Have you noticed that your devices get slow sometimes? Is your memory usage out of control? One user was having these problems, decided to take matters into his own hands, file a bug report, and get this problem FIXED! User "Amit", clearly frustrated by the fact that his phone runs slower than cold molasses, took to Google's AOSP issue tracker for some help downloading more G-Bs.

hi guyz,

thanks for the awsome android. my feature request is about performance.i have used many of the android versioned mobile phone and tabs. in all that i noticed about the performance factor.can u guyz add some performace boosting thing on the next version or any update to existing. i want to open 10+ apps, active few ones and mostly inactive.when 5+ apps of size about 2gb its starts hanging or slowing down the running speed.can u make some redesign or something that will increase the performance using lesser ram use.

my request feature is about ram consumption. please make it in the update so the phone can produce much fast perfomance.

hope u consider this.

ty again for the gr8 android.

Cheers to u !!

It looks like this guy's call for help HALP was answered, as Google has marked this issue for a future release:


It's time to take Project Svelte to the next level and turn it into Project Ripped. Until Google develops its new Performance Boosting Thing™, the only real workarounds for this issue would be the usual things like liquid cooling your phone, overclocking your gigahertz, or replacing both the motherboard and fatherboard.

Bug #66745

Thanks, TheManii and Eric!

Shawn De Cesari
Shawn is a web developer by day and XDA's resident archivist for Nexus and Google Play Edition device OTA updates by night. When not immersing himself in code or Android, he can be found hunting down antique signs, taking road trips, listening to music, or playing video games. His daily drivers are a Nexus 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Nathan

    meh androidz is awesomesz

  • Raloc

    dear el goog pls gibe more gigglyhurtz and metaflops i need

  • remister

    It seemed like an episode of AndroidPolice Mailbag request.

  • Rickywainwright

    Sounds reasonable. I wish Google would listen to their customers.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Acceptance and official FutureRelease status is the best part.

    • http://www.corbindavenport.com/ Corbin Davenport

      Project Butter be damned, we have a real feature here.

      • darkdude1

        Can't fathom why such an important bug only has "medium" priority...

        • Gaurav Arora

          Hi guys, PBT™ was just leaked on XDA!!1! They are trying to get a stable build through, still got some bugs to squish, but so far, it seems to have much fast performance!

          • Donna M. Coleman

            Glad to see this issue finally being resolved, can't wait to see the improvements.

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          • bungadudu

            Can you post a link?

          • Michael Pahl
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      cheers to u

    • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

      Project Butter 2.0 confirmed.

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        project KY Jelly

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      By name I can say he is an indian for sure

      • ash

        But nice request and glad google accepted it

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        Or Israeli

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    Thank you so much google team. I was waiting this update. Its really great user friendly and smooth

    • Trent Callahan

      You beat me to it.

    • anne

      my galaxy mega cuts off does not connect to 3g says there is no updatees and when im out cant get 3g either help

  • darkdude1

    Google knows that their OS is simply not up to par. Not being able to handle 10+ apps and 5 more 2GB sized, whatever that means. Google has been caught red handed, and can't wait for these improvements :) /s

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    Much fast! Very preform!

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          No.. It's just wow.

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    I only have 1 thing to say to this:
    Soon backanswer!!!

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        Time Cook Bitchslapped

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    The only thing that could have made this better is a closer consisting of SOON BACKANSWER!!

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      First thing I thought of

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      Haha I'm dead XD

  • Jk Jeeks

    There's an option already exists on Nexus or AOSP Roms to get that Performance Boosting Thing early. You can find it in the developer options in the settings app. It's called ART.

  • TheSparks

    Performance Boosting Thing™ is going to be a thing LOOL

    Way to go Google!

  • Android Developer

    I just wish for the day they will say "we solved fragmentation" .

    But that's very good too.

    • mesmorino

      As long as Google keeps releasing Android versions every six months while the manufacturers release new phones every year, and the carriers sell two year contracts, this is never going to happen.

      • Android Developer

        Maybe they could come up with an idea that will overcome this.
        Maybe via automatic, like what they do to the play services.

        I know for sure that some components don't really need a higher API in order to work (usually UI components, but not only them).

        the support libraries that google offers is only a partial solution, as it makes all apps that use it takes more space and RAM .

  • abobobilly

    Performance Boosting Thing™ haha. Now we know how KING succeeded in getting his "Candy" trademarked :D


    But seriously ... this guy was awesome lol

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    This made my whole damn day.

    • Michael J Carroll

      That's the real reason where ditching dalvik. It's not a thing.

      • Mike Reid

        Now if we can just get ART out of Beta. My apps are ready, let's go Google, I hate having to test on both. (Which I'll have to for at least another year+ at least.)

        • hp420

          xposed doesn't run on art. until it does, art is 100% out. i have had so much free time by using xposed on official aosp and not crack-flashing to get new features!!! i won't go back now, even if performance increases 10-fold. i just can't stress enough how easy it makes android modding!!

          • DarkStarr

            I am fairly sure Xposed devs fixed the ART issues. I could be wrong but I thought I saw something about that a while ago.

  • Mr. Mark
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    And this is why AP has better writers than Hollywood xD

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  • https://google.com/+LateefAlabiOki Lateef Alabi-Oki

    The real question is why Google hasn't added this feature to Android already. It's over for Apple and Microsoft once this feature is implemented. Definitely a killa feature.

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    PBT™ FTW!

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    Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

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    Fatherboard :D :D
    Made my day...

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    ART = Amazing Ram Thing

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    I'm looking forward to the release of the new Performance Boosting Thing™.

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    memory compression? anyone remember Ram Doubler or Memmaker

    • Gaja

      Memory compression exists already, it's called zRAM.

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    Hmm, reread the article, reread it three times, can't really say I am laughing hard, or laughing at all. I will still put my most LOL'ed stuff when a bunch of Americans can't mention a country which starts with 'U', so thanks.
    And AP, mothersuckers go very well with you guy ;-)

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      So you've got a defective sense of humor. Cool story.

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    Please for all that is right in the universe, the next time Google improves android's speed, let it be called PBT™.

  • Hidetomaru

    I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.

  • Michael Romano

    Has anyone else experienced performance issues on Kit Kat? I'm running 4.4.2 on my Nexus 7 (2013) and it routinely stutters when opening up the app drawer/recent apps list. Also sometimes when hitting the home button, the homescreen takes a while to render and load. I've since enabled ART, and I've noticed an improvement in smoothness/performance. Just wondering if others have experienced something similar, and/or if it will be resolved in a future 4.x upgrade. Thanks.

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    Ah, now I can live on happily ever after, knowing that Android RunTime is just prototype name, and the Performance Boosting Thing ™ is the real deal

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    Dear sir, my phone is running slow. Plez halp me.

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    Sad thing: he's right...

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    What kind of apps is this person running. 5+ 2gb apps at the same time.

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    In Soviet Russia, bug reports you!

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    More requests from people who understand next to nothing about the computer in their pockets.