When you're copying text, it's usually so you can do something with it. Mime-O might be able to save you a few taps with it's clipboard popup. Each time you copy some text, Mime-O offers to drop it into a message, look up a definition, or send it right to your computer clipboard. This app came out a few weeks ago, but it's new to us.

The app consists of a few small buttons at the bottom of your screen. They only show up immediately after copying text, but you can trigger all three of the aforementioned functions right there. The clips it scans can be viewed in the app later, but I don't see any way to secure the app (problematic). There is also a server app you have to run on the computer to catch the clipboard text. Be aware, you need to explicitly start Mime-O and it runs a low-priority notification to stay active.

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Mime-O has a mix of features from apps like Push Bullet and Clipper. It can send text like Pushbullet, but it goes right to the clipboard and there are fewer options. It also stores your clipboard content like Clipper (and Type Machine, for that matter), but it's not always silently running in the background. That dictionary trick is pretty neat, though. This is an interesting app and it's free if you want to check it out.

[Thanks, +Leo Nidas]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • osm0sis

    ClipBird was my favorite like this, but it's a bit underdeveloped. Still workable though!

    • Matthew Fry

      Yeah I used to use ClipIt but it hasn't been updated for nearly a year. Last time I tried it crashed in JB. There are a lot of underdeveloped clipboard apps. I decided to get Type Machine and see how that treats me.

      • anzensepp1987

        Clipper by the makers of Type Machine is pretty solid and not underdeveloped at all. I use Type Machine and Clipper.

        • Matthew Fry

          Ah, I was under the impression that Type Machine was the evolution of Clipper but now I realize that it saves what you *type* and not what you *copy*. Which I guess makes sense considering the name. Sometimes using my brain is just too much work...

  • brianzion

    aNdclip is my favorite http://goo.gl/0Z9XmD

  • sid

    when you copy a single word it gives you the option of dictionary popup! Quite a useful feature for me ! Sending copied content via LAN in a flash adds to the list!

  • ReyMaxwin

    Does it work with Mac, Linux, ChromeOS or Windows? The article has no mention of platform support.

  • martyhalpern

    My question: Do I understand correctly that I have to start Mime-o every single time I boot my tablet? You know what will happen, right? I'll forget to start it and then be pissed when I have to copy something and there's no Mime-o running! How difficult is it, like Clipper, to have a check box option to always run at startup?

  • TPP

    What happened to this app!!?? It is no longer in the play store? Is it's name has been changed?? I do hope google didn't remove it out... Otherwise it is shame. Because it's dictionary is amazing quick. Just three steps. I want to find it's replacement?? English is not my first language and without mime-o I find word's meaning by at least five steps. Annoying.

    • makapav

      I might be able to get an apk if you're interested in a copy of the app. Let me know.