HTC's upcoming flagship is leaking left and right in all sorts of ways. We've seen press images from numerous carriers, and there was that long video "review" as well. Now we've got something you can enjoy on your own device. The wallpapers and sounds from the M8 have appeared online, and you can grab them now.

wallpapers_12 wallpapers_13

The wallpapers have a mix of geometric and nature themes – close-ups of flowers, plants, and abstract lines. The files have a resolution of 2160x1920, which indicates HTC is going with a scrolling wallpaper homescreen like most other devices (also looking like more confirmation of a 1080p screen, not something crazy). Last year's HTC One used 1920x1080 images that didn't scroll. Note, we only have a few images embedded here (the ZIP below has all 18). The sounds also have a nature vibe. In fact, the ringtones, alarms, and notifications are all named after flowers. The system UI sounds are still descriptively named, though. Most of the tones are subtle and a little on the quiet side. Although, the new One is going to have those big BoomSound speakers.

wallpapers_04 wallpapers_07 wallpapers_08

You can use any of these files on your Android device. Just drop the wallpapers wherever you want and set as background. The ringtones, alarms, and notifications just need to go in the right internal storage folder. You can replace the corresponding sound folders in your system root directory if you have the necessary access, which will also swap out the system UI sounds. Grab the ZIP files mirrored below if you're interested.

[XDA – Thanks, Pedro and Chris]

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  • GhS88

    Some developers are said to have system dumps as well, nothing left to leak! Really nice wallpapers.

    • KingofPing

      Waiting to see one of 'em port Sense 6 to the OG HTC One. Might actually be tempted to ROM again...

  • Yoofaloof

    A little bit poncey for my liking. How about wallpapers with scenes of decay and destruction and explosions, bangs and whistles for ringtones. I want a real mans phone, not something Barbie would carry around.

    • n0th1ng_r3al

      Yah i am glad i'm not the only one who found the wallpapers and ringtones a bet feminine. These remind me of the stuff that came with the Galaxy S III when it came out.

    • hot_spare

      Market surveys and study of human psyche.
      They all decide consumer market today.

    • Michael Tamayo

      Let's take 30 seconds here.. open chrome. search "manly wallpaper".. hit images.. save or set as wallpaper.

    • KingofPing

      Did you mess the second image in the article? The massive, flood tearing over the cliff with massive 80 ft. high breaking wave? It can only be causing massive destruction and mayhem! Perfect for a manly man.

      ...unless it's just a drop of water under magnification. Then it's lame.

    • Abel Santos

      Hahaha... Coolest comment i ever read from here.. U make me laugh bro.

    • theunknown

      Like you, I prefer Manly wallpapers too and by that I mean beautiful looking girls on my wallpapers ;)

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Looks nice

    • Mboogie

      Me too. Just set it as my wallpaper.

      • BehelitOutlaw

        Cool let's open a fanclub!

  • jamesfuston

    Louder speakers? No problem, we have softer ringtones.

  • Moath Al Jammaz

    they fuckin stripped the phone naked LooL ,they should just start sell it , without conference :D

    • Mad1723

      At this point, we probably know more than every engineer at HTC...

  • yahyoh

    poor HTC :D
    ok no need for the press conference anymore just tell us what the dual camera is ?

  • Ranjan Srinivas

    If you download the sounds for the m8 in the given link, and open the folder 'ui', there's a sound for wireless charging Named 'WirelessChargingStarted.ogg'. So that means we're getting wireless charging right? Hope so. :D

  • Andrei

    I guess at this point the only reason to go to the HTC M8 unveiling is for the cookies.
    They should also advertise in this direction : Come to the Conference, We Have Cookies.

  • George Av

    The only new thing about the HTC One, they are just re launching it. At least Samsung changed the name..

  • Esamtur

    HTC bought Beast audio share. So there is no beast audio in any HTC devices as of 2014. All that to save some millions. To compensate with that, HTC embedded dual cam and accessories that cannot compensate the quality of beast audio. Off course your first impression will be like , boom sound is quite enough and beast audio is overrated. But still beast audio is better sound quality. So i would purchased the old HTC one since it is the last beast edition. The extra speed will not be noticeable since it is a ratio between speed and heavy software. Correct me if i am wrong.

    • NewPhiProductions

      If you mean HTC sold their share in Beats Audio, then yeah, you would correct. This version of the HTC One will not have beats with it. I assume HTC will add their own audio filters that we can use.

      As for speed of the phone, if specs are what they have been leaked, there probably will be a decent improvement on speed. Processor may go from 1.7GHz quad core to 2.5GHz quad core. The memory may also increase from 2 GB to 3 GB, but that change is less likely.

      • Esamtur

        You are right about the speed, but no one complain about the HTC one's speed. On the other side, most of the HTC one users liked the beats audio the most. What i mean to say that the new M8 trade off is not worthy.

    • theunknown

      Correction - Its Beats Audio

      • Esamtur

        LOL, you are right. But at least you agree with my point?

        • theunknown

          Yes, I agree. IMO its not worth upgrading to a new phone for minor changes or something that you don't absolutely need or can manage without. (Thats a subjective opinion)

    • tehboogieman

      Beats audio is just branding and bass heavy equalizer tweaks, nothing that can't be done without useless branding. As long as they use good quality speakers again, thats all that matters.

  • tylerc23

    Wireless Charging Started sound is found under UI. Does this mean it has Wireless Charging!

  • http://www.waoweo.com george wessels

    HTC One is best mobile phone. I downloaded wallpapers from this website.