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If you didn't get enough coverage of Samsung's new devices from our own Mobile World Congress posts, Sammy has posted its own official hands-on videos for the three new gadgets introduced at the show. The Samsung YouTube page now has in-depth videos for the Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. They're pretty exhaustive: the phone video clocks in at just under eight minutes and the watch video is over nine minutes.

Here's the S5 video. If you're short on time, jump to the following points for specific features:

  • Screen and video: 1:15
  • Camera and camera app: 1:45
  • WiFi and download booster: 3:50
  • S-Health and heart rate monitor: 4:50
  • Ultra power-saving mode: 6:35
  • Fingerprint reader: 7:10

And here's the video for the new Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

  • Gear 2 - new user interface: 1:20
  • Gear 2 - camera/wallpaper: 2:15
  • Gear 2 - Calls and notifications: 2:30
  • Gear 2 - fitness and HR monitor: 3:40
  • Gear 2 - standalone music: 4:40
  • Gear 2 - WatchOn remote: 5: 25
  • Gear Fit: 5:45
  • Gear Fit - personalization: 6:30
  • Gear Fit - fitness and HR monitor: 7:05
  • Gear Fit - notifications and replies: 8:05

Samsung didn't include video of the presumably cheaper Gear 2 Neo, which uses a plastic case and lacks a camera.

Want something a little more impartial? Check out our hands-on posts with video of the Galaxy S5 hardware and software, plus the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit. There are also more standard intro videos from Samsung. All four devices will go on sale worldwide (including major American carriers) on April 11th.

Source: Samsung YouTube

Michael Crider
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  • Saraladevi S

    HTC - atleast get some knowledge transition from Samsung marketing team!!

  • shawn

    The gear fit video has a problem. A 5k run at 10'55"/km pace will take more than an hour, not 25mins as shown in the video ahahaha

    • hot_spare

      The lady ran for 2.33K, not 5K. The stats are alright if you take 2.33K instead of 5K.
      10'55"/K for 2.33K should be around 25min.

      or am I wrong?

  • Saraladevi S

    HTC -Get some knowledge transition from Samsung marketing team!!

  • Patryk Romańczyk

    Samsung conected to Motorola S9 HD Bluetooth headset :)

  • jamaall

    They look good, but then again its a demo. It could be worse in person. Anyway, I don't have a samsung device so i'll move on and hope Google and Motorola both make a good smartwatch so I have more options.

  • Protoss

    Lol "first device with Wifi MiMO" really? Apple products of this year got it already

    • Vince Longman

      The S5 definately isn't the first mobile device to have Wifi MiMO,
      I think the first was the 2012 Kindle Fire HD

      • Heber Zelaya

        No smartphone up to this point has MIMO wifi. Not until the S5

        • Andrew

          Correction... it's the first with 802.11ac MIMO. Plenty of devices use MIMO for 802.11g/n

          • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

            They should have included 802.11ad though... 7 Gbit/s! With that kind of speed who would need the Download Booster feature. Of course unless you are on a lesser, slower WiFi network.

    • Inho Kim

      It actually says "World's first smartphone with WiFi MiMo".... not just a device

  • Casin

    The Gear Fit features are pretty cool but why does the video sound like S Voice is doing the voice acting? It's so robotic.

    • RarestName

      Probably not a native English speaker as far as I can tell.

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    The Selective focus of the camera, download booster and ultra-power-saving mode - these are really cool features imo. Probably these can be achieved on other devices with 3rd-party apps / xposed modules etc. ( Know any such apps, guys?). Still, Samsung should get credit where it is due.

    On the flip side, all its features are eating a lot of storage space. So, there's that.

    • taz89

      It's actually claimed storage back from the s4. The s5 has 10.7gb storage out of box vs say the next us 5 which has has 12gb so 1.3gb less isn't bad especially when you have the sd card.

    • guest

      I have seen a root app on xda long time ago for download booster (when iphones 5S released it)

  • Brian Utne

    Charcoal Black, Wild Orange, and Mocha Grey.


  • Anfronie

    Man I don't know which to get..I've said it before and I'll say it again..HTC where is your watch?!

  • fzammetti

    Gotta admit the Gear 2 is *starting* to make that product category interesting. They may get my money the 3rd or maybe 4th go-round with it. I'm still not at all sold on the need for it, but it's *almost* to the point of "oh that's cool, I just WANT IT" territory.

  • morteum

    The Gear Fit looks sweet. Hopefully a manufacturer comes out with one that is just as sleek and compatible with any Android device.

  • Gopa

    Samsung SM-V7000ZKAXAR Galaxy Gear Smartwatch work with new Galaxy S5?