Chromecast support came a little early to the Plex app, but it also came with a catch – only premium PlexPass subscribers could use it. That was only a temporary situation, as the developers added features and improved the feature. Now the preview period is over and everyone can enjoy Plex's excellent content streaming with Chromecast support without a subscription.

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Plex operates by running a server client on your computer to catalog and transcode all your media. It can be streamed to devices with the Plex app, or to the Chromecast. This basic feature set is free with the Plex app, Chromecast support included. PlexPass subscribers still get extra stuff like local device sync, cloud sync, camera uploads, and multiuser control.

Also be aware this isn't a completely free deal. While the basic service is free, the Plex app itself is $4.99. PlexPass subscribers have an identical free app that requires a login. With Chromecast support available to all, this is definitely one of the best ways to make use of Google's streaming dongle. The update is apparently live, but it's still populating in Google Play. Give it a little bit.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • nvllsvm

    This would have come in handy a few months ago, but I've recently switched to XBMC and a 60ft HDMI cable.

    • Fatty Bunter

      The handling of On Deck and Recently Added/Aired finally switched me from XBMC to Plex after more than 10 years. It was a great ride XBMC, but farewell.

  • K

    So glad this preview period is finally over.

    • cabbiebot

      hear hear! Just tested it out and it works great! Would be great if Google built in casting to locally stored media from a PC (or a phone, but allcast can do that) but I'm happy to have paid for this great app to do it.

      • saltyzip

        I don't understand why Google's Gallery or Photo App doesn't support Chromecast.. CRAZY!!!!!

  • mikeyt

    Plex is an incredible app. Worth every penny.

    • Matt

      Yeah, the transcoding it does makes it much more useful than a lot of other options to cast local files. Not having to convert all my videos before being able to cast them is worth the few bucks for the app. Add to that the ability to view my friend's files that he's shared and it pretty much pays for itself.

  • gotluck


  • kam

    Oh finally! Let the joy being!

  • NS

    Plex App for IOS is free, but $5 for Android. Why this double standard?

    • Matt

      Pretty sure the free one is for people with a subscription, just like the free one for Android is.

  • jj14x

    Using the paid app - is there a way to cast media stored on the phone? It doesn't seem to see any of the local media

    • RyanWhitwam

      I don't think so. Plex plugs into the server program to stream media from a computer.

    • Dick

      No, you'll need a separate app. Plex app will only stream the content stored within its own database.

      • jj14x

        bummer... thanks Dick, Ryan. Allcast it is :)

    • Asphyx

      With Plex's ability to stream to a device even when your not on the local network there really is no reason to store data on your device anymore. Just put it into Plex and it's available anywhere you are provided you have an internet connection.

      • jj14x

        The only issue is that when I take a picture/video on my mobile phone, I now have to get it onto my computer now (yes, I could auto-sync to box/dropbox/etc and have that auto-sync to my PC running Plex, but I now have to leave my PC running all the time)

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Yessssss!... now I can finally play all the video from my Synology NAS on my new Vizio TV that doesn't support DTS audio and other codecs (that my older samsung TV DOES support) via dlna. Transcoding to Chromecast FTW.

  • WHO?

    So i had Plex on the destop and took it off. I have the paid android app... So if i put a divix/avi etc on my phone it will transcode from my phone to chromecasst? Or does my phone send file to plex servers and syncs back to chromcast?

  • Mr-Glass

    I love being able to use my tablet and phone as a remote, but sometimes I just want to cast from plex using chrome on the laptop, wish there was an option to do that similar to youtube..

  • Matthew Fry

    OMG I read the first sentence as: "Chromecast supporters came a little early..."

  • TheHulksMothersCousin

    I bought the android app, installed on my two android devices and both see the chromecast device i have but they do not see my media server at all although my media server can see the android devices on the network. There is little support from Plex and I cant get help to fix it. The Plex support website seems comprehensive yet I see no topic for this and my question has been ignored on their forums. There is absolute no way to get any direct customer support. There is no email even for support. No way to put in a ticket. Im really annoyed at this. I cant see anything locally or through the internet.

    Just so you dont think Im some newb I was once a computer technician, I build, fix my own, set up my network, fix others. I see no way to force a search or broadcast to find devices on my network. I can only wonder if because my android devices are wireless and my computer is on a ethernet connection for some reason the androids wont talk to the pc though pc media server does see them.

    If anyone can help
    My pc which has the media server is an Intel i32100, 4GB memory, radeon hd 6870 graphics card, 350mb and 1TB HDDs running Widows Vista Sp2.

    My android devices are an Advent Tegra Note 7 and a Moto G

    My service provider is Virgin cable, my cable modem is connected to a router which is connected by ethernet to my pc and connects to my android devices by wireless.

    My media server sees my two android devices but not my chromecast, My android device do see the Chromecast but not the media server.

    I would be so grateful for help.

    • Luke

      your pc needs a wireless connection

      • TheHulksMothersCousin

        Nah it doesn't but thanks for the advice. I got it to work with my pc on its ethernet connection. I had to adjust settings in my firewall.