For custom ROM addicts, the custom recovery is an essential tool, and lately Team Win Recovery Project (usually shortened to "TWRP") has been the most popular option as of late. Today Team Win upgraded the core recovery to version, with more new features than you can shake a stick at. The latest version is available for dozens of officially-supported devices on the Project website.

eIDZ fYob

Among the more interesting additions in TWRP 2.7 are sideloading from the /tmp directory on encrypted devices, support for a mouse via a USB OTG connection (for devices with broken touchscreens), haptic feedback for buttons and finishing actions, and caps lock support for keyboards. Most of the rest of the changes are bug fixes, including notable changes for better SELinux support, faster graphical rendering, and an updated version of the popular SuperSU root app (1.93).

If you're a regular custom ROM user, you know what to do: download the appropriate recovery image to your computer, reboot your phone into fastboot mode, and flash the recovery over the USB connection (this isn't the only way to do it of course, but this is the most popular). If you're rusty on the process, check your favorite Android user forum.

Remember that new recovery builds sometimes cause problems when flashing new ROMs, so make sure to keep backups of your stable system, preferably from before and after you apply the new build.

Source: Team Win Recovery Project

Michael Crider
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  • Stanley Chan

    Just install recovery tools from play store. Just one touch and flash the new recovery

    • YoHoJo

      I'm not sure if I even know how to do it with the "most popular" method explained, I just use the Goo.IM app and it's done in a few simple taps!

      • Nathaniel Webb

        Just so you know (if you ever need it)
        -'adb reboot bootloader'
        -'fastboot flash recovery nameofrecovery.img'
        -'fastboot reboot'


        • jules

          For some people who want to keep stock recovery and still use TWRP use command 'fastboot boot recovery nameofrecovery.img'. So command 'boot' instead of 'flash'.

          That way one can use TWRP and still keep stock recovery. That way I rooted my Nexus 7-13. I also bought SuperSu Pro for OTA Survival Mode. After applying 4.3.1 to 4.4 and then to 4.4.2 I kept root without need to reflash SuperSu.

          The second my waranty-period is done I might flash TWRP permanently though.

          • Dog089

            Well, in the moment you unlocked the bootloader your warranty is pretty much “done“ (not really since you can relock it) but my point is you don't have to worry about losing your warranty by permanently flashing a custom recovery, you can go back to the stock recovery whenever you want.
            However with a custom recovery, you lose OTA updates.

    • imneveral0ne

      2.7 isn't listed as an option there yet anyway.

      • Stanley Chan

        Go in the team win site, download latest .img for you device then go in recovery tool install from intrrnsl memory. Look fir the new .img file and flash it.

  • Tx Redneck

    I'll take Flashify for the flashing win!

    • Daniel Traynor


    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      How come I never knew about this sweet app? It's awesome!

    • Jonathan Zelayandia

      Listen to this person, they know what theyre talking about. Flashify is amazing!

  • http://www.corbindavenport.com/ Corbin Davenport

    Just tried it out on my Nexus 5, works great!

  • DarkWarrior

    Where we can report bugs???

  • Siegfried Heilmeier

    Schon drauf auf Nexus 5

  • imneveral0ne

    I'll have to give this another run! It's been pretty unusable on my Nexus 5 so I've switched recoveries. Hopefully it's been fixed.

  • jessem1323

    Anyone know a way to turn off the haptic feedback? Its annoying.

    • Andrew

      Settings -> Vibration Duration?

      • jessem1323

        Thanks. I had themed TWRP and for some reason that option wasn't there. Removed the theme and all is well now.

  • http://www.eyesatdawn.com OhLookItsDave

    I haven't touched Clockwork since using this on my Epic Touch 2 years ago.

  • supremekizzle

    Link for fastbooting this, or, maybe the awesome guys at AP could do a whole guide Series on using adb, fast boot, etc. ;)

    • Shawn Cheever

      No offense intended, but why write a guide on something that has been written a few dozen times?

  • abobobilly

    I have noticed that if i am running CWM and try to do an OTA Update, it'd fail. But it never fails with TWRP :S What sorcery is this?

    I am slowly starting to give TWRP more preference.

  • gonsa sba

    Philz recovery here. My favourite.

  • mrjayviper

    thanks for the heads up. best new feature for me (haven't tried it yet) is the ability to save backups to external SD.

  • Manuel Lima

    i have a moto g with twrp but i want the 2.7 .. my device inst in the list..help please!

  • twrp is shit

    Only started using TWRP recently, always used CWM before, am going back to CWM, TWRP is so fucking shit it hurts, the layout is so bad I accidentally started a format while trying to acess formatting of the caches, and by the time I was able to cancel the damage had been done. What spastic puts nav controls in the top right and controls to start format at the bottom, am fuming, what dickhead wrote this piece of shit...

  • SD

    works fine on Samsung I9300

  • xexes

    how can i download twrt recovery pls....been trying na do that for days