The Galaxy S5 is but a short month away from release, and at this point, it seems like we know most of what makes it special at this point - both from the hardware and software ends of the spectrum. There are still some things we'd like to know - what the wireless charging situation is, for example - but there is otherwise plentiful information out there on the web about Samsung's latest and greatest Galaxy. Now that the dust has settled, too, perhaps so have opinions on the new handset.


Samsung certainly has its fans, and they'll likely be quick to snatch up the S5, which doesn't really deviate all that much from Samsung's hugely successful smartphone formula. Sure, TouchWiz is finally looking a little more modern, and the device's outward aesthetics have been a bit divisive, but really, from the moment you pick it up you know it's a Samsung device, for better or worse.

Questions around the camera and battery life still aren't answered definitively, but Samsung hasn't been one to stumble around those particular issues, at least not in the last couple of years. The Note 3 and S4 both boasted very good cameras, and the S5's new 16MP sensor, which is now even larger, is very unlikely to disappoint. While battery life on the Galaxy S4 was fairly unremarkable in our experience, it was by no means terrible, and I suspect Samsung has only improved in this regard on the S5.

So, are you already set to pre-order? Holding off until you read reviews? Or just plain not interested? Vote in the poll below, and take your explanations down to the comments.

Are you going to buy a Galaxy S5?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • epsiblivion

    going with One

  • Michael McGrade

    No thanks...I'll be sticking with my Note 3.

    • thartist


      • Michael McGrade

        It took a lot of hard work to get here...trust me...I'm behind in a lot of things that I'd I only had money...for example I just bought an Xbox 360...I'm a little behind :-

        • dude

          I have no game console. But I prefer PC. (no in not elitist)

  • asd

    I will buy 4 Moto G :D

  • Derek Duncan

    Probably. There's just too much going for it. Screen, finger reader, camera.

    • Guest

      It's a significant upgrade for S3 owners, but not much different for S4 owners. It's not surprising that on an Android tech site everyone says no to one of the first new phones of the year.

  • Jeff718

    Happy with my N5. Until the next Nexus is released, then my N5 will suck.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      I'm using the N4 and it still rocks :D

      • Don Mui

        Gave my daughter my N4 when I got the G2... Love the G2 but the N4 still holds its own... Stock kitkat rocks and runs so much smoother and as fast as bloatware G2... just weak camera and weak battery where the G2 is just worlds better.

        • dude

          I get 4± hours screen on time with my previous N4, with stock everything.

          • GazaIan

            Honestly, as an N4 user myself, that's pretty sad for battery life. That's about as much as I get too, but it could be a lot better.

        • Gabernasher

          Can't wait for the N6, so I can sell my wife's N4 and give her my N5, the camera on the 4 is just plain bad.

        • Ismail Akram

          That's where HTC ONE rocks so smooth and fast even faster then N5 . and oa very smooth .

      • someone755


    • Testraindrop

      Same here, N5 for now.

    • Simona

      Nope...Nexus will rock always.. ;)

      • Jeff718

        Yeah I was just being facetious. :)

    • abobobilly

      Allow me to mention a phone. The LG Optimus LTE2 (F160 Korean Variant) ... the first phone with 2GB RAM by LG ... while it doesn't have a very faster CPU, the amount of RAM makes it an ASTONISHING performer in todays time. If you don't believe me, try it sometime ... if it does exist in your world.

      My point is ... as long as you have 2GB RAM, i don't think you'll run out of juice any time soon. Well, unless Ubuntu starts to "realize" their dream of "Portable Computers" in Ubuntu Touch devices lol

      Btw, didn't Google said something about the next Nexus being the Last one? If thats the case then wish for a "LEGENDARY" device. Please Google God let it be legendary -.-

      • EH101

        Would it not be amazing if the next Nexus would be the first Ara device? Then it would indeed be worthy of being the last one. I'm really excited for Ara, which is sad considering it's still a long wait from now.

        • abobobilly

          Honey in your mouth broda. I like the way you think :)

    • Guillaume

      I'd love the N5, if only they added an SD card slot... Everything else is great about that phone. In fact after having played with one, I put a custom "Google Play edition" rom on my Galaxy S4, and I love it more for that :) Google experience all the way, makes your Droid what it was supposed to be. How could I live so long with TouchWiz before? I'm baffled.

  • redkan

    I'm happy with my 5s.

    • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

      I'm happy with my Moto X

  • lensgrabber

    Moto X now, waiting for M8 Google Edition or Find7 to see what they offer.

  • Teryl Todd

    Have a note 3...

  • howitzerr

    I dont know what the S5 has over a Z2

    the z2 is amazing

    • flosserelli

      A "pulse sensor" and a battery cover that will collect dirt & grime like nothing else.

      • Some dude

        This samesong remix sucks. If it wasn't because of marketing samesong wouldn't sell any of their remix. Go Nexus! Go htc! Go iPhone!

        • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

          Go Moto!

        • goon

          Wait you say samesong remix and bash Samsung but applaud apple who is king of recycling the same thing over and over again

          • Some dude

            Yes because at least apple doesnt comes out every 15 days with a new remix. The launch it one per year, not like this samesong. Besides, apple's remix are better, they have identity, and aren't full of useless words (bloatware). And btw, Go moto!

          • MicroNix

            Yeah with Apple you have to wait a whole year to get the same thing over again. Get real dude.

          • someone755

            He does have a point. The fact that Shamesung releases hundreds of phones with the same design per year gives iClones a point here.

          • electro

            Why does everyone always cry over the same thing? apple vs android? I have an iPhone 5S and it's way better than my Android. I'm not bashing either, but I enjoy how they stick to their devices. They both have their positives and negatives. Apple has pretty good build quality and a fluid os. Android has a variety of stable and semi-stable builds with a variety of device choices. So I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of the Apple vs Android comments.

          • Guest

            Fuck you! Apple sucks sweaty fatguy balls!

    • Don Mui

      I waited all year for the announcement of Z1 and I wanted to love it all but it was just too big imo and I went G2 and love it. If the Z1 or Z2 was the size of the G2, I'd be on it. I don't like the trend of going past 5"

      • Tim Harper

        You realize the g2 has a 5.2"screen, right? I have one and love it, but the screen is bigger than 5"

        • Vince Longman

          He said "If the Z1 or Z2 was the size of the G2, I'd be on it"
          The Z3 is a cm taller than the G2, which is a huge jump up and too big for many, including myself :(

          • Tim Harper

            I was responding to him saying he didn't like the trend of going past five inches

          • Derail Doax

            Problem is with judging screen sizes is you have to take into account on screen buttons. Because the G2 loses screen real estate inside apps because of the on screen navigation buttons. So the G2s and Z2s screen sizes are actually like a 4.9" or 5.0" screen while the GS5 has off screen capacitive buttons which don't take away from the screen. So the GS5 technically has more usable screen real estate unless you factor in the handful of apps that actually use "immersive mode"

        • Don Mui

          Yes I do. And because of the design with the minimum bezel it was acceptable to me and a tad bigger than my n4 and I do love my G2. I love the sony design with the aluminum but with the top and side bezel it was just too big for me to accept... Really getting into phablet territory. For me I feel around. 4.7" to 5 phone is the best "standard" with N4 or Moto like dimensions. My next choice was HTC One but I wasn't sure about the new camera design back then but am ok with it now and think the dual cameras will be interesting.

          • Tim Harper

            I agree. LG did fantastic job with making a smaller bezel. The s5 appears to have a bigger bezel than the s4 does, which is quite a bit larger than my g2..the HTC one is just outrageous with is bezel. Those two are going backwards.

        • abobobilly

          Cruvey Back & well crafted bezels are the reason which makes G2 a better handling and holding device than the Z1 ... IMO.

    • TY

      User removable battery. However this was traded off from smaller battery size, worse build quality, more chance of failing to waterproof, and bulkier form.

      • RaptorOO7

        Your comment on the build quality is just that an opinion. I have not found Samsung's build quality to be worse, worse than what exactly.

        • Thejungle

          Than Sony.. so far to search? Even Nokia makes quality good phones. Sheissung is complete crap.

          • MicroNix

            Check it out. Two Moto phones I had issues with. Samsung GS3? None. Nada. So don't preach how build quality is lacking in Samsung. Their phones take a beating and still keep going.

          • someone755


        • abobobilly

          Worse than those "metal" phone which came out to be "chipped" right out of the box ... maybe.

          But really, when will people end this hypocrisy about "metal=good quality" :S

          • Mantas

            No one is talking about metal. A phone can be well built from plastic too.

        • SubX

          Oh come on. Samsung's build quality is terrible. Horrible, plastic, squeaky, loose button devices that lag like hell. Choppy and jittery. Really? Their quality is that great?

          • Derail Doax

            I've owned multiple Samsung's. My most recent is the Note 3, prior to this one I had a Note 2, a Galaxy S3 before that, as well as a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and some very old first gen Galaxy S phones. Samsung has great "build quality" I've never had issues with their phones being poorly built and I've had A LOT of phones. I've owned a ton of HTC phones including the HTC One and pretty much every manufacturer all the way down to Alcatel and Kyocera. Samsung had always impressed me with their plastic phones being well assembled...

      • hot_spare

        With even smaller battery and worse processor, S4 had better batterylife than Z1.

        Not to even compare the GN3 with 800 SOC.

    • Frettfreak

      I dunno, how about something called ergonomics? i cant stand holding sony phones in my hand. they just dont feel right. to square and boxy.

      • EH101

        Yup, a page straight out of the Apple book imo. No ergonomics whatsoever. I suppose it doesn't matter when most put cases on their phones, though.

      • Jephri

        I love the way my z1 feels in hand.

        • Ismail Akram

          I love the way HTC ONE feels in my hand I didn't realized Until I moved to other smart phones

      • Matthew Merrick

        When's the last time you held a Sony flagship? The Z was awful to hold, but the ZL was great, the Z1 was pretty good, and the z1s is great as well.

      • abobobilly

        Make no mistake, Galaxy S4 was "THE BEST" 5 inch phone we had last year, and it really baffled me how easy it was to use such a device. I think that did have a positive point for ergonomics. Can't say the same about S5 though ... definitely not from the looks of it.

        Talking about Sony's "glassy" build, i may sound weired (but bear with me on this) .... I find SONY "Glass Build" phones and HTC's "metallic" phones difficult for "extended usage". Hold the device for extended period of time and your finger tips will start to hurt. Yes the "metal" or "glass" may give you a premium "feel" ... but personally speaking, that (appeal) wears off after a while

        • Ismail Akram

          THE BEST sure it would be for you. But not for everyone.

          • abobobilly

            "THE BEST 5 INCHER" i meant .... not as in "the best".

            And sure, i never forced my opinion on anyone :)

        • SubX

          Disagree! The HTC One was And still is the best smartphone ever created! It won Android phone of the year last year and again it won the best smartphone ever created just weeks ago!
          I don't see how holding the "metallic" device, the One makes your finger tips hurt. It certainly does not mine. For one it's smooth and has that solid feel. If your referring to weight, well you must be a wimp. It is not heavy at all. Yes heavier than others but that's what I like about it. You know its there. It feels solid!

          • abobobilly

            "THE BEST 5 INCHER" i meant .... not as in "the best"..

            Though i agree about HTC One being the most beautiful Android device created to-date. Unfortunately, i am not a sucker for "beauty" only.

          • someone755

            THE BEST 5 INCHER
            Def the N5.

          • Ismail Akram

            N5 its just its price.

          • someone755

            N5 is just what Android should be. No slow crapware added, great design, future-proof (especially after the 18 months, CM and PA are still official) etc.

          • abobobilly

            S4 was released somewhere in march 2013

            Nexus 5 was release somewhere in Novemeber 2013 .... NINE MONTHS after the S4.

            And if you read my previous post, this is exactly what i had written ... "Galaxy S4 was THE BEST 5 inch phone we had last year".

            Even then "NO" i don't agree about the Nexus 5 being the best 5 incher to date. Praiseable, because of its price ... Yes. But i value the Wolfson Chip, a microSD Card Slot, Removable Battery and especially the SuperAMOLED display of S4 much higher than Nexus 5 (if we exclude the price factor for a moment).

          • LewisSD

            How can you exclude the price factor while including all the other factors that directly affect the price factor?

          • someone755

            MicroSDs cause havoc among casual users.
            Removable batteries are useless unless you travel and have 3 spare full ones to switch (anything else is BS).
            2013 is 2013. The people that got the Oscar did some stuff at the beginning of the year, some did stuff at the end of the year. Best of the year means best-of-the-year. No exceptions.
            Superamoled? Awh come on, you're not still falling for that as a selling point? Even after the HTC One?

          • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

            microSD does not cause havoc for my mom or my wife which are definitely "casual" users. The only real problems with microSD cards stem from Google trowing up roadblocks to their use in Android because they want everyone using the cloud all the time (as if everyone has unlimited data and never ever goes to areas where there is poor or no cell coverage)

            You don't need to be a battery swapper to get benefit from a replaceable battery. All rechargeable batteries lose capacity over time, every charge/discharge cycle reduces the capacity a little bit. If your phone no longer has enough battery to get you through the day and you have a replaceable battery you can just replace it and get like-new battery life instantly, if you don't have a replaceable battery you are stuck charging intra-day until you get so fed up with it that you just get a new phone (which is the point)

          • hot_spare

            AMOLED screens are best in business, period. Just because your fav co doesn't have, you hate it. There is no denying that in future LCD will be gone and only AMOLED will be sold by everyone.

            Your LCD can't have wide gamut as that of AMOLED, nor can then ever have perfect black. AMOLED can have perfect black, and perfect white with infinite contrast and better refresh rate than any LCD in world. Research it, you will have your answer.

            Check reviews of world's best display at this point -- KE55S9C. It's an OLED display, far better than anything any LCD display can produce. That's tried, tested and proven fact.

          • namesib


          • someone755

            Such comment. Very distinguish. Amaze! So insight. Wow.

          • namesib


          • Ismail Akram

            Its not just beautiful, its fast, smooth, lag free, awesome sound, just camera is average battery is not so bad also running latest and greatest at the moment. also not bloated

          • abobobilly

            I am sorry i value some things highly. Having no microSD Card Slot, and removeable battery, and ESPECIALLY the absence of a SuperAMOLED Displays are BIG THINGS to me :)

            I have never worried myself about the Bloat. It can be disabled as well as uninstalled. Anyone who complains about the bloatware is just not serious in resolving it ... that is, IF (s)he finds it a 'problem'.

          • qu4ttro

            get off the sd card gripe already it simply doesnt hold water.

          • DonD

            "THE BEST 5 INCHER"... I LOL'D

        • supremekizzle

          G2 was definitely the best 5 incher, especially considering you get 5.2" in the form factor of a 4.8 incher. Plus the numerous other innovations on the G2. Put stock android on that biotch and it's a Nexus 5 on steroids.

          • abobobilly

            I agree to that as well.

            Given G2's screen estate, and how brilliantly LG covered it up while keeping the actual size of the device to lowest possible ... I think that was an exceptional effort at the design. (not sure about the back buttons though :p)

            Most of the people i meet, prefer flashing their own phone with CM or AOKP instead of OEM ROMs or buying a Nexus phone specially for that purpose. And personally, i think Nexus devices were a big deal back in those days, but TODAY ... they are famous just because of their price.

        • security_agency

          Don't agree at all, 11 months HTC ONE without cover of any kind, I'm satisfied. You opinion isn't really an opinion it's justification for samesung to use their PET bottle und supermarket bags recycling plant or you thought Samsung making it because there's someone who like it? LOL All the people around trying to find some point to justify this odd behaviour

      • Ismail Akram

        You are right sony is not good at ergonomics. they makes flat devices. Moto G, Moto X, HTC ONE all have better ergonomics. there would be other too, those are few I really like in hand

    • hot_spare

      Nothing amazing about Z2 either.
      It's just a Z1 with a better display (a display which every other vendor have been shipping since quite sometime).

      • master94

        3 Gb of ram is a good update imo

        • M4

          Well Sony's Z2 got dual front facing speakers too which were absent in Z1

          • EH101

            This right here is the single biggest change I like from the Z1 and Z2. The only reason I'm considering a Z2, actually. Just need to get my hands on one next to an S5. Moot point if it doesn't come to VZW :/

          • mcnegro

            try not using a CDMA carrier [vzw] if you want device selection...

          • EH101

            I don't have the luxury of multiple carriers to choose here. Even AT&T is crap.

      • abobobilly

        The "ONLY" good thing there is in Z2 is definitely the amount of RAM (since i consider RAM to be the most important piece of Hardware in Android's performance). More RAM is definitely welcome over 2GB. (Imagine minimizing multiple games like Real Racing 3 without worrying about RAM :D)

        Apart from that, the display is equally horrible as it was in previous generations ... just a bit better in viewing angles and colors (as it seems). But i am not really anxious to see it because i have been disappointed by Sony phones so MANY times that i don't even bother waiting for them anymore.

        • SubX

          2 Sony's I had for work, the Ray and then the Arc. Oh what pieces of junk. In then end I bought a new work phone myself. Now I had 2 Sensations, 1 for work, 1 for personal. I still use the 1 Sensation for work and it's still going strong. Never looked back.

          • abobobilly

            That was the "Sony Erricson" era. Very different than what we are seeing today (after the re-acquisition of Erricson), Today's devices (or flagships) are not quite as junk, good phones. Just missing A LOT if compared with competitors.

      • someone755

        Good display, actual build QUALITY (while we're at that, actual BUILD), more RAM, better UI, better OS optimization, more dev-friendly, better camera, better speakers...

        • hot_spare

          What "BUILD" ?? Caps lock went out of fashion in 1998.
          Better UI? Who told you? I find Sony's UI as boring and convoluted.
          OS optimization -- Proof?
          Dev-friendly: irrelevant for me and 99% of all population.
          Better camera -- All talk and no action like Z1? or really some improvement?
          Yes, RAM is more. 2GB isn't bad either.
          Also S5 has Lucidlogix battery tech. Z1 with 3000mAh battery fared worse than S4, not to mention GN3.

          • someone755

            The BUILD was meant as in, Shamesung's phones aren't built. Squishy squeaky glossy slabs that only get sold because of the marketing.
            OS optimization. I think the lag TW caused on the S4 is proof enough, thank you very much. Actual proof? Take the /system partition of a Sony and Sammy phone and see what's in there. Sony has what you need, with a little bit of extra to make life easier (Moto X, anyone?). Samsung has a whole bunch of "innovative" crap that fills the system, bloats and slows it down. Another thing they can put into their ads...
            Dev-friendly -- okay, I get that 99% of the masses that fall for the advertising won't ever care even about the Android version the thing runs, what even what root is. Though for the people that do more with their phones, this is important. A huge selling point over some incomplete software pieces marketed as "features".
            RAM is RAM. This is a flagship, you pay the price of a flagship. It needs flagship specs (and please don't get Apple into this, they optimize their OS so the specs aren't important).
            The battery, Sony's OS eats much less. Enable Stamina mode/whatever feature they have now, and it's cool. Little to no drain. (Before you ask if I'm serious with Stamina, yes I am. The casual user doesn't know having Wifi on causes drainage, and Stamina automagically disables things casual people don't need. If you're smart though both phones will last equally as much!)

    • troph

      Better marketing team? There's no other reason why Samsung should sell so well...

    • MicroNix

      If the Z2 is only going to be released on Tmo in the states then it doesn't matter how good it is. If Samsung can and HTC can release on all carriers, then what is Sony's problem?

    • SoWhy

      The ability to actually change the battery when it turns out to be too small?

    • Stephan Hall

      removable battery!

  • jamaall

    I'm in a Motorola upgrade schedule. Not due until September. So a definite no.

  • flosserelli

    The S5 will be a worthwhile upgrade for anyone with an S3 or older phone. But I bet most people that upgrade from an S4 will be disappointed.

    • Seth

      I have an S3 and I can't see any reason to upgrade yet.

      • flosserelli

        I had an S3 and loved it. In fact, it was my favorite phone after my Note 2. Sometimes I still kinda miss my old S3...

      • yentrog31

        Same here. I want to upgrade just for kicks, but the S3 is still going great. I'm waiting for the new Moto X or the new iPhone, if it's a homerun.

    • abobobilly

      Personally, i feel that S4 would still be a much better purchase than the S5. Think about it. With S5s release, S4 will be cheaper to buy, so it makes more sense to spend LESS money on a S4 than pay FULL price for a S5.

      I liked S5, really. BUT, will i buy one. F*CK NO. It has "nothing exceptional" to offer. I'd most definitely pick the S4. Flash it with a bloatfree ROM and enjoy an amazing performance (if needs be ofcourse).

      • MicroNix

        No phone these days is going to be "exceptional". The advancements in tech isn't accelerating like it was 3 years ago.

        • abobobilly

          Well they should've offered 3GB RAM instead of 2, if Samsung was "actually serious" about offering an "upgrade".

          If my theory is right, this isn't the Galaxy S5 which was meant to come out. Its just something say, "for the time being". I am sure the upcoming (rumored) Galaxy "F" (Premium stuff, as sources claim) would be the real deal. Still a Speculation but you never know. My only fear, that it might be running Tizen instead of Android.

          As for the argument about "tech isn't moving at a faster rate" ... nothing but a misconception. If companies started to offer the best they have 'every year' ... pretty soon they'd run out of ideas and they'll be out of business, or the very least, in troubling situation. Well, just a theory ... but thats what i believe. I don't go along with the world.

          • BornRight

            The battery life will suffer if they include 3GB of RAM. Most people do not require that much of RAM, so it makes sense to trade extra RAM for battery life.

          • abobobilly

            Good point. Never thought that "powering up an extra 1GB of RAM can be resource hungry". While i do believe the extra RAM Z2 has (for show) won't make much of a difference considering its packing a display which consumes more power than a SuperAMOLED panel used in S5. But then S5 is using a 'higher clocked' chipset (with ofcourse less RAM) ... so that less battery of it might not seem much on paper, but i suppose it'll turn out to be a better performer than Z2's battery.

            I am anxiously waiting for a review or something about Galaxy S5.

          • EH101

            If it's using the new faster nand from sandisk, I don't think anyone will miss the lack of that extra GB of RAM. If it isn't, well, this could get ugly. Either way, for people like me waiting to upgrade from damaged 2 generation old devices it will be a worthy upgrade. The jump from Exynos 4xxx to Snapdragon 8xx is so large, it'd be nearly impossible to not notice the speed improvement. That goes for the z2 also.

  • Matt

    Waiting for the Note 4 or ARA, hopefully ARA comes out by the end of the year!

  • http://www.corbindavenport.com/ Corbin Davenport

    Nope, sticking with my Nexus 5.

  • Don Mui

    "The New and Improved One" looks like it will be the top phone of 2014. I don't see the specs that much better than the Note 3 and expected more. Doesnt sound better than the Sony Z2. The LG G2 I feel was the sleeper phone of last year and imo a better phone than the S4 that dated Samsung spec wise months after it came out with the SD800 so not going to count out the G3. Then you have the Nexus 6 too. Of course it's going to sell a ton but I think sales will be less than S4 sales. There are just too many good phones out there now.

    • Gabernasher

      lol, "top phone of 2014" The last flagship released will be the top phone. Odds are that means Nexus.

      • Don Mui

        Don't get me wrong, I love nexus... N4 was my first android... But when N5 came out I went with G2 because of battery and camera... N5 is great but not 2014 best. I think S5 will be top 5 phone... But HTC One, G2, Z2, N6 will give samsung a run for their money.

  • jgemberton

    Its really going to depend on the reviews. I need a good battery, louder speaker(s), the ability to obtain a connection and move between 3G/4G/WiFi quickly, and low shutter lag would be great. Lets see what happens...

  • Romeo Bucur

    Note 2 owner... will upgrade to HTC One M8 or Oppo Find 7.. no more Samsung plastics for me thank you very much.. Samsung really had a chance to create a phone that can at least rival.. if not match the build quality of the HTC One.. and they blew it.. It was their choice to do so... so is mine.. to buy another phone that actually is worth the cash and the feel of a premium device.. 70% sure it's gonna be the Find 7.. still maybe HTC has an ace up its sleeve.. waiting for the official launch / info / reviews.. Bye Bye Samsung.

    • Frettfreak

      i love my original ONE... however, i cant support HTC with making decisions like leaving a .25" of real estate JUST because they want us to knwo its HTC. They could have put that in SO many other places, but now the phone will be bigger, just because we have an HTC logo. screw that. Not to mention that if rumors are true, i dont think the camera will be much better but i will hold off until i see it to make the final call.

      • loyalty888

        Although I agree with you on the dumb black bar solely for the htc logo, I think the phone looks and I'm sure feels great and that's compelling enough for me to put up with this oversight. Plus I'll take the little black bar over the s5's entire back

      • Ismail Akram

        Probably they gonna offer you bigger battery by using that extra space

  • Xajel

    Well, After Note 2 & the very bad Galaxy S4, no more Samsung for me, I'm going back for Xperia with their latest Z2

    • dandroid13

      What's so bad about the S4?

      • Xajel

        Overheating, short battery life… they did not fix the problem untill 5 months after release, and even now with the latest update still facing this problem sometimes just today the charge went from full to 29% in about an hour of little usage… the phone becomes hot and I have to restart it to make go back to normal… not to mention the lie of octacores which only maximum of four cores can run in the same time

        • dandroid13

          Well, I have the Snapdragon version and never had of these issues. Just because you have doesn't mean the device is "very bad".

          • Xajel

            i9505 is okay, the problem is related with i9500 exynos version...

            the problem is how could they release the phone with all these problems, why they just released i9505 only then released the i9500 later after fixing the problems...

        • PoisonApple31

          Clearly you had a crap S4. I had no problem getting at least 18+ hours everyday, using a couple of the gimmicks and not using the battery saving features whatsoever. This was a Verizon S4. I ended up selling only to go with the Note 3. Bigger screen, S-Pen, and the same S4 features.

          • Xajel

            It's not one or two devices, just google for i9500 and overheating/battery life and you will see thousands of complaints all around the world... I'm not the only one, If I'm the only one I will not complain and they will give me another device...

        • Frettfreak

          you got a lemon man. it can happen to any phone.

          • Xajel

            As I said, it's not just me, just google for i9500 overheating or battery and see for your self

        • Yuuki

          you better should look at your akku, some akkus have an manufacoring error that makes them ticking time bombs, looks for any bulges, if this isnt it then look for wakelooks your installed apps use.

          • Xajel

            a lot of peoples had these issues, and the dealer refuses to replace it because they said it's a software issue and will be fixed with future update...

        • hot_spare

          Yea, find a better place to spam you moron.
          "charge went from full to 29% in about an hour..." do you think people here are retards? Dicks like you don't deserve any better. You're not worthy of using a smartphone.

          • spoodermain

            Wtf happened.? Haha

          • Xajel

            I won't answer you till you become respectful... and you don't know me to judge me

      • Martin Krischik


        • dandroid13

          That's not a problem to me and I don't understand why so many whine about it. But it looks like Samsung has learned it, it seems that Group Play, Optical Reader, Samsung Hub, Samsung Link, Samsung Wallet and Story Album aren't preinstalled anymore.

          • Don Mui

            Bloatware sucks after having a Nexus and remember on top of that will be carrier bloat ware. Oh just upsetting how much they put on my AT&T g2 and they do not allow you to uninstall them. Amazon kindle!!! Not even AT&T product but they include it so they lock it!! Really AT&T??!

          • dandroid13

            I had a GS2, then a GNexus and a GS3. My time with a Nexus wasn't the most pleasant, bad battery, bad SoC, bad camera. It lagged more than the GS2 when using a lwp. Of course the N5 has top hw, but still sucks when you need to share files or manage something as basic as SIM contacts.

          • Martin Krischik

            I thought just like you. Until last week I tested a new function for my App. The result was so amazing I made a video:


            The Note 3 has the most powerful CPU of the lot. The Transformer in fact is pretty old. Yet … See for yourself.

          • dandroid13

            Ok, but in real life the performance shouldn't be impacted by bloat, my S4 flies and I never freeze/remove anything. And I'm not so sure that your issue with this specific task is caused by bloat, it can be something Samsung implemented to prevent overheating or anything like that...

  • Slawootsky

    It is too big. Motorola has proved that one can make a not-giant-sized phone with nice specs and screen. The future is in such devices.

  • Mandeep Singh

    Na will be waiting for the note 4 to upgrade from note 2

  • jak_341

    Note 4.

  • dandroid13

    I'm not sure yet, N5 or GS5...

    • nebula

      Obviously nexus 5

      • dandroid13

        No AMOLED, no sdcard... it isn't that obvious to me. :P

        • PoisonApple31

          Price is probably the best thing about the Nexus 5, followed by stock Android.

          • dandroid13

            Only if you live in a country with Play Store Devices, which isn't my case. The N5 costs around $765 here. :(

          • PoisonApple31

            Damn :( - That's more than a Note 3 here.

          • dandroid13

            And considering the premium price Sammy devices have here, at launch the GS4 was ~$1065 and the Note 3 ~$1280, I can only expect that the GS5 will be priced between these values.

          • Cody Shiranai

            ok, since you brought it up without giving us any context, what country do you hail from?

          • dandroid13

            Brazil, the country where the iFruit, PS4, Xbox One and others are the most expensive in the world.

          • Cody Shiranai

            Yes, I understand, I have a friend in (and from) Chile would loves to remind me of the horrible pricing down there (especially if you are a gamer, which we both are).

          • Ismail Akram

            Stock android is not very affective and annoying at times.making calls on stock android is so annoying though its improved by 4.4.2 but it's dialer is not so affective like others . I found same about windows phone . open dialer app then find dialer button so it appears on screen now diar or search .. Also you can't organize things on main menu you have to stick with alphabet order .. So new apps will keep changing your old apps location ..

  • Kristoffer Simone

    Holding out for the Note 4.

  • Leandro Brandão

    There will be no other flagship after lg g3 announcement.

  • Diabolic

    No matter how hard you try, your phones looks ugly Samsung.

    • loyalty888

      It seems like they're not really trying though...

  • Alberto

    Most ppl won't know the difference between s4 and s5 but they will like have the lasted phone out. Just like iPhone owner the get the 5c or 5s cuz is a newer.

  • Severo Rivera

    Damn, look at the no percentage.

    • GraveUypo

      to be fair, most of the NOs in there are from people who won't be buying new phones at all.

      i'm sure if it was a list of which phones one would get given the choice, the s5 would be pretty high up in the list (in here a nexus device would probably be on top though)

  • Fabian Pineda

    Yeah... Android Police is definitely a niche circle...

  • J_Pod

    Nothing wrong with my HTC One. No need for the S5.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

    If the GS5 is available as a Google Play Edition, I'll be on it like white on rice. A retail variant, though? Pass.

  • Bill

    I AM NOT going to buy an S5 because I am disappointed. I ezpected Metal and got plastic again and the battery is mediocre instead of over 3000+ in favor of more thinness and lightness. Who cares I want the basics. Impress me with a quality buold like we have been asking for for months and a great battery. Until then, goodbye.

    • Gato Mafioso

      I don't mind plastic smartphones, but Samsung makes plastic look terrible. They could at least provide us with an actual metallic trim around the sides instead of using the hideous chrome plastic.

      • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

        Like this?

        • Jadephyre

          That at least looks better and not like the fake leather they insist on putting on the back of their Phones. There's a fine line between classy and tacky, and Samsung has firmly entrenched itself on the side of tacky.

        • Frettfreak

          SO SQUARE and UGH

  • Jadephyre

    No, the price point is not even remotely competitive and the few new features don't justify buying it either. Also, it is much too large and made from creaky plastic, as per usual. I'll pass and pick up the Nexus 6 whenever it comes out, for now my Nexus 4 is plenty powerful enough.

  • Oscar Covarrubias

    even if I could afford buy one, I wont.

  • Memphis May [S]unjay

    I would get the Xperia Z2.

  • Okpalaeke kingsley

    waiting for moto x2

  • bat0nas

    I will wait for Note 4

  • Mike Decker

    Staying on VZW for service in my area (still have unlimited data plan as well so will be buying full price). Currently have a GS3 and will suit me for a while. May upgrade to a GS5 but not sure yet. Doubt the Z2 will ever make it to VZW as well as any Nexus phones. Since I'll be buying full price, it will most likely be used so I'll be waiting a bit and see what comes out till then.

    • Cody Shiranai

      I'm sort of in your boat, at least as far as reasons to be on VZW (though not even close to the same reasons). I am looking to see what VZW even gets before making such decisions. I might get the Note 3 this year even though it's older now (though not by much at all). I wanted a Note for a long time and unlike almost every other choice Verizon is going to give me, I still need to try and make sure of an SD card space regardless of 4.4.2. I could get the S5 instead and be happy (I'm currently on an S4 I got as a gift), but I really want a Note finally, even if those NEVER go on sale until the newer one is out.

  • david coffey

    Hilarious. 1200 votes leading the way with an astounding 'no'. yet the galaxy line has been the worlds top selling phone for a few years now. it's kind of like when n sync and the backstreet boys were selling 15 million albums a pop, yet NO ONE owned one of their albums.

    • BehelitOutlaw

      It's not about the galaxy line its about their latest flagship. And those % will come far from true cuz SG line is the new iPhone. Here it's a vote from people who understand tech

    • PoisonApple31

      This is the first new phone of 2014! Why would you buy the S5? How about the rumors of a Galaxy F or premium S5?

    • IncCo

      This is about the S5, not S3, S4 or any of the Note's. We're also better informed about android phones than the average bloke out there.

    • selonmoi

      Would: Buy a new NSYNC album. In an instant.
      Would not: Buy another Samsung phone. Ever.

  • Cesar


  • ElfirBFG

    Moto G is holding up fine. I might just go for a $0 phone like the Z Ultra when I sign a new contract. It'd be hard not to just unlock & sell it while keeping my Moto G though.

  • Martin Krischik

    TouchWiz is not the problem — bloatware is. After testing the HTC one from the test lab I am not that interested in Samsung any more. Not even a Note 4 (Got a Note 3 right now)

  • Kobi Nechmadi

    i'll stay with my s4 for another year

  • Simon Belmont

    Nearly 80% saying no. The enthusiast crowd no likey SGS5.

    That won't stop it from selling millions to casual users, though. You'll be fine, Samsung.

  • Julianne

    I am not that impressed with the S5; it was lacking the neccesary innovation it would have needed to turn me to Samsung. I opted for a Moto X last fall and have no regrets.
    One might argue that the S5 has top-tier specs, but I'm failing to see what a I need 2.5 GHz x 4 in a phone for and I'm not prepared to spend the cash for a phone that doesn't convince me 100%.
    Anyway it doesn't have Active Notifications, a feature I couldn't possibly live without (it's not the same when you replace it through roots; no offense to tinkering but moto's is hard to beat)

  • Cella

    Nope because it's still 32-bit smartphone.

    • dandroid13


  • slee823

    I currently have a GS3 and my next phone will be the LG G2 or the Note 4.

  • Steviemac

    Hell no!!

  • Matthew Merrick

    No, it's too small. I often find myself wishing my note 2 was bigger.

  • Cody Shiranai

    I had an S3 until my friend gave me his S4 for my birthday (he works for VZW and got the Employee Edition DROID Ultra for free and LOVES it). I like the S4 much more than the S3 (which itself was a vast improvement over my HTC Rezound from last year). This puts me in a unique position to use my upgrade to get something that comes out THIS year for once, give or take how long it takes VZW to do whatever they do to cripple it slightly. Nexus is not an option for me with them normally (and after the Galaxy Nexus, why would it be for anyone?). I need to still try and make use of SD space, so no HTC OneEver EXCEPT for the Max, which I feel hasn't even been out for VZW very long, but I'm pretty sure it's woefully underpowered compared to the Note 3. Not sure what LG will bring out, but I know I want a phablet finally anyway, also, no SD expansion is still a no-go for me until I'm otherwise FORCED to do it. So my choices are:
    -- The Note 3
    -- The Note 4 (but that's a long wait after my upgrade).
    -- HTC One Max (but that is nothing to the Note 3, maybe wait to see if they do a M8 Max but it will be a while before that would even hit VZW).

    There is no Sony on VZW and don't know about any LG phablet plans this year and god forbid Google themselves even allow a phablet Nexus. Honestly, with those as my choices, which would you go with?

    • flosserelli

      I personally avoid switching to anything that will be replaced within 6 months. The Note 3 is getting close to that mark. But if you find a killer deal, then go for it.

  • Jiří Novák

    Actually, S5 packs a lot od great features and powerful hardware, but I will settle for a phone which I can actually use as a phone without dragging three months salary waiting to be stolen/broken :-)

  • Jalok Xlem

    Nope. Going to upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus to Nexus 6.

    • grumpyfuzz

      You sir are a trooper!

      • flosserelli

        Agreed. I can't imagine still going through 2-3 batteries just to make it through the day.

  • Simon Wilson

    not without an FM radio - I'll stick with my S3 for now.

  • jeddo45

    The S5 looks like crap. I could have built a better phone with Legos and crazy glue.

    • hot_spare

      Show us plz..

  • robogo

    I can't see why would I get it. I have an LG G2 and it's awesome.

  • DJCollyder

    I have the s4. While a powerful phone in Hardware. It is the first and last Samsung phone and or device I will ever own. I hate bloatware, I hate that they're in bed with Verizon to lock down the phone so much you can't install custom ROMs, and that it's almost 100% cheap ass plastic.

    This is also my first and last contract I will have with Verizon. When my contract is up with Verizon. In October 2015. I will buy whatever the latest Nexus device is from Google Play, and go to AT&T. I want pure and Android.

    • otheroptions

      Try prepaid such as StraightTalk, if you buy the right att sim you don't kneed a contract.
      Cheaper too.

      • DJCollyder

        If I bring my own phone you don't need a contract either. I also refuse to buy anything associated with Wal-Mart. I hate that company. I also, won't by low end phones. Lastly I only go with major carriers for the coverage and high speed.

    • EH101

      October 2015 you say? I say Ara. It has to be out by then.

  • Martin

    Had Note 2 then Note 3... Same cracking sh/t - different number.. No more PLASTIC Samsung.. If they make it like HTC One / Sony Z2.. I may give them one more chance.

  • Paul Grenfell

    Have s4 and hate the hard buttons and touch wiz . Bought a nexus 5 and love it.

  • RTWright

    Unlike others here that post just to hate on Samsung, I'm not going to buy the S5 for a lot of reasons. My primary reason is the Z2 is a much better phone from hardware stand point. Hardware is far more important than Software, as Software CAN be changed and that is something I look at every time a new device comes out. With the KNOX crap though, this becomes an issue and I don't wish to deal with it. I have a GS3 and when I did finally update it to the latest build from Sprint, it hosed a lot of things for me with Knox causing issues left and right.

    Granted that could be because I did come back from a custom ROM, but all in all Knox has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. The other reason as I said, I feel the Z2 is far superior and has all the features I want, including SD support. Sony is finally stepping back into the playground with the big boys by giving us a very well made device. I'm also hoping to see it on Google as a Play Edition for their 32GB version. If not I'll end up buying it straight from Sony without a carrier so I can get a monthly as apposed to yearly contract from some major carrier.

    After looking closely at the S5, it's not all that big a deal really. I do agree with some that Samsung is turning into SamApple, because they are doing very minor incremental changes to their flagships where Sony and even HTC are starting to see a chance again. Granted I wont ever own another HTC, but if they ever wanted to get back up in the race like they once were, this is the chance to do so. No I don't mean by making it a metal back. Sorry but cosmetics don't cut it, doesn't make the phone any better than any other phone on the market. That's all aesthetic and doesn't do anything but for looks. Sony is hitting it right on the mark though....

  • AOSPrevails

    Waiting on either of the next 2 Nexus Phones (until then my Nexus 5 will do just fine), Never again will I buy another Touchwiz phone with a 7-8G ROM.

    • Shawn Cheever

      Never thought Windows would be smaller than a smartphone OS lol

  • JulianoS

    I had an S3 and now I own a Note2 but I think the best evolution in my case will be the Note 3...S5 no way... Maybe the New One... Or the N7. Will see the official announcements. So by the end of the month I will know which one of the 3. Although I love to have the pen... ;-)

  • Mon

    thats a lot of No but we all know its just a poll and that S5 is going to be a success

  • Stephen McGann

    I might, my wife has been expressing interest in a new, larger phone. And her major complaint with her current Droid Razr Mini is the camera.

  • Shawn Cheever

    Maybe the HTC M8 or I'll just stick with my Nexus 5. I do love AOSP but I feel the line between OEM and AOSP is become more blurred and I want a damn good camera and speakers.

  • agentp45

    Got a s4 to much bloatware nexus or somthing stock next

  • Grayson

    I had an s3 and held off on an s4 because there were rumors of an early 2014 s5. After the announcement and reading the spec sheet, I went and purchased a note 3, and I couldn't be happier. I waited 6 extra months for a phone with less ram, less features, less attractive. Maybe I'll reconsider when the s6 or the rumored galaxy f5 (s5 prime) arrives

  • Ashley Waugh

    I'll be honest, this vote isn't really useful. I probably would get a Galaxy S5 if i didn't have my Galaxy Note3...

  • spielnicht

    I don't see much improvement over the S3 and certainly nothing over my Nexus 5. I'd love to go back to Sony, but until they trade the silly water resistant design for the much more conventional and desirable wireless charging, then come and ask for my money.

  • smeddy

    Note 3 is perfect enough

  • bksst

    My phone suffered from sudden death 6 months after warranty expired. Lots of people at my job had the same issue. I wont be trusting Samsung anytime soon. unsure about moto x2 now that lenovo's in charge and that useless bottom bezel on htc is the only thing holding me back from getting that. wish there was a high end nexus.

  • ConCal

    If it wasn't so ugly, I would.

  • Peeodee

    If they mess up the Note 4 like this I'm jumping ship and I have 5 active Samsung products.
    I don't even like those round toggle buttons. What a crappy interface.

  • GDT

    I have a GS3, and my 2 year is counting down, so I have to change. About all this whining with the plastic cover, my GS3 was in a Kraken Cover for over one and a half year, so I am still suprised when I clean my device that how thin and light it truly is.
    I do not want to wait for a Note4, the Note3 already getting old (and cheap, selling it 2 years from now will be a big set back), I hated my Sony smartphones (Arc S, Xperia S, and since than, I never even tried a Sony smartphone), and the supplies (covers, batteries, gadgets) for HTC/Huawei/LG phones are really poor in Hungary (I had some very bad stories with ordering from abroad), also, I have a 32gig SD Card full with my pictures and apps, and most of the phones do not support it.
    The S5 does offer me a huge upgrade from S3, I will instantly put it in a huge cover, and Samsung is the 2nd most supported phone worldwide (covers, battery packs, gadgets, spare parts). I do miss the 3gig Ram, but 2Gig is usually enough for any user...The 2.800 battery could be bigger (altough the ultra battery saving mode looks promising)...and a bigger screen, like 5.25 should be better (but than again, buy a Note or Grand for bigger screen)...So, S5 it is than (or maybe they announce the Prime Edition)

  • Magnus100

    I'll be getting the Galaxy Note 4

  • eliter1

    Was thinking about buying one but all the rumors about the S5 Prime or Premium will make me wait.

  • Craig Nelson

    wow, This is not looking good for Samsung according to this poll

    • flosserelli

      This poll is skewed toward android blog readers, a small fraction of the general population. Samsung will sell millions of S5s, just like the S4 before it. Samsung could shrinkwrap mouse droppings and people would still buy them. The average Joe buys what he sees on TV or what his family, friends and coworkers are using.

  • mickey9

    alright, mostly sony fans hare.....i m one them too....

  • Kevin Schlosser

    Some of yall are piping off like you know anything about Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, LG, Apple or HTC. The big things since 1998 are Nokia for structural innovations. Sony for the Erricson World phone in 2000. Samsung for interface development. Sony for complete multi-featured. Sanyo for strength of antenna for a year or two in there. Motorola for innovation of size. A battle for supremecy in the later 2000's into '13 when HTC had the first 4g and Samsung and apple are in a charge, dominating everyone, but LG coming back. Each handset has specific value dependent on the User even Apples. I have an LG G2 and could argue why its the best out there very convincingly but I won't shoot down the S5's specific value even if I am not getting it! BTW all that info is not from the internet that's from my real life experience as a cellular salesman since 1998.

  • David Trent

    Samsung use to be the best Android phone you could buy. Other Smartphone makers have upped their game and it is showing. Even the mid-range offerings are now seen as a good compromise without sacrificing to much in specs or performance. I have had the Samsung S1 captivate, S2 Skyrocket, S3 and S4. But LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola even Asus are putting out remarkable phones. I'm leaning towards the Padphone X. A great looking phone with great specs by itself. It's the tablet docking interface that has my attention. I prefer this interface feature to a smartwatch. Samsung isn't even a consideration at this point.

  • paul holywood

    The S4 has got so many faults, including battery issues, I have now lost confidence in the Galaxy. HTC one or LG all the way.

  • NIks

    Z2 its time to switch to Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2
    Sony Z2

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryanmounce Bryan

    I just had to buy a new phone, coming from the S3, and talk about terrible timing. I couldn't wait until April to buy the S5, but I would have if I could have waited...

    • EH101

      I almost had to do the same, except coming from a Note 2. Right now, the lower 2/3 of my screen is constantly flickering and even sometimes just freezes the picture. It's terrible but I'm trying my hardest to make it last just one more month. Sorry you couldn't make your gs3 last.

  • fredric

    I'm more of a Note person.
    I'll wait for that ^_^

  • Mick Smith

    I have owned all iphones except the 5s and I've owned the S3 and Note 3, Nexus 4, HTC One and now the LG G2. Nothing I've owned to date compares to the LG G2. I'm hooked on double tap on & double tap off plus the camera is superb. I don't see anything Samsung is bringing to the table that exceeds it. Looking forward to what LG G3 will bring.
    PS I bought the Note 3 to compare with my LG G2 but took it back within 14 day refund period. For me the G2 serves me best in every way...

  • deltablues

    The S4 was a disaster. I'll never buy another Samsung.

    • flosserelli

      I had an S3 and loved it. I skipped the S4 (thankfully). I currently have a Note 2, which is without question the best android phone I have ever used. But I didn't take the latest OTA so it is still Knox-free. Anything with Knox on it is junk, imho.

    • ScratchC

      disaster? what happened? my S4 has worked fine since it came out... drop it all the time and it's still working just fine. I'm curious... alot of people complain about devices not working right... just get it replaced for one that works properly.

  • Ismail Akram

    I had full plan to buy Samsung S5 until it was announced, was expecting more from it. especially the QHD display, I know we don't need that much pixels on such small screen would drains battery and so many things but that would have brought something new to the table. I don't like Sony's colourful interface much so none of them. my all eyes now on HTC M8(The All New HTC ONE)

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

    After my SGS4 i never buy a samsung again. Next time i think am going for a nexus phone.

  • qu4ttro

    No. After one shitty plastic phone(GS2) No more Samsung for me.

  • Shivon Godani

    sounds like a smaller note 3 with a better camera. I'll pass.

  • Milton

    Samesong? Again? Hell no

  • Nick Klenchik

    If they went with the note 3 design and a 5 inch screen I guarantee we would have been more excited

  • Geo

    This thing is hideous. I really hope the Note 4 is not taking style cues from the S5.

  • steelew

    No, but only because I have an S4. I also want to see the M8 and the Nexus 6. I'll be waiting a while.

  • Mike Bastable

    wow surprised hardcore Android fans really seem to hate this phone!

  • Stephan Hall

    Why is it some become defensive when a preference for a removable battery is mentioned? it's because their device doesn't have one so the rationale is ......" it makes it bulky, or etc...etc. Excuse ... one after the other. That's total B.S. !!!! When your battery looses it ability to hold a charge or fails ( and they do) ..... I guess you will buy a new phone. Manufacturer's plan to sell another new phone. Usually about a year to eighteen months the battery starts showing fatigue. It's a fact ...... you can search the subject on the internet. And what about ...quickly removing the back and popping a new fresh battery in when you need immediate results ........ what is the rational that not good? Are you kidding me? That's fine ...that's the choice you make ........ but not the one that I'll make. Not that I'm necessarily saying that Samsung is always the best but a valid point when choosing between phones of equal performance. I'll pick the one with the removable one every time. Ever notice how it riles up the phone crowd as the defend the absence of their phones without removable batteries? Now you know why?

  • Yamato

    can someone explain to me why the galaxy s5 is getting bashed on. I feel like its going to have a outcome similar to flappy bird, people will love it, but hate it. i'm getting it because I want to upgrade from the HTC evo design.

  • GraveUypo

    no. i have a s3 and i see absolutely no reason why i should spend money to get an upgrade that'll make no difference at all in my use cases.

  • primalxconvoy

    Still under contract on my (then) newly released galaxy note 2.

    I'm also worried about Samsung's sneaky locked sim card shenanigans.

  • Mohamed Gharib

    Just got my Note 3 so definitely not getting this

  • Mikeb3ll

    Nope, Nexus 5 is treating me just fine.

  • MaryLee

    I wait HTC M8 :)

  • Hendrik

    If one look at the Android Police Poll on the S5 it seems that my predictions about Samsung becoming SamGONE is coming true. Just like Blackberry they thought that it cannot happen to them. Hopefully, for them, they`ll wake up in time though I`m sure that it is too late for them as well.


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  • jamesfuston

    I bought one and returned it.