Typically, AP refrains from covering crowd-funding projects that have not yet reached their funding goal. Sometimes, though, there comes a campaign that is just too good to pass up. These campaigns usually fall into one of two categories - either the yet-unfunded campaign is unbelievably awesome, or it's really weird and kind of ridiculous. We'll let you decide which bucket the HeadWatch falls into.

On the surface, the HeadWatch looks pretty much like any current smartwatch - it receives notifications, can manage phone calls, and has a big square display and unfashionable wrist strap. The Indiegogo page boasts "easy app deployment," a total lack of buttons, and contactless temperature sensing (see video above), along with plenty of other nice-sounding features.

What sets the HeadWatch apart though - in the minds of its creators - is the fact that the watch face can detach from its strap and attach to your head using a little fold-out ear clip. This makes it a wireless headset. The campaign claims this solves the problem of hard-to-use and frequently lost or broken headsets, but this writer is incredulous that an LCD display (presumably covered in glass) will be more resilient in the face of a head-height drop than a piece of plastic. It is believable, though, that keeping your headset on your wrist would likely reduce the risk of loss.

The page goes on to hail the HeadWatch as a contribution "to the humanity evolution," and uses the kinds of phrases about "human beings" and "simplicity" that you'd expect from a lofty-goaled tech project, along with pencil concept sketches, photos of early prototypes, and promotional photography.


This isn't actually the first time we've seen the smart-wrist-thing-turned-headset concept. Huawei, during MWC, announced their own version of this idea with the TalkBand B1, though even the B1 looks a bit more stylish (despite having more limited functionality).

At any rate, the HeadWatch is looking for $300,000 in funding by May 7, 2014, with manufacturing set to start in January 2015.

Love it or hate it, the smartwatch boom appears to be real, and shows no sign of slowing down. As companies and individuals try to perfect the concept of the smartwatch (while still fundamentally missing the reason people buy watches), we are sure to see more of these ideas. Personally, this writer dreams of a day when one's NFC ring docks into a smartwatch which slides into a phone, which docks with a tablet, which fits neatly into a keyboard dock - the RingWatchPhoneLapTab. Look for it on your favorite crowd-funding site.

HeadWatch (IndieGogo)

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • EH101

    I think you mis-typed "or it's really weird and completely ridiculous."

  • r2DoesInc

    ...I kinda like it. Id buy it.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    It was weird on the Huawei TalkBand, but it's even more odd on the smartwatch form factor. It kind of makes sense, I guess - after all, the Gear already makes calls. The HeadWatch just looks more than a little ridiculous.

    • SxperiaS

      Don't of if this helps but an Australian carrier Telstra explained the two back cameras in the new HTC One in a brochure.

  • Johnny

    i think its not bad but id prefer a smartwatch that has a detachable headset.
    like you start wearing the headset when someone calls you. no need for cellphones in your pocket anymore. this wont catch on. its too bulky and not sexy to wear on the ear. come on lets face it majority of technology is bought because of how it looks. not us but the world that doesnt even know that sites like this exist lol

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      That's generally my feeling on smartwatches in general. I haven't seen one yet that doesn't miss the fact that people buy regular watches as jewelry. A good smartwatch would be functional, electronic jewelry. Not a box of functions with a wrist strap.

      • Johnny

        Exactly now the new Samsung gear has that sleek design but again its tall. like you cannot wear it under a jacket or anything like that. it will stick out. we gotta wait until they have a very sleek one that works nice with long battery too. it will take some time. till then I will not join the swartwatch comunity

  • Jephri

    On the actual production model when it is on your head the words "I'm a dork" will scroll continuously.

  • Jephri

    They aren't the first ones who want to convert something you are already wearing into a phone.

  • ProductFRED

    "What time is it?"

    *looks at watch*

    *looks at girlfriend*


  • Jonathan Seymour

    The part in the video when she's drinking her tea. "Oh look, my phone just got a message, but it's just out of reach. Luckily I have my handy watch here so I don't have to lean over..."


    You will have to excuse my fellow citizens, we are in crisis over here, so anything to try and get some money is worth a shot. And there's already 4 people who think it's a great idea!

  • bakakun028

    Ha. This reminds me of the time when I saw a man walk around with a Galaxy s3 strapped to his ear with an elastic band around his head

  • Kevin Vesga

    I already find some dedicated headsets to be uncomfortable to wear. I can only imagine this would be worse.

  • Pete Sudlow

    I can see their thinking with this, I've been waiting for a 7-8 inch tablet/phone that has a detachable ear piece so you don't look like a dork holding a giant piece of glass to your ear. Yet somehow I still don't think it will catch on. Good luck to them.

  • Tommy Crosby

    The watch design is sleek, gotta give them that. But in same time, it looks fragile and easy to break and the fact that it can slide out so easily (of the wirst band and your ear) is just calling for a major accident.

  • James

    Because when Bluetooth headsets don't look crazy enough, all we needed was a watch coming out of our ear with flashing lights so we'll look insane.

    It's bad enough some people think you're talking to yourself if you use a BT headset these days.

  • SxperiaS

    My hometown city of Porto in Portugal, well always nice to see AP posting things like these.

  • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

    Why does she look like justin beiber

  • CJ

    They're in the right direction with the waterproofing. Now make it as tough as a Casio G-shock and lasts about a week on 1 charge. That's when I'll join that market.

  • merman1983

    My ... phone ... is all the way over ... there on the counter ....

  • Alonso Tucati

    The only cool thing is the temperature sensor.

  • christopher3712

    That's pretty silly.

  • Android Developer

    when it's on the ear, couldn't it be hanged by mistake?

  • Unknown182

    Pretty but I'm not willing to risk my money for a product releasing, supposedly, a year from now. Pebble was the last thing I backed on Kickstarter. That was a very long extra wait. Worth it in the end but frustrating. Especially when rumors of a Google Watch for this years I/O are kicking around. Then again, rumors like this are swirling for every company, surprised there isn't a rumor about Petsmart coming out with one too.

  • amanj softing

    what's the name of this headwatch ???
    or how I buy it ????? please