Amazon makes money on me, unfortunately for them.

  • Ben Said

    If Prime was available here in Malta I'd get it right away. I order loads of things from Amazon but have to pay €10 for standard 3-10 shipping!

  • brkshr

    I thought Amazon was crazy for offering prime at $79, when I joined about a year ago. I think $99 is more realistic and perfectly fine paying. I'm all for saving some money, but I also like services, like Amazon Prime, to be able to stay in business.

  • Chris Sanner

    Best option for me: I'm not canceling and am considering subscribing in the future for reasons unrelated to price

  • Daniel

    It wasn't beneficial (cost-effective) to me at the 79 price so it definitely isn't beneficial at the 99 price. I never had Prime besides the free trials.

  • Hector

    Amazon prime is available outside the US, but prime instant video isn't. I'll cancel my subscription since $100 bucks is to much just for the free shipping feature and the only way of using instant video is with a US VPN. And this also gets complicated most of the times.

    • Marc Edwards

      i think the streaming thing is UK too (as of a month ago or something). if i had a kindle i would probably get it because of the whole kindle library thing, i read a fair few books. alas, the whole lending thing isn't available on the android app.

  • sams0n

    Here in Germany, Prime costs 29 euro. With the movies nd tv series it costs now 49 euro. Thats much cheaper then the US Prime service!

    • Josef Berg

      Right and for students its even cheaper with only 15 euros per year including the istant video option... Great job amazon!

    • jbernardo

      Unfortunately, if you are a resident of a neighbouring country, you still pay 49 for prime, and streaming is blocked. Also, some stuff in amazon de is sent to Germany only.

      Suddenly, prime is no longer interesting.

    • Melu

      Well - Germany is a much smaller country with much shorter delivery routes. What is funny about this is that most packages that I order (from the U.S.) on Amazon Germany with regular domestic shipping (non-Prime) also arrive within that same time frame at their German addresses. Unless one forgot Mom's 75th birthday and the gift absolutely must arrive within 2 days, it is not worth the 29 Euros IMHO.

  • Austin Akens

    I mean if people really don't throw a fit, or at least act like they're getting upset over this, it basically invites them in the future to spike it up again.

  • LukeAtMyNuts

    Where's my Amazon Student choice? $49 bucks.

  • Potato

    99 keeps up with the rate of inflation. Still, considering other services like Newegg premier or Shoprunner. We'll see!

  • unhappybirthday

    Streaming service is worthless to me without Chromecast support.

    • Scott

      Even android support.

    • DirkBelig

      It's not worthless without Android support; just inconvenient if all you have is the Chromecast. If you have a game console (all Xbox/PlayStation/Wii have it), you can get A'zon Instant Video, though Xbox requires paying the Gold toll. I picked up a Roku 3* last week for my g/f's place (I don't have Gold and the only console is an X360) and it's fine. Yeah, it totally sucks that Amazon persists to be dicks toward Android users for just this one thing - they'll take our money for apps, MP3s and Kindle books all day - but it's not as if it's impossible to get your Amazon Video onto your TV.

      * Next month Roku is putting out a $50 stick device which is like a Chromecast, but comes with an actual hardware remote with built-in headphone jack (which is great for when I want to watch a show my the g/f is sleeping and it's pretty much going to kill the Chromecast. Google once again botched a good idea with terrible execution. Google TV was a warning; Chromecast is the confirmation that they simply don't know how to execute.

      • Joel

        Chromecast can still play Amazon video, you just have to switch to the Flash player instead of the Silverlight one.

        Also, the Roku streaming stick does not have the remote headphone jack, you have to get a full Roku box for that. The streaming stick has an RF remote instead of the Wifi one that is used on the other models. If you want the Wifi one you have to pay the extra $15 to get it separately.

        • DirkBelig

          And how do you do that? I see people claiming they're running Amazon video on their Android devices by sideloading Flash and using some beta browser, but when I try it it's sub-SD garbage. Are you casting a Chrome tab and if so, how? I don't see a "Don't use Silverlight" option on Amazon's site and Googling only brings up Linux instructions and a ton of hacking needed. If you are tab casting, it's sure less convenient than an app or native device would be.

          I stand corrected on the Roku remote stuff. I was debating between getting the Stick or a Roku 3 and ended up going with the latter because I had some credit at Costco to burn which made the price a wash for a better device and they threw in the HDMI cable. In all the back and forthing, I must've conflated the capabilities of the remotes. My bad. Thanks for the correction.

          • Joel

            There's an option on the Amazon site to switch all browsers on your account to the Flash version. After that you can easily cast the tab from a PC or Mac to Chromecast - I don't know if it can be done from an Android device without workarounds or not.

          • DirkBelig

            I had just discovered the Settings link which takes you to where you can toggle over to Flash, but after doing so it refused to play what I was watching (a Veronica Mars episode FWIW) saying that I'd hit my limit of two simultaneous videos. Restarting the browser didn't help either. I ended up turning back to Silverblight and was able to watch an Orphan Black episode. Pfffft.

            None of this garbage would be needed if Amazon would get the fook over themselves and stop blackballing Android. It makes no sense that a content sales company who has no problem with selling apps/MP3/ebooks to Android users decides that the service they're pouring fortunes into to compete with Netflix (i.e. exclusives and original programming) should be off limits to the tens of millions of Android device users out there.

            They brag about the 650 devices that support video, but the omission of Android is like running a pizza place and bragging about having 50 toppings to choose from but if you're right-handed, you can't have pepperoni. Dafuq?!?

          • Joel

            You have my total agreement there.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

    Even at $99/year, Prime is still a great deal. If you can make Prime NOT pay for itself during Christmas alone, you're a better man than I.

    • Rob

      Prime is a bargain for you guys in the US...
      We're now paying £79 a year in the UK, that's $130!!!!

  • Scott Kaforey

    I had over 120 shipments last year. That alone (aside from the other services), still makes free 2 day shipping well worth it. Combined with the fact that I "share" my prime with 4 other "household members", we each still only pay $20. Can't beat that.

  • Mariello

    Here in Italy we have Prime at 9 euros/year, but you don't get the free streaming service.

  • RaptorOO7

    No price increase since 2005 is not bad so a $20 after 9 years is pretty small increase. Plus the people likely to complain are the same ones that pay $6-7 for a coffee at Starbucks.

    • Gabernasher

      I don't get why they don't just implement small price increases each year, it's much less sticker shock for the consumer. Had they gone $2.50 a year people wouldn't care and they'd be ahead.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        I prefer the way they did it now - at least we're only being charged more now, instead of being progressively charged more every year.
        It's honestly not that much of a hike.

    • Joe Kivel

      small really! It's a 25% price increase. What else has gone up by 25% in that time frame? Maybe your salary. Mine hasn't!

  • RantGirlRants

    I heavily use the streaming service as well as the two-day shipping. I'm not giving up my Prime.

  • kabloink

    It's getting a bit high for those of us that are light Amazon shoppers.

  • DrakeTungsten

    I'd get Prime if they had an Android app for the watch instantly that I could use on my N7.

  • Ahmed

    Hi I am prime member from Saudi Arabia and a lot out of US they are prime members only to use it for 2 days free shipping .
    The rest of services is not working like the book or the movies .
    So for me I dont think iwell renew my membership .

  • austinpowers504

    If they ever get a android app i would purchase besides that how can i watch it on my Phone, Tablet, Or chormecast so why purchase?

  • Netpilot

    I've been a US Prime member for years and I share it with four relatives. Amazon has only raised the price by $1.67/month. Ground shipping for one item from most other merchants costs more than that! At $100/year, I still think it is an incredible deal.

  • Anthony

    Considering the sheer amount of stuff I order from amazon and prime instant video and extra $20 isn't enough to make me cancel my membership.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I don't order as much stuff as I used to and I use Netflix and Hulu over amazon so I couldn't justify reupping

  • Zelrick

    While I will always oppose a price hike, I won't be cancelling Amazon Prime. The service as a whole is still a steal at $99 and Amazon was smart enough to not try to reach into triple digit range where it would scare off many.

  • A

    I'm in Canada, so I never had it in the first place. If they ever get off their arses and give us the same stuff the US Prime users get, then maybe I'd consider it, even at 100.

  • nhizzat

    Give me an Android app for Amazon Video and I might consider keeping it.

  • Andrea_B

    Getting toothpaste from Amazon? Do you ever think about the environment when you do your online shopping??? Some things can really be purchased at the shop around the corner...

    • Melu

      You have a very valid point there, Andrea. Primes seduces people (me included) to purchase absolutely everything via Amazon to "make it worth it" and at some point it becomes absurd and harmful.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      The carbon footprint of moving a small box of toothpaste is unmeasurable and insignificant. Stop all this Prime hating.

  • rsmiff

    I purchase enough through amazon that the $99 fee is a bargain. Free two day shipping and often it arrives the next day. I've received things on Sunday. Well worth it. Don't watch the streaming but I know it's there if I want to. Music might be coming as well.

  • Jimbo

    So it's a $20 increase this year just to test how many people will still pay the higher price. If enough keep it, they'll increase again next year. No thanks Amazon, I'm out.

  • Matthew Fry

    There isn't a I'm keeping it and I'd pay the $99 but I'm also using the gift membership loophole option this year.

  • Joe Kivel

    That is a 25 % increase. Well above the multi year inflation rate. Also has anyone here noticed that Amazon is getting sued because they are charging Prime members more for purchases then NON Prime members. In short they are adding the "free" shipping charges into the price for prime members. Check it out yourselves, don't log in and price some items. Then log in and price the same items. I did and now I know the lawsuit has merit.

  • Melu

    No. We will definitely cancel it. $20 is way too steep a hike. The thing is that if you look closely, Amazon Prime items are often more expensive than if one were to order the same items from a different merchant (on Amazon's website!). So - while we Prime members think we're getting a great deal, it really isn't all that great. Most of the time tax is now added as well, and when all is said and done we get within pennies of the other merchants' prices (who often do not charge sales tax). It then all comes down to the 2-day shipping which is nice to have but not for that kind of fee. The Prime videos are often ancient and uninteresting to us (new releases are never free!), and the Subscribe & Save program keeps canceling items we used to have on S&S. Lastly, the one free Kindle book a month - oh well. I can do without. Bottom line: We were already on the fence with the $80 membership fee but this one tips us over the edge. The program is just not that attractive.

  • Shaques

    I'll say this: They've started using USPS instead of FedEx. Then the price increase? Yeah, no way.

  • Darren

    Old thread but...I canceled my prime after my year was up. I rarely use the movie streaming and only order from them 6-12 times a year (small items like printer ink). Initially, i got prime (hesitantly) thinking ill either break even or save a couple bucks. For me the price increase was just enough to tip the scale. I'm sure the addition of the new music service weighed in on the increase but i don't want the music service.