Over the past several years, text messaging has become an important tool for families, friends, and co-workers to stay in contact quickly and easily. More recently, it has also become a clutch way for people to communicate and collaborate on the job, oftentimes with group messages becoming a sort of on-the-go whiteboard for tossing around ideas or simply setting up meetings.

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Today, Autodesk is throwing its hat into the group messaging arena with its new app Autodesk Instant. It's a group SMS app that's aimed at the workplace, which aims to make it easy to talk to a team of people all at the same time. It features message, photo, and video sharing, along with location tags (for easy meet ups), one-on-one messaging (like regular SMS), and "seamless communication with coworkers who don't have the app installed" – assumedly because it's just sending out a standard SMS.

Now, the first thought that may grace one's mind is "I already have an SMS app, why do I need this?" This could be a simple and easy way of keeping work separate from play, and personal contacts away from professional. This practice could also eliminate accidentally sending an "inappropriate" message to a coworker when it was meant for someone else. We all know how embarrassing that can be.

Autodesk Instant is a free app with no in-app purchases, and it's also available for iOS devices. Hit the widget to give it a try.

Cameron Summerson
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  • nxtiak

    So it uses SMS protocol? Article not very clear on it. And their description isn't either.
    My co-workers and I use Hangouts,and it's been great. We're on it constantly.

    • Princesation

      We use hangouts as well. I just prefer having all conversations in one app.

  • John Malin

    We use lync in my workplace. The lync2013 app is beautiful, very nice layout.

    • nxtiak

      The Lync app doesn't sync up with the Lync program on PC when you're talking on both at the same time...

  • LeeroyJ.

    We use Hangouts (at Google :))

    • Doug

      I'm a Google fan but the problem with hangouts is that if I'm using this in a business, I really don't want to see a list of random people that I have no interest in or connection to but Google somehow thinks I should connect with them.

      • Ricardo Neves

        Why not just create a circle for your workplace?

  • slurivariv

    GroupMe does the exact same thing as this. o.O

  • Cerberus_tm

    Why not use Whatsapp (or soon its replacement, Telegram)? Why use something that relies on the SMS protocol when everybody Whatsapp is much faster? Everybody has Whatsapp or an equivalent in most countries.