Sprint customers who are upgrading or opening an account in stores will soon have the option of customizing a Moto X. Starting March 14th (that's tomorrow) Sprint will be issuing codes to customers in stores so they can go online and design a Moto X. There are a few caveats, though.


This setup is going to be a lot like what AT&T was doing back when the Moto X launched. Customers will receive the code via email and go online to customize the phone. The device will actually be shipped to the store instead of directly to the customer, which is a little odd. The codes are also only available with a 2-year contract – Sprint's Easy Pay device installment program isn't compatible for legal reasons at this time. Additionally, you can't sign up for device insurance (TEP) with a customized Moto X.

3-13-2014 2-30-59 AM

There should be official details at the Sprint Moto Maker landing page tomorrow, but it's not showing anything interesting yet.

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  • Vinícius Philot

    Moto X is an awesome device. It's such a shame that its camera works so poorly, otherwise it could have been a great iPhone killer - more than any Samsung device.

    • RTWright

      My GS3 is better than this device hands down. That being said, if they really want to wow people, let them choose hardware specs as well. If they did this then I would be impressed. This phone has such mediocre hardware specs, was even at the time of release.

      • Vinícius Philot

        GS3's camera is wonderful, but I don't agree with you in the other areas (such as materials, finish, hardware and everything else). I have a Nexus 4 righ now but I really miss my old GS2's camera. That thing still beats many current phones down.

      • Kenton Douglas

        The Moto X is faster than a Galaxy S4.

        • ProductFRED

          It's true. I have both. It has a dual-core processor (just what's needed) but it has an quad-core Adreno 320, which is the graphics chip from the Snapdragon 600 (what the S4/HTC One have). All this and it's running at 720p so it's much faster graphically (e.g. Gaming). Not to mention how optimized Android is on it.

      • xanok

        You're either on drugs or heavily biased if you think the GS3 is even in the same league as the Moto X. Hell, the GS4 isn't as powerful.

  • Mark Washington

    I can already order one why go to sprint?

  • Evan

    We've had the Sprint Moto Maker codes at Best Buy for months....

  • one

    Best Buy / Best Buy Mobile stores currently offer Moto Maker for all 3 major carriers in store. This is not new.

  • Rouel

    Of course Sprint is late to the party