The big news in the wireless business this week has been AT&T's upcoming purchase of Leap Wireless, which the FCC approved yesterday. The deal has been in the works since July of last year. That leaves AT&T in an interesting spot, since it now owns the CDMA-based Cricket Wireless, which directly competes with the budget-focused Aio sub-brand. Apparently AT&T prefers the more established brand, because the company said it will combine the assets of both under the "Cricket" name.


Fierce Wireless reported that AT&T announced plans to combine the brands as part of the FCC filing back in October.

After the transaction's close, AT&T intends to combine the nascent operations of Aio with Leap's existing operations under the Cricket brand name.

AT&T has been seeking a more effective low-cost arm for years, famously attempting to buy T-Mobile and being subsequently blocked by the Justice Department. The Aio brand was then targeted by a rejuvenated T-Mobile in a slightly ridiculous color-based trademark lawsuit, which the magenta-flavored carrier won. Aio has only been around since last May, going national in September.

Presumably AT&T intends to convert its current Aio stores into Cricket retail locations, though integrating Cricket's CDMA technology and product line with AT&T's GSM and LTE networks will probably take a few years. In the meantime you can still buy Aio and Cricket phones using their brick-and-mortar and online stores. AT&T's GoPhone prepaid phones are still kicking around, with a few budget-minded Android options, no less.

03/13/2014 - The New Cricket to Deliver No-Annual-Contract Wireless on Reliable Nationwide 4G LTE Network

Experience of Cricket and Innovation of Aio Wireless provide a Winning Combination for Customers

Alpharetta, Ga., March 13, 2014 - There's a revolution coming in the no-contract wireless space and the new Cricket is leading the charge. The new Cricket Wireless, emerging today from AT&T's (NYSE:T) acquisition of Leap Wireless International, which had operated Cricket, creates a powerful force that gives customers what they have been asking for. The new Cricket will change the way people think about no-annual-contract wireless by delivering what matters most: a reliable, nationwide 4G LTE network; simple plans at affordable prices; fresh and engaging retail stores in their neighborhoods; and a range of cool devices.
"Today is more than a milestone in the industry, it's a signal to consumers to get ready for a smart wireless service option without an annual contract," said Jennifer Van Buskirk, president of the new Cricket. "We're fired up to help people across the country take advantage of our fast nationwide 4G LTE network, affordable pricing plans and cool devices everyone will love. This is the power of the new Cricket."
In the coming weeks, Cricket will be combined with AT&T's existing operations to create the new Cricket, with a national presence featuring thousands of stores in states across the country. The new Cricket is taking the very best from each brand and focusing on providing customers with simple, affordable no-annual-contract wireless that's easy every step of the way.
Existing Cricket Customers
There is nothing current Cricket customers need to do to right now. They can continue to use their phone, current phone number and rate plan to stay connected with family and friends. Once the integration of the two brands is complete, Cricket customers may visit a new Cricket store at their convenience to purchase a device and service plan that will give them access to a reliable, nationwide 4G LTE network so they can experience great coverage from coast-to-coast, with no roaming charges. Everything the new Cricket is doing is focused on making it easy for customers to take advantage of all that the new brand will offer.
Aio Wireless Customers
Existing Aio Wireless customers will continue to enjoy simple pricing plans and the phones they have without changing anything. The only change they will see is the name change to the new Cricket brand.
"Whether you're an existing Cricket or Aio Wireless customer or haven't discovered us yet, we can't wait for you to experience everything the new Cricket will offer," added Van Buskirk. "Get ready. It's going to be easy to see that the new Cricket is the smart choice for wireless service without an annual contract."
For the latest information about the merger, visit: http://merger-info.aiowireless.com
About the new Cricket Wireless
The new Cricket Wireless was created for customers who want a simple, smart and affordable choice for wireless service, without an annual contract. In addition to always focusing on the customer, the power of the new Cricket is access to a fast, reliable, nationwide 4G LTE network, easy and affordable plans that provide unlimited service and include all taxes and fees, and a great selection of devices customers love. To learn more about the new Cricket or find a store near you, visit http://merger-info.aiowireless.com The new Cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    Ugh I just set up an account with Aio last week. It seemed like a good deal to get 5gb of contract for $55. Too good to be true for long I guess.

    • Ryuuie

      AIO is NOT shutting down. You're 100% fine.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

        Well when they headline says AT&T will shut down AIO and combine it with Cricket.... Anyway thanks for the additional information you posted up top.

        • Ryuuie

          No problem and yeah that needs to be fixed. It's completely incorrect. The only company that will be shut down and changed up will be Cricket when they eventually go GSM and every Cricket customer has to buy a new phone.

          • Brandon Cruz

            See, by your own words Cricket is going to no longer exist. AT&T sucks barge swill!

        • David Thoren

          I think the title is fair. Brand is not the same as service after all, so "Shut down AIO...Brand" is correct.

    • Josiah

      Your fine nothing is happening to aio customers except for the name change It's just us cricket customers that get the unfair treatment

  • Ryuuie

    Actually, you guys REALLY need to add in some important information from the link you posted:

    Do I need to do anything? Will I see any changes to my phone and features?
    No, there's nothing you need to do to be part of the new Cricket. Your phone and phone number will continue to work and your rate plan will remain the same, so you can stay connected with friends and family.

    Can I still make changes to my current rate plan, service and features?
    You bet. You can still make changes to your current account plan and services.

    Are there any changes to how I make my payments?
    No. There are no changes to how you make payments or when your payment is due. Please continue to make payments as you do today.

    Will I have to switch to a new phone to take advantage of the new Cricket service?
    Again, no. There will be no need to change your phone.

    With the new Cricket service, can I keep my rate plan?
    Yes, there’s no need to switch your rate plan. But you can if you want. It's up to you.

    Can I go to a Cricket store now for the new Cricket service?
    We can't wait for you to start exploring all that our stores will have to offer; however, please be patient as it's going to take a little bit of time. We're working as fast as we can and will let you know as soon as your local Aio/new Cricket store is ready to roll out the red carpet for you and handle all of your service needs. Until then, stay close to your local Aio store for service. They’ll be able to help you now and as they become a new Cricket store in the future.

    Will my current coverage change with the new Cricket service?
    No, there will be no changes to your coverage with the new Cricket.

    Who do I contact if I need help?
    During the transition period, please continue to visit your local Aio (soon to be the new Cricket) location, or dial 611 from your wireless phone.

    All of this falls in line with what AT&T said last year and what one of their in-store representatives told me last month. AIO Wireless isn't "shutting down" like people are worrying. All it is is that it's being renamed to Cricket and, eventually, it'll be rebranded as such. However, you will continue to receive service, pay your bill, and have the same CS as normal.

    All this is is just a renaming for right now. There are no major changes such as your phone being disconnected and you being forced to move to another carrier.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      tl;dr - If you're a Cricket customer, nothing to see here

      • Ryuuie

        Actually, if you're a Cricket customer, you will eventually need to buy a new phone and switch to GSM. What I posted was for Aio Wireless. Here's what's for Cricket:

        (I realize I could've just cherry picked but I think it's important that people get ALL of the information. :P)

        Are Aio Wireless and Cricket now one?
        Not JUST yet. Although the financial transaction part of the merger is complete, it's going to take some time to bring two brands together. You can rest assured that everything we're doing right now is to make sure it's simple and easy for you. We'll keep you updated and let you know when we have more to share.

        Do I need to do anything at this time?
        Right now, there is nothing you need to do. Your phone and phone number will continue to work and your rate plan will remain the same. In the not-so-distant future, you'll receive special communications that will invite you into a new Cricket store when you're ready to choose a new plan and phone to enjoy the new Cricket's reliable, nationwide 4G LTE network.

        What changes will I see to my phone and features?
        No need to make any changes to your plan at this time. Stay tuned because we'll be able to share more with you in the not-so-distant future. Then, you can decide what you want to do, when you’re ready. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time.

        Will my phone number change when I migrate to the new service?
        No, your phone number can stay the same.

        Can I still make changes to my current rate plan, service and features?
        Yes, you can still make changes to your current Cricket account plan and services.

        Are there any changes how I make my payments?
        There are no changes how you make payments or when your payment is due. Please continue to make payments to Cricket, as you do today.

        When can I take advantage of the new Cricket rate plans? Will I need a new phone too?
        Yes, but hold tight. We'll keep you updated on what you need to do – and when you need to do it, but there's nothing to do right now. In the not-so-distant future, however, we'll reach out to you and invite you to stop by one of our stores when you’re ready to choose a new plan and phone to enjoy the new Cricket's reliable, nationwide 4G LTE network.

        When can I take advantage of new Cricket rate plans and phones?
        We're working hard to integrate our systems and want to make your transition to the new Cricket as easy as possible. As soon as we've completed this work we'll send direct communication to let you know what to do and where to go to complete the move.

        Can I go to an Aio (new Cricket) store for service?
        We can't wait for you to start exploring all that our stores have to offer; however, please be patient as it's going to take a little bit of time. We're working as fast as we can and will let you know as soon as your local Aio/new Cricket store is ready to roll out the red carpet for you and handle all of your service needs. Until then, stay close to your local Cricket store for service. They'll be able to help you now and in the future.

        Who do I contact if I need help?
        As always, you can visit your local Cricket location or dial 611 from your wireless phone. We're more than happy to talk.

        • unsivilaudio

          Using the term "buy" loosely, Cricket will most likely provide existing CDMA customers with comparable (GSM) phones at no cost to them, like At&t when they bought out Alltel in my area. It really was painless.

          • Brandon Cruz

            Don't count on it. AT&T is a near monopoly and has a money hungry sycophant type mentality on it's Board of Directors.

          • Ryuuie

            I've personally had no troubles with them but all I can say is: At least they're not TracFone/Straight Talk/Net10/TracFone/some other one I don't care to remember. THEY'RE a monopoly and is probably the reason why AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint are jumping into prepaid now.

            Straight Talk is..awful. I was only on for a year and that whole year was spent with me on the phone with CS trying to get MMS to work and watching over my back with my data in hopes they didn't randomly decide to throttle me for no reason. None of this happens with AIO for me.

          • Brandon Cruz

            Well, sir, I'm glad Aio was wonderful. I have zero experience with them. I've really enjoyed Cricket. In the beginning it was difficult talking from Austin to Houston (until I moved to Houston, lol), but Cricket has been steadily improving. Throwing in with AT&T really gets my goat. I hope all works out in the end, but I'm ready to jump ship if it doesn't.

          • Ryuuie

            Everything is actually coming full circle for me, hah.

            I started on Cricket, then to Boost Mobile, then to Virgin Mobile (I actually worked for them for about two years before I became a customer), then to Sprint, then to Straight Talk, and currently Aio. In a few months, I'll be on Cricket once again with GSM from Aio.

            I'm glad that Cricket has been getting better. When I used them back in 2000 to around ehhh...maybe 2009 or so, they were bottom of the barrel CDMA (at least in my area) and the corporate office here had (and still has according to what I hear from family members) VERY long lines for service.

            I hope the merge creates new opportunities for all such as the tethering from Cricket for Aio users (this is just a maybe) and the BYOD from Aio for Cricket users (this is a given considering you can bring any unlocked device with AT&T bands over to Aio with only a SIM card swap needed).

          • Margaux Milchen

            I just bought the galaxy s4 a few months ago through cricket for close to 700 dollars..I don't want to purchase another so soon..

    • Bugger

      Will Cricket offer any discounts on phones? I am a cricket customer and went to the website to see about upgrading my phone. It says that by March 2015 my device will not longer work on the network. We have 3 cricket phones, fairly new. Now Im gonna have to replace all three phones because they changed the network?

      • Ryuuie

        I'm not sure how AT&T will do this as far as discounts, but yes, you will have to replace all three phones in March of 2015.

        Right now, the phone you have is a CDMA phone, AT&T only deals with GSM. Since CDMA phones don't work on GSM networks (world phones not included here), you will have to buy a GSM device in order to continue using Cricket.

        I imagine they'll have some type of discount or something.

        • kim

          They are offering no discount I have a 3G its not even a year old and I still owe $300 on it cricket said thwy would give me $50 a week ago but the price depreciate daily like a car. Their words.

          • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

            Yes, that's how technology is. As soon as you buy it, it's obsolete. If you already owe them $300 for the phone, I'd say $50 is kind of generous though. =/

      • gentleman559

        But you will have AT&T service not the old Crickets low budget ghetto service. So making a switch may be a hassle but you will have 20 times better service. I think its a win

      • kim

        Write attorney General and call local new channels to complain.the more we complain the more someone will take notice.its worth a shot but hurry.

      • kim

        That is correct and they are not forgiving u any money for your old phones

      • brian

        Well, now you know some of this was lies. You have to buy a new phone (unless you have an iPhone 5) if you want to take advantage of the LTE service. They throttle the crap out of you. No more tethering. Service is way better.

    • Brandon Cruz

      My question is - MUVE Music? Will AT&T decide to abandon our "free" music library? That's my main reason for staying with Cricket.

      • Ryuuie

        I'm not sure. :(

        • Brandon Cruz

          Lets hope not. I pray not. Gonna suck already having to spend another $400 on a new phone regardless if I stay with Cricket or move to T-Mobile. I have the HTC ONE SV. I'm just getting used to it as well. This whole thing blows. I hate AT&T and haven't used them since SBC took them over.

      • Letitcia S. Herbert

        At&t are trying to sell Move music due to their contract with Beats. I have a lot of music in my Muve this was the best perk of having Cricket service other than price of course.

        • Brandon Cruz

          Ms. Leticia, this is disturbing and distressing news to hear. On what do you base your opinion?

      • cricket manager

        No...the NEW CRICKET will do away with muve music after the merge is totally complete

        • Brandon Cruz

          What do you have as evidence of this and what might be in its place?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      While that may be helpful for some, it's not AP's job to be a FAQ website for confused Aio customers. They've been confused from the day they signed up, anyway ;-)

      • Ryuuie

        At first I thought you meant AP was confused. :P I was more confused on Straight Talk...

        Though...there was when they changed their plans over on aio and the guy got confused as to what I meant when I mentioned it.... That was annoying, honestly. haha

    • Jaysa Stevens

      Everything will be the same nothing will change but the logo you will be just fine if not better. I WORK FOR AIO

    • remedios

      Lies all lies! Just got off the line with Cricket. I just purchased galaxy s4 and it will NOT work in 2015! Plain and simple. I was just told I will have to trade in and trade up to new phone and service plan.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        Um, no. They're not going to full GSM until NEXT year. NOT this year.

        They didn't lie, you just didn't do the research you should ALWAYS do before buying a new device.

        • Josiah

          That is actually not the case for me I purchased 2 galaxy s4 and 2 cricket engage mt in November at the black Friday sale over 900$ worth of phones and they give me no warning about the new cricket and also after march 2015 which is 6 MONTHS AWAY I only get 6 months to enjoy my phones then what??????? I've looked and no cdma carriers will support all my phones and the trade in values are horrific they are way less than these phones are worth. It's bogus to me that aio customers have to do nothing but we have to jump through all these hoops to get the new cricket I am very disgusted with this and I am definitely leaving cricket I wish AT&T wasn't such a money whore and had to buy cricket.

          • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

            Honestly, this is why CDMA is outdated and terrible.

            CDMA phones can't be swapped over like GSM. They're pretty much designed to keep you locked on a carrier. You would run into the same issue if Verizon or Sprint bought Cricket because they use two different bands of CDMA. Wonderful isn't it? Now T-Mobile and AT&T are generally interchangeable if you buy unlocked phones or unlock your GSM phone. You can also take them anywhere in the world and they still work fine. There is a reason why GSM is globally accepted. It's honestly just easier and less restrictive to everyone.

            Whoever sold you those phones should've told you, yes. But they probably didn't know as no one knew 100% if this would happen back then.

    • kim

      This is a lie.u do need to buy a new phone

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        Yes, you have to buy a new phone next year, not this one. Let it go and do some research before making another comment, thanks.

  • wtfsss

    I'd love cricket's plans if you could bring your own phone :(

    • Ryuuie

      You should be able to when AT&T is finished. It'll be GSM though.

  • br_hermon

    I was considering aio but then I found out they forbid tethering and throttle excessive data. So does Straight Talk. Does anyone know any other prepaid providers / MVNOs that don't have these two stipulations?

    • http://jefferai.org/ Jeff Mitchell

      As an Aio customer:

      * I've successfully tethered. I don't do it often, but when it has been necessary and useful, it has been necessary and useful.
      * Aio's basic premise is throttling; it's part of the reason why they're cheap. I had AT&T GoPhone; I'm paying $15 less a month on Aio and the only difference is that LTE is capped at 8Mbit and 3G at 4Mbit. In theory it sucks, but in practice, I haven't cared.

      • unsivilaudio

        +1. First I've heard of them not allowing tethering, and they have not made any attempts to block it from what I've seen.

  • SD Cricket User

    I have iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3 with Cricket. Will they work on AT&T network?

    • Scott

      Nope. You'll end up with a new phone one way or another.

      • Brandon Cruz

        Ditto with my HTC ONE SV?

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    RIP, Aio. Nobody will remember you, though.

    • Ryuuie

      I know you're baiting (I REMEMBER YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!) but you're absolutely right. :p

      This is why AT&T is doing this in the first place. haha

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Yeah. AT&T should just admit they don't have what it takes to be competitive instead of launching a not-so-appealing T-Mobile knockoff with crappy support.

        Aio will be historically significant, I expect.

        • Ryuuie

          They're trying! :( :( :(

          Also, I'd be on T-Mob if they allowed sign ups from where I live. :v Seriously, they have no new sign ups here but people passing through will get 2G fine...

          Their maps claim I'd get service (even went to a T-Mob store in another state to confirm) but it's only for current customers..

          • KlausWillSeeYouNow

            That's odd! Whereabouts is this place?!

          • Ryuuie

            Omaha, NE. I've only been on T-Mobile ONCE...in Iowa, with bad service. It wasn't slow it was just...nonexistent. :v The T-Mobile towers in the town I was in had blown away in a tornado a few years ago and they were supposed to be reinstated...didn't happen. I spent a lot of time on 2G..but hey, I had signal when AT&T didn't so there's that.

        • Jaysa Stevens

          The crazy thing is Aio and T mobile colors were not at all the same. Its ok to be intimidated but this is going to far. And the crazy thing is everybody is jocking Aio's style with all these "deals" get it together EVERYONE WAS SCARED OF AIO TOO BAD THE OWNER OF AIO IS THE OWNER OF CRICKET SO AIO STILL ROCKS!!

          • KlausWillSeeYouNow


            What?! Okay, first of all T-Mobile already won in the courts over the color. So you're wrong.

            Secondly, AT&T is the owner of both companies, and if you seriously think AT&T purchased Cricket to become an innovating force in the wireless market, you seriously need your head inspected.

    • Jaysa Stevens

      lol hater

  • Mystery Man

    Well that was a pointless lawsuit over the magenta I guess

  • solbin

    I just signed up for AIO last month. What will this mean for me???

    • Stone Cold

      Contact AIO

  • AS48

    I just signed up with AIO this week, just prior to this announcement. Very happy with my phone and service, NOT happy with AIO's customer service (online chat), which like most no-contract carriers, is outsourced overseas to call centers where they have no idea what I'm talking about when I ask a simple question (like why does my "phone information" menu show "unknown" under "phone number" instead of showing my number?). When I ask to speak to someone in the US, I'm told to call customer service. I call, and again, get someone overseas who has no idea what I'm talking about. Ridiculous, but I guess when you get a discounted rate on the monthly plan, *something* has to be sacrificed. It's a shame it's customer service that got the axe. Pretty sure this won't get better with the merger.

  • TwiggyB

    Right now Cricket makes you fill out a credit report to buy a Samsung S4. Why I don't know. They think people can't afford to buy their phones for $700 at one time. I can't believe they're turning people down because they don't have good credit to buy a $700 phone. Is this going to continue once AIO becomes Cricket?

    I'll just switch to Sprint where they don't care about credit reports, just money and payments! And Cricket currently does not sell Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or 3, just the S4. Why is that?

    • mikeym0p

      People sign contracts with fake credentials or leave the country and save 400$+ on a phone. Its a necessary evil unfortunately

      • Brandon Cruz

        Isn't Cricket a NO contract provider?

    • Stone Cold

      No deal with Samsung for it.

  • kel

    Ridiculous cricket is the worst signal provider in the market. Why would I have to suffer on a decision that was not announced before.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Get a quality provider if you truly want to be valued as a customer.

    • Stone Cold

      This was announced months ago AT&T were buying leap. You just missed it and there is 18 months for the full switch to take place so you have options.

  • topgun966

    AiO was a joke anyway. Capped LTE speeds, shitty customer service, and shitty coverage in Chicago. A shitty service combining with shitty service, sweet.

    • Ryuuie

      I was in Chicago last year on aio, it was perfect for me. Full coverage and everything.

    • Jaysa Stevens


  • Mike

    This sucks for some Cricket customers from what I see. No 10 gig data plan. No tethering on AIO. Unless they change AIO plans I will have to look elsewhere.

    • amy

      I want to know what at&t plans to do for cricket customers, when the change occurs and our phones no longer work on the new network??? I wouldn't care so much but I just bought a new galaxy s III. I was not told of the change,. I am hoping at&t, will either switch out the phones or find a way so they can work.....

      • krystal

        I'm not very happy. I just went and got a galaxy s4 from cricked payed all of this money for this damn phone and now they want me to by a new phone. Like I have money for a new one. This is messed up

        • darrkwingg

          I'm in the same boat Krystal I heard they are working on a unlock code for customers who pay their bill on time

          • Niles

            My cousin is a cricket dealer. He said that AT&T will pay you up to $300 toward the purchase of a new phone once the merger is complete. You can still enjoy your CDMA phone for another year until the merger is complete.


          • UnHappy Employee & Customer

            Niles, that's not true. I am a cricket Dealer and I am disgusted with this merger!! I have 2 cricket phones that are on the cdma network and the trade in value is $0.00. The trade in for the S4 is ONLY $100.00, nothing more nothing less. There has been so many issues with the Original cricket phones since this merger and I am not happy with it. I don't think AIO, Cricket, & At&t thought about how this merger would affect the employees and the current cricket customers. There is No more Muve music or Lifeline which is something that kept alot of current customers. They continued to sell the S4 and other 4G phones up until alphia day knowing them damn phones wouldn't work on the new network... Which is a bunch of BULLSHIT!! As a cricket customer before being an employee I refuse to put another dime into a cricket phone, epecually when I have $300.00 worth of phones on my hip and they are offering me NOTHING as a trade in or buy back!!

        • kim

          Write the attorney general and call local new company. I am in the same boat. Cricket tells me they will give me $50 for my $500 phone that im not even done paying for until 8/15

        • frank

          You have that right brother. Same here s4.paid like 600 something. And now say its only good till next may bullshit.

        • bev

          I totally agree I was told that my HTC ONE SV would be ok or they would upgrade my phone for free. Guess what they now tell me I have to buy a new phone. They want me to get the phone that will be a downgrade from my HTC one sv

      • kim

        Write to the attorney general. I didn they said the more ccomplaints they get the sooner they will investigate

  • erick martinez

    I have been a loyal cricket customer for about ten years when I have to buy a new phone will I get a discount on a new one I always keep up with the new technology and try and what will we see in pricing of the new phones

  • GentryUSAfReE

    This is BS why do I have to purchase a new phone you want my ass to stay with you then you should be giving us our first phone free as an equal or greater phone. As for service I will not pay one cent more than I'm paying now so hope You might want to consider your hitler stallin take over because this is America where I can go elsewhere without suffering your gas chambers.

    • Stone Cold

      Depending on the phone and the age of it they may not have anything of equal value. And to give you a free phone may mean their lowest and cheapest phone.

  • bobt

    Although it may not be the best, I have no idea, http://www.straighttalk.com is a viable option to take your cdma phones to with a 5 dollar a month cheaper unlimited plan

  • NORA


  • Brandon Cruz

    I've read two posts on here that Muve Music is being ditched by AT&T. One lady claims it's bc they have a contract with Beats, but Apple just bought them out and it would make sense to couple Beats with I-Phones. Another guy claims he's a Cricket Mgr, but two different Cricket Mgrs don't know anything about Muve Music. Can anyone give some verifiable facts concerning the fate of Muve Music?

  • j59

    Wow. I just spent 600 on a phone that I will notbe able to use fdo much longer. Not cool!

  • Tanya

    I am very upset to hear my galaxy s4 will not work. When I bought the phone I was told about the merger and that all I needed was a sim card which they gave me. Now I am hearing my phone will not work and I need to purchase a new one. I think it's time to go back to t-mobile.

  • Kyle Harkness

    I bought my s4 2 months ago. Paid 280 after trading my gsm s3 and my one s in. Then I find out I can't use it after March 2015... so I paid for a device I planned to use for a couple years.. and now I know it's one year... no one told me about the changes. Then I go and ask about it. They tell me cricket will offer me $ 120 for a 2 month old s4 in Otterbox since day 1. I feel it was shady and want a replacement with the gsm version.

  • Christopher

    Yeah i bought a ZTE phone in March. Was given a 4g sim card in phone and promised 4g service when the switch hit. Wrong Cricket you lied to my face. Cricket changed there minds on the 4g cdma phones. Told me to buy a GSM capable phone. I just bought this phone on false advertising. Maybe me and others this happened to should just press with a lawsuit. Contact me site runner or i will. kyguy1270@gmail.com

  • david

    whats funny about all this is people who bought the cricket Samsung galaxy s4 will have to change the phone, sucks to be those people since crickest s4 is only lte, cdma capable with no apparent global option I'd hate to say but that is the proverbial sand paper in the rear

  • Ramses

    This is wrong, but good for other companies, cause nobody would stay with Cricket after this

  • Joe

    The only thing that was keeping me from leaving Cricket was Muve Music now that's gone I guess I will go somewhere else

  • Yohan

    I as customer did not ask for new network capabilities or elimination of Muve music or increase in monthly fees. This ends of crickets smooth ride as I see it as consumer. it hopefully will open door for new company to fill crickets customer vacuum.