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Readers may remember Archos' suite of connected home "objects" announced last December and officially detailed at CES. The suite includes a motion-sensitive camera, lights, a weather station, and a Smart Tracker.

The objects aren't actually available for sale just yet, but the manufacturer has added a couple of new apps to the Play Store to eventually assist in managing the network of smart objects - one that will allow you to connect to the devices from any Android device, and one specifically meant for the 7" Smart Home Tablet.

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The app's functionality generally seems to reflect what you'd expect from the assemblage of smart objects. Other than compatibility, it isn't immediately apparent what separates the two apps, functionally, and Archos is stingy with the details, encouraging potential users to stay tuned to the Connected Objects landing page for news.

The apps share the same iconography, and from the looks of things they both offer a dashboard look at the various devices, from a weather report to motion detection reports, light control, and door control, as well as manipulation of "programs" or preset actions for various devices, including days of the week and times to act.

To check out the apps for yourself, just hit the appropriate widget below!

Liam Spradlin
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  • GigiAUT

    Good luck getting them to work if you ever buy any. I bought a 101XS Tablet and I think it was the worst decision I ever made. Never buying another piece of Archos again!

  • michal

    Damn, this app looks awesome. And Archos doing beautiful things? I'm impressed

  • jules

    Although Archos makes garbage devices, several times I read very possitive feedback from users of their apps. And I must say their free Video Player app is although a bit ugly now my 2nd/reserve video app after nr.1 Dice Player (for both having samba support for my home-cloud).