The marketing campaign for OnePlus's CyanogenMod-powered One phone has been maddeningly piecemeal, so we've been hesitant to post their tiny updates. But the latest one is notable: according to this forum post, the OnePlus One will feature always-on voice commands, in the same manner as the Moto X and 2013 Motorola DROIDs. The administrator says that it's enabled by a combination of Qualcomm technology and custom software from the CyanogenMod team.

The presence of a "wake up" command makes it seem like this feature will work even when the phone is off, again, very much like the Touchless Control app from Motorola. The command itself is being put to a vote, with "OK OnePlus" getting the lion's share of only a few votes so far. Previous posts indicated that the OnePlus One would use a Snapdragon 800 processor, and Qualcomm's promotional page for the series includes a standby voice activation feature, though the current phones and tablets that feature the S800 don't seem to have enabled it.


We'll use this post as an opportunity to catch up on the One: other small announcements from OnePlus have indicated that it will use a 3100mAh battery and a 5.5-inch screen. The latter is perhaps more ambitious, since the company is aiming to cram it into a tiny housing. According to this post, the screen fits underneath a 5-inch Xperia Z1. Of course, that's just the screen, not the housing, which is a bit misleading.

OnePlus will probably continue this nickel-and-dime PR approach right up to the release in a few months. Feel free to dig around the official forums if our somewhat skeptical coverage is too infrequent for you.

Source: OnePlus Forum

Michael Crider
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  • Gsizzle

    Release the God damn phone already!

    • dude

      I prefer a finished product. You don't want to have mobile phones become like modern video games where they released an unfinished product first and patch it later. They are a start up company, if they shipped an unfinished product they will fail.

      • Joris Griffioen

        Then stop teasing and making promises.

        • My name is….

          Why? Are you waiting in line?

  • ProductFRED

    When a phone is announced by a company you've never hear of, you'd think they'd go ham on the marketing. But nope, don't know them, don't care about them because I know little to nothing about their product.

    • antohboi

      who hasnt heard of htc they've been around for at least ten years

      • dude


      • Gregory Cabral

        This isn't htc idiot.

        • antohboi

          it is htc thats who the onoe plus one is made by idiot

    • dude

      Google is not that hard.

    • imlip

      Because marketing is cheap right?

      • ProductFRED

        No, but it's necessary. If you have a great product and little to no marketing, you're not going to sell anything. Look at HTC and look at Samsung. When was the last time you saw and HTC ad? If you have an answer, was it memorable? Probably not.

  • silaslenz

    "Believe it or not, there’s a OnePlus One under that Sony Xperia Z1, a 5” screen phone that many people have said great things about." - This certainly says that the whole phone is smaller than the Z1.

    • someone755

      Hehe, great pun. GREAT things (as in, Sony phones are huge regarding bezels).

  • someone755

    I hope the hype and rumors don't just collapse onto us with a crappy phone...

  • vgergo

    "Hi Galaxy" on the Note 3 and S5 wakes up to Google Voice Search with this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hu.viczian.deathtosvoice