Sony, LG, and Razer all announced fitness bands at this year's CES, but we shouldn't let this distract us from the options already on the market. The Jawbone Up app has been available on Google Play for quite some time, and now the company is bringing support for its newer Up24 band to Android via an app update.


UP24 support was previously an iOS-only affair. Now Android users can also buy the band and use it to track movement, sleep, and challenges all with an interface that's bright and vibrant. The app can send a silent alarm to your Jawbone Up24 band to wake you up at the most appropriate time or fire off idle alerts reminding you to move after periods of inactivity.


At $149.99, Up24 is $20 more expensive than the previous model. It has a battery that should last for seven days and looks like it will work with any Android device supporting Bluetooth 4.0.

You can find the Up24 fitness band and the updated app below.

Jawbone Up

Source: Jawbone Press Release

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  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    What a coincidence. My (second) Jawbone UP band died last week.
    If they think I'll switch to the newer model, they can keep dreaming.

    • Steve B

      Gen one Jawbone Up was a complete P.O.S. Thousands upon thousands of people have returned theirs multiple times because they quit working. How they stayed in business during this time is beyond me.

      Gen two seems to be better, but the first left a bad taste in a lot of peeps mouths.

      • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

        Mine was a Gen 2 "Jawbone UP", UP24 is a Gen3.

    • Atomic Zombie

      I'm on my third. I've given up with it now.

    • masterxchief

      I'm on like my 10th replacement. I've lost count at this point. Each band seems to jump around with battery issues or syncing issues.

      • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

        The band that just died last week also has battery issues. Phone says its 100% charged, but it won't last an hour before its completely dead. :-/

        I took such good care of the band, I treated it like a gremlin. (Y'know, don't get them wet, don't use it after midnight and don't expose it to sunlight)

        Still died. :-/

        • masterxchief

          I wish they had better quality control. The UP band is the easiest to sleep with on your wrist in my experience and I like what they are doing with the data they collect.

      • tru

        I thought my battery/sync issue was my Issue, Apparently not. I'm on my 3rd band in 8 months

  • ddpacino

    Still cant decide between this and the Fitbit Force. Any suggestions?

    • MikeT

      Avoid the Force! There have been thousands of reported cases of it causing a rash, me included. I don't think it is an allergic reaction to the material, plastic, nickel, whatever. I think it is whatever they used in the altimeter...

      • ddpacino

        Thanks. Damn, Jawbone got issues and so does the Flex. Well, this sucks lol. I would dismiss that as flukey, but I do have sensitive skin.... argh.

        • simbak2k

          How about the FitBit One? It works better than the Force as it's more reliable at tracking when it's not on your wrist, and the app is pretty decent.

          • ddpacino

            Liked the appeal of a wristband, but since it's not a watch, the clip will do. Now, to smatter this with the negative news lol. I have read about people losing these alot while clipped to pants and pockets. It's a little cheaper than the other so it's worth the plunge.

        • Sean

          I was in the same situation. I got a fitbit flex and I'm probably going to upgrade to the force whenever it comes out again. Can recommend the flex, enjoying it so far.

        • spittles

          Its only the original up that had issues. It was a prototype/trial and because of the information they gathered the UP24 is pretty much flawless. I love the smart alarm system no other watch has it.

    • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

      Former Jawbone UP user. Would highly discourage from buying further Jawbone products.

      • ddpacino

        Appreciate that bro.

  • geniusofthecrowd

    You can't even buy the Fitbit Force at legit retailers anymore since there was a recall by Fitbit.

  • Marc Edwards

    Advantage of this over the basis b1?

  • 1n50mniac

    Too late for me, they lost me a long time ago. To be honest there are just way better fitness devices coming soon to drop 150 on a jawbone up24. I pre ordered the Moov, looks amazing and way more of a coaching device than just counting calories and distance.Check it out at moov.cc Plus the galaxy fit and gear 2 will release soon. Those deserve consideration.

    • Pratik Holla

      As awesome looking at the galaxy gear fit is, I hate that it is tied to Galaxy devices.
      Also, checked out Moov. Man that thing does a lot!

      • 1n50mniac

        I thought so too, I ordered two because I've been into boxing since a kid, and love seeing how I can punch harder....faster....better...stronger. :) But also I need coaching in other areas so it made sense to buy it now while its 50% off retail. I have an android but don't mind waiting the extra time, till then I will just stick to my giant G note 3 and it's S health app!

    • ShaneJax

      Looks pretty interesting but no Android support until Octoberish.

    • ddpacino

      Thanks! You can preorder for $60!

      • 1n50mniac

        Totally! I had to get two myself, for boxing workouts and on runs to sync them up on both my feet lol. I really like how they used olympic athletes to calibrate the coaching feedback. Just awesome, glad you liked it!